I am back with an update.

Salam people. Hope this post reach everyone in good health, insya Allah.

I am delighted to declare that my little adventure in the remote part of Australia was everything I could ever wish it to be. I was in excellent health through out the whole 24 days of living within very limited means and am proud of everyone of us who’s gone through the journey.

The theme for our adventure this time was “Pengislahan Diri” and indeed I felt like I have become a better person after going through the challenges and the hurdles that came left and right ever since we were musafir. Thank Allah for the strength.

I have decided to record my experience of this adventure. If you are interested to know about the journey that all fruit pickers had to go through, you can read all about them under the page “Berry Picking – first job” under the widget  “Pages and Pages of Life”. I was now up to my first three days of adventure and will keep updating it as time goes by, hopefully before the school open this year.

Final Exam Result

Alhamdulillah, I passed my final exam last semester. And next year would be my 5th year. To be exact, it would be my final year as a medical student. I imagine everyone would put a lot of stress on you seeing that you are about to graduate soon and you should know almost everything by now. Ugh. That is rarely the case.

Humans are forgetful creatures. Even constant repetition would not guarantee you could commit to memory 100% of what you are learning. May Allah help me go through this final year with ease.

But overall, 4th year is the hardest hurdle of all. People said that one you’ve passed 4th year, you need not worry because 5th year is more like pre-internship. You just go through the rotation and graduate at the end of the year. No more paper exams after this!

Well, thank God for that.

House Hunting

Can you believe the rudeness and the audacity of Edwards Hall? I have been such a loyal tenant for 4 years….always keeping the unit clean. We always got rewards for cleanliness every week!

Can you believe the nerve of the administration! They decided that they are only going to allow 30% of students to return to Edwards Hall and 70% would be new students.

What the…. (I refused to let Edwards Hall make me swear!)

It’s such a bother, really! Because when you move out, you will need more money. My stuff already fit the furniture in Edwards Hall. If I move out to an unfurnished house, I need to buy my own furniture. But if I move out to a furnished house, I still might need to buy some other furniture to fit all my stuff accumulated for more than 4 years. Certainly I would need to buy big bookshelves to fit all my books!

And all this trouble for only one year of study!

I was so upset that I sent an email of reproach to Edwards Hall administration. I told them that “Had I known that I would be forced to move out in my final year, I would have abandoned Edwards Hall a long time ago. At least all the effort and the money spent would have been much more worth it!”

Before this, the policy was “returning students get first preference rather than new ones.”

But I guess they’ve changed the policy this year because Luce (the previous head of college) has retired and now Edwards Hall has a new head of college who is as stupid as he is troublesome! Ugh!

How could they have not given any consideration to the FINAL year student? Dahlah rent mahal nak mampos! And this is how they treat their most loyal tenant!

So that was the reason I had to come back early from my adventure…because I need to do some house hunting.

Kak Yani has helped a lot in terms of finding us a house. It was a hell of a headache for her because she needed to find houses for new 1st year students too. And new archiecture student as well as the IMU student.

I don’t have the patience to deal with finding one house, let alone several! Poor Kak Yani. But her selflessness must be one of the reason she’s so adorable. I hope everybody appreciate her effort and not give unnecessary headache…like backing out on a deal after it’s been made!

Tolonglah jgn bagi nampak Malaysian ni susah untuk di-deal dengan. When we have agreed on a house, the landlord would have to draft a contract. If you are too fussy and keep backing out of the deal, benda ni menyusahkan orang! Menyusahkan Kak Yani, menyusahkan landlord dan menyusahkan housemate2 yang you have agreed to bunk with!

Okay, I better not go further with my leteran. Because I could feel the heat coursing through my blood. If I talk more about my dissatisfaction with some of the very asinine attitude of some people, I would never be able to stop!

My only reminder to myself and everyone else is “Please appreciate other people’s effort of looking for a house for you and don’t give them a headache with your many conditions and requirements and then backing out on a deal.  They help you out of the goodness of their heart and ask nothing in return. Their selflessness should be thanked by being less fussy and sticking to the deal.”

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