A Roller Coaster Ride

From my bedchamber I could clearly see

Moon and stars shining ever so brightly

Their lights cascade faintly upon me

As I am staring at the wall blankly.


My mind is actively wandering

Through the time when I was a mere duckling

Still a child, my father doted on me

While my mom never ceased to fulfil my destiny.


With me, my sisters would play

When I was bored and yawning away

They tried amusing me with various items

When I was being a pain in the bottom.


Stealing their dolls was a habit of mine

Getting them scolded from time to time

Sometimes I wonder how they put up with me

For I was oh-such-a-tiresome baby.


Those days had long ago passed

I’ve grown up so very fast

I’ve learned the theory of responsibility

The theory never became a practicality.


I am so reckless…impulsive I am and no less

I’m so irresponsible…I don’t give a damn when people lecture.

I’m so naughty…when scolded, I turn haughty

Oh yeah, also a disgrace…but then I possess a pretty face.


I am now sixteen

I like to read teen magazine

Text books are so boring

They prompted me into yawning


Though I know I’m not a paragon in the family

Just because my sister took that title away from me

Thanks to her nature, she’s so goody-goody

It’s a great thing I exist to make a variety.


Life is a roller coaster ride

It’s as unpredictable as my fickle heart

Maybe now I’m playful and bad

Perhaps, in future, to me you will tip your hat.


P/S: I really was 16 when I wrote this poetry. I really was bad and naughty…and always was compared to my nicer elder sister. However, I never stole their dolls! Never!

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