The Sound Of Bliss

The Sound of Bliss




Allahhu Akbar Allahhu Akbar


And I just had to open my eyes

Slowly I stretch myself, up I rise

I hear it more clearly now

I smile and answer my vow.


Asyhaduanla Ila ha Illallah.

Asyhaduanna Muhammadan Rasulullah.


In my soul the vow echo

Resoundingly clear each and every time,

In full blast like a crescendo 

Beautiful in its perfect rhyme.


Haiya ‘alassolah

Haiya  ‘alafallah


The desire grips my heart in less than

a nanosecond.

In a hurry, I take my ablution.

The desire to succeed in this life

And the next when we revive

From death through resurrection,

Success is my one and only mission.


Allahhu Akbar Allahu Akbar

La Ilaha Illallah,


In the bottomless pit of my heart

My love course through my blood

The heat warms my soul,

And I am whole.

The devoted slave is my role,

To the ground I bent my head low,

It makes me so whole,

It’s really to Him I bent my head low,

And it makes me, oh, so whole.



-Afiza Azmee-


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