“I really wanna go to school”

Whined a child of seven years old

“I want to learn; not just ABC

We can change our state of poverty”


          The child threw a hopeful glance

          Hoping against all odds to get the chance

          To learn new things and be a somebody

          Please God, let his daddy agree.


“You ungrateful, thoughtless son!

Have you ever stopped and think for once

I have no extra money to spare on you

On top of that our stomachs are hardly full

Now, please be good

Go and search for firewood

If you want a taste of food

Don’t bring up about school”


          The child wept and wept

          But all he got was a painful  slap

          Of bitter feelings and disappointment

          Because things tasted so poignant

          When his father said no to education.

-Afiza Azmee-

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