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I used to be a bored, thoroughly exhausted and burned-out doctor who was trying real hard to juggle between my medical life and my other passion and interests (reading, writing, blogging etc). There were times during my housemanship when I had wondered…did I still have hobbies because I really liked doing them, or just to prove to myself that I was not just a nerdy doctor?

Thankfully after 2 years of grueling internship (aka housemanship as it is called in Malaysia) God granted my wish to become a medical officer in the field of psychiatry; an ideal field for a person like me who adore reading, writing and listening to stories. And after some years of being a medical officer in Psychiatry, Allah Most Compassionate, Most Merciful had answered my prayer and made me a Psychiatrist, Alhamdulillah.

When I am not studying, you can find me curled up under the quilt with a good book in hands and a box of chocolate on my bedside table. On rainy days…there’s nothing I love more than a cup of steaming hot coffee with a delicious sweet pastry to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Initially, this blog was an attempt on my part to keep my family abreast of what I was doing in Australia as a medical student. An attempt to connect with my friends scattered all around the world…

Now that I am already back in Malaysia for 10 years already, this blog will be the venue of choice for me to share my worldview, my thoughts and my opinions on the Malaysian healthcare system, the Malaysian politicians, or simply the society in general. I am also an avid reader and therefore you will find that I write book reviews quite often too.

Occasionally, you will find me venting out my frustration and my temper regarding some of the insensible, illogical, incomprehensible issues that I have had to deal with or that I have come across either in real life or in the social media. So, it can get emotionally charged around here, I must warn you guys. LOL.

But most of all, I would like to tell the world that life has its trials and tribulations but with joy and happiness in between them, making up poetries that may not rhyme, but beautiful still because they are tales about the passing of time. When life strikes you hard, remember that it is not yet an ending unless it is a happy ending. The nature of anything in this world is temporary… even your troubles. So, wait it out with patience and look forward to the arrival of your happy moments.

In the mean time, happy reading.

Yours truly,

19 thoughts on “My Profile

  1. afizaazmee


    I am studying in Uni Of Newcastle, Australia.
    I went to your blog just now…do I know you from somewhere? Sgt familiar.


  2. afizaazmee

    Then, do come for a visit. I’ll be here until the end of this year, insya Allah. I might be able to show you around NC.

    Yes, I do have FB. I go by the name Afiza Azmee, of course.


  3. Navin

    Hi Dr, I’m currently 4 months into housemanship… I’m very passionate about specialising in Psychiatry and intend to pursue MRPSYCH route… can I take any papers during housemanship? How can I dontact you for more details? Tq Dr


    1. Hi Navin,

      It’s good that you are interested in psychiatry. We need more doctors who are genuinely interested in psychiatry. I have answered the same question for others before in my previous post. Here is the link.
      You can read the comment section in that blog post. But basically, the answer is no. You cannot take any paper during housemanship because your qualification won’t be recognized by KKM. KKM says that Paper A can only be taken after you have got your full MMC registration (once you are an MO).
      From the college point of view, it doesn’t really matter when you are going to take your Paper A as long as you are a doctor already. But if you are thinking of practicing in Malaysia, you will only be wasting money when you do Paper A during housemanship because KKM won’t recognize it.


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