5th Year Update!

“Hello, My name is Afiza. I am a FINAL year medical student in the team. Do you mind if we have a chat to talk about why you’ve come to the hospital?”

Ke’poyo’an yang melampau, isn’t it?But that has been my usual opening/greeting sentence in the hospital since I became a med student. I have been saying the same lines over and over again for the past four years, while substituting the underlined word. This year, the substitute is in the word ‘final’ or maybe for the sake of variety, ‘5th’ would do just as well. But I like the word ‘final’ best!

Do forgive me! I am quite excited by the prospect of this being my final year if everything goes well, insya Allah.

Yesterday, I went to the 5th year orientation program. I ha expected to be orientated to a life of zero worries and nil exertion. People have been saying that once you’ve passed your 4th year, 5th year would pass you by like an ocean breeze.

People have been WRONG!!! Everytime I deluded myself into thinking that the year after this would be much better, I got disappointed.

There were tons and tons of assignments! And most of them are group works! I hate group works!! One of the assignments requires us to conduct a damn study!!

“I ain’t have no interest in no damn study!!”

(Pardon, my double negative, o English teachers. But I am vexed beyond anything!)

As I love to whine soo much, let me begin to do so now.

1) I hate group work. I work best alone!

2)I am less receptive to ideas that are not in the same shade of what I think would be best. So, I work best alone. (have I mentioned that I work best alone?)

3)I don’t like commitments. I have always been wary of giving promises because I don’t want to break my promises or disappoint somebody’s expectation. Being in a group, you have no choice but to commit to work together in a team. What if that team sucks??

I can’t help but think that working together in ANYTHING is a bit like marriage (and we all know that the divorce rate is alarming to the extreme). How efficient, how good and how fun it would be depends on the members in it. The members, when taken individually, might not irritate or annoy you. They are – ALL OF THEM – are nice, good, charming, citizens. But try put them in a blender of what’s termed as ‘team work’ and you’ll get all sorts of headache.

You see, when marriage falls apart, most of the time, it’s not because one of them is evil (though there ARE cases of lunatics and wife-beaters and cuckolded husbands). All of them are nice people who you would smile and say hello to everyday and generally think that they are charming! But when you are suddenly thrown together and are made to achieve a common goal, that goal being the completion of your assignment, suddenly you notice ALL her characteristics that you were not privy to when she was just a mere acquaintance.

It’s just that the members in it have different priorities, different personalities and different goals and they just don’t suit!!

On the other hand, I might just be too much of a control freak and need to learn how to loosen up a bit!


I have moved into a room in one of the senior’s house. This house is awesome! It has its own swimming pool in the backyard. By now, I can half-float in the water. That’s a considerable progress to sinking inevitably like a heavy rhino.

I was, at first, quite worried about becoming one of the 47 Kimian’s housemate. The fact is, all of them are really pious, very nice, so selfless, extremely kind-hearted Muslims women. Me? I am a not-so-pious, not-very-nice, sometimes-selfish, sometimes-temperamental Muslim woman. How will we ever suit? (remember what I said about my FEAR and AVERSION to group work and commitments when the personalities are different?)

But, Alhamdulillah, so far so good. I am really enjoying being their housemates. Maybe I will pick up one of their good qualities while staying here. Maybe this is Allah’s way to improve my personality. By throwing me into their midst.

I am not saying that I’ve been BAD n WILD when I was living on campus. It’s just that, the reason I stuck myself on-campus for the past four years was because I have always preferred my own company. Being on campus, I minded my own business. And other people minded theirs. When I was asked for help, I would go and help. When there were programmes or events being held, I joined and mingled and socialized. But no matter how much I enjoy socializing with friends or the Malaysian and the Muslim community in NC, I do that knowing that at the end of the day my privacy awaits me at home. I can retreat into my own world.

But I know that being on campus has given me a selfish life. Life has been easy.

I am sure other people were just as selfish when they started. But when they were put together as housemates, they gradually learned to be more accommodating to others’ needs and wants. The situation forces them to learn to be nicer, better, selfless-er (I made up this word). The circumstance gives them the tarbiyah that they need (or want).

So maybe it’s time for me too. Maybe there’s some silver lining out of not being able to stay on campus this year. Maybe I could learn to like being in a group, functioning as a team. And maybe I can learn to love not being totally alone. (I believe that I have mentioned in the past, that I MIGHT be a bit autistic and my MOM used to worry about my socializing skills back when I was in standard 1).

And seriously, after a few days, I had to wonder what was it that I fear? The housemates are nice. Kak Yani, Kak Hani, Kak Mel, Kak Rin, Kak Dash….they’ve all been soo good and welcoming. I feel blessed for having known them. And for all their pious and nice ways, they are really a barrel of laughter and are fun to hang around! And Kak Yani is a book-addict like me! In Kak Rin, I found a tennis enthusiast and a fellow Kedahan with whom I could speak my dialect.

And after a few back-from-Malaysia-gossip-session with them,  I think I am learning to enjoy being in a group. Progress in my personality finally, Alhamdulillah. Hopefully, the trace of Autism will be gone by the end of the year. hehehe.

One thing I learned about myself in all these is that: I am NOT flexible, but I am resilient. When I said I am not flexible it means that I would not, by my own choice, knowingly do something that I don’t like to do or not used to do, even if that something is good for me. However, when circumstance forces me too, or I am being compelled to do something that I dislike, then I would do it and be resilient in dealing with it and would bear with it and gradually accept it, God willing. Macam Wani slalu cakap waktu blueberry picking dulu, “Afiza ni banyak kompelin, tapi last skali dia boleh buat juga.”

In the future, I wish to be someone who don’t complain outwardly (maybe just in the inside, though. I couldn’t help that). Maybe, one day I could be BOTH flexible AND resilient.

I guess the trick in dealing with me is to make things as ‘fait accompli’. Don’t give me choices. Just force me! I might complain and be angry at you but eventually I’ll do it and I’ll accept it. If you give me choices and time to think, you will never get me to do something that you know is good for me.


I am living a nomadic life.

After nearly a month of travelling around Orange, Snowy Mountains and Tumba Rumba, I went back to Newcastle. And after 3 weeks of being in my Edwards Hall room, I had to move here in 47 Kimian Avenue. And on Monday, again I’ll be on the move.

This time, I’ll be going to Tamworth for a regional clinical placement for 2 months.

Huh, hidup ku berpindah-randah dan tidak terurus.

When I was in 3rd year, I used to be very annoyed and anxious when things were ever-changing and never settling. Another autistic character of me; hating any change of routine! However, after working in a blueberry farm with a weather more fickle than a bitch with PMS, and after all the hectic life I have led this summer, I am begining to take all these changes in stride. No more anxiety or worries. I will just take the life I have been dealt with as I go along.

The only complaint I have (of course I must whine, LOL) is Suhaila and I was put in a hospital apartment with a male housemate. *sigh*. I hope he won’t party around in the house.


People been asking me about my “Gay Awareness Week” post that I promised to work on. I have been working on it and would put it in a WORD document. I am still accumulating arguments and scientific facts from all sides of the matter. Like I said, I want this to be a scientific argument so that every one (the gays, the Atheist, the religious, the agnostics) would all be able to appreciate and accept. So, it’s going to be, insya Allah, a serious project and it takes time considering I have tons of assignment some more literature reviews to do this year.

When all facts are gathered and the post written, I would attach the Word Document in one of the pages in this blog. So, please have patience as I know I am moving at a snail’s pace with this. However, my hectic schedule does not allow me the pleasure of an extended research into non-examinable materials in my final exam  😉


Bye everyone. I am off to Tamworth and may not get that much internet access. I may or may not be able to update as much, being there for two months. We’ll see how it goes.

Until the next post.

Isu Penggunaan Nama Allah

I have kept my silence on these issues for a few days now. Mainly because I don’t like making a hasty judgment on things that I have not much idea of. I am not ashamed to admit my ignorance.

This is a sensitive issue, no?

On this issue alone, I could make several articles like the ones I did for my theory of knowledge. People from both sides of the argument have come up with many justification that the other party can shred with their own points.

If you are really fair and honest, you HAVE to reserve your judgment until you have actually read all of the justification from BOTH sides.


I was grappling with my decision even after I have read (sampai mual dan muak) all I could get my hands on with regards to this issue.

I am a GEMINI. The signs of the twins. The dual signs!

Though I am not superstitious to believe in horoscopes, I coincidentally do have one dominant trait of the gemini. I can see BOTH sides of any argument! And that’s why it’s hard for me to make a decision because I could sympathize with BOTH!

In VERY RARE cases where the argument revolves around issues that has little to do with right and wrong, I usually side with HONESTY because I hate being manipulated. What you claim as your reason for doing something must be the honest reason you did do it.

I am no psychic, but I can usually FEEL it if people are honest and sincere. Of course, since I do put a lot of weight on concrete evidence, I usually refrain from making judgment base on how I FEEL. I am not a public sentimental fool! Just private one.

But when there’s no concrete evidence to be had, I decide on my instinct!

But in cases where justifications are abundant, and evidence are plenty…I would ignore any personal inclinations. And I would not regret the decision I have made even if I was proven wrong in the future. That is because at that time, with the limitations that exist at that time, I have made the best decision I could ever make.

It’s all about method.


There are two main point of views here.But there are many sides issues. But the most important thing we need to understand here is what is your BASIS of argument? Do you argue base on other people’s RIGHTS to use the name Allah or do you argue base on how this court ruling would AFFECT the Muslims?

1) To argue base on the rights of others to use the name of Allah.

If you are arguing base on the rights of others to use the name Allah to refer to God, I am more inclinced to side with those who say that the Jews and the Christians have just as much rights to use the name of Allah to refer to God. Please have a look at these verses in the Quran which are basically proving that once upon a time, the word ALLAH is used by non-muslims to refer to God:

  • At- Taubah 9:30
  • Az-Zukhruf 43: 87-88
  • Al-Ankabut 29: 63
  • Al Hajj 22: 40
  • Al Maidhah 5 : 3

However, I can also understand the arguments of those who think that the name of Allah is the exlcusive rights of Muslims alone, especially when they are talking about the period AFTER Islamization (not just during jahiliyah) and when they are talking about the importance of language to someone’s worldview or mindset. I will simplify their argument as the following:

  • Perlu dibezakan penggunaan nama Allah dari sudut bahasa yang telah wujud di zaman Jahiliyah dengan penggunaan nama Allah AFTER ISLAMIZATION. Nowadays, most part of the world have recognized that Allah is the Islamic God. The Islamization process is THAT effective. Now, it seems like we are going backward…like we are passively allowing de-islamization to occur without a fight.
  • And I can understand this especially after I have read a few Malay medieval literatures (for example, Hikayat Inderaputera merupakan kitab saduran Hindu yang telah di-Islamisasikan). It’s SUCH a hard long work to Islamize a culture and a language. And now, we are going to turn back?
  • To quote from a website : “Dari sudut bahasa Allah bermakna Tuhan. Ayat-ayat tersebut turun ketika Islam mula diperkenalkan sebagai proses berdialog dengan kaum musyrikin. Setelah konsep-konsep penting dalam Islam jelas dan worldview Islam terbentuk maka di sini proses Islamisasi berlaku baik terhadap bahasa, budaya dan pemikiran masyarakat Arab. Oleh kerana itu dengan mendangkalkan makna Allah maka kita telah menafikan proses Islamisasi tersebut dan kembali seolah-olah Islam belum bertapak. Memang kita boleh membuat kesimpulan tidak menjadi masalah orang bukan Islam menggunakan nama Allah kerana hal tersebut “tampak” secara literalnya wujud dalam al-Qur’an. Namun, dalam berijtihad seseorang ilmuwan tidak boleh hanya bersandarkan kepada makna literal teks atau nas tetapi perlu juga melihat kepada maqasid dan falsafah yang mendasarinya sebagaimana telah ditegaskan oleh al-Shatibi.” (look I have very little idea what the last sentence means and I have no idea who al-Shatibi is. The only reason I include that sentence even though I don’t understand it, is to benefit those who DO understand it and can hopefully clarify to my readers what the people of this point of view wish to convey)
  • Language and names have a direct consequence to someone’s way of life and worldview. I quote the following message to clarify what those people of this point of view mean: ” Setiap istilah dalam semua bahasa mempunyai batas-batas makna yang sah yang mencerminkan pandangan alam tertentu, dan yang membezakan sesuatu istilah itu dengan yang lain.Persamaan yang banyak pun masih memerlukan istilah atau nama yang berbeza jika terdapat hanya satu perbezaan yang penting. Sebab itulah semua bahasa-bahasa yang tinggi mempunyai kamus. Keldai, kuda, baghal banyak persamaan tetapi terdapat perbezaan; dua manusia kembar siam juga diberi nama yang berbeza.Perkataan Allah, solat, tawhid, rasul, bahkan istilah Islam itu sendiri membawa makna yang tersendiri setelah diislamisasikan. Kalimat-kalimat ini telah menjadi bahagian penting daripada pandangan sarwa Islam (Islamic worldview). Jika ia dikaburkan maka sudah tentu akan memberi kesan kepada pemikiran dan aqidah umat Islam.”

As you can see, I present the second argument much longer than the first. Almost a very unbalanced review.  Almost as though I was more in sympathy with the second view. But like I said, I am more inclined to believe the first argument; that the Christians have just as much rights to the name of Allah. To me, the verses I have included are convincing enough. We can talk about the principles of languge and culture or talk about the concept of Islamization or what nots (which are not unimportant, in fact very-very vital in the propagation of Islam) but to me if Allah does not have any problems with others using his name to refer to God, who are we to decide otherwise?

2) To argue base on the EFFECTS or the IMPLICATIONS of the court ruling.

If your argument is based on the effects of the court ruling to the akidah of Malaysian muslim, and view this as a challenge to the rights of Islam in a country where Islam is the official religion, then again I can see that the effects are alarming and would be great indeed.

  • Siapa tak marah kalau kita rasa non-muslims sudah naik tocang, demand itu dan ini.
  • Siapa tak risau, kalau kita rasa generasi muda muslims akan terpesong
  • Siapa tak membara kalau kita rasa ini merupakan satu dakyah Kristian yang paling licik dan mahkamah seolah-olah menyokong mereka.
  • Siapa tak tercabar apabila keputusan mahkamah (yang dibuat oleh hakim kafir pula tu) seolah-0lah memang sengaja nak mencabar kewibawaan orang Islam di negara ini.

Picture this coversation :

Salim yang emotional: Melampau! Orang-orang kafir ni telah naik tocang! Mencabar agama Islam.

Abu yang ketakutan: Aku risau! Takut generasi muda kita terpesong dan keliru dengan dakyah Kristian

Ahmad yang cool dan over-confident: Rilek arr korang ni. Mungkin ini satu opportuniti untuk kita berdakwah juga kepada mereka. Menunjukkan Islam ini adil kepada semua kaum. Lagipun, siapa kata orang Islam yang akan keliru. Orang Kristian pun boleh keliru juga. Silap2 haribulan, diorang yang masuk Islam. Hah, time tu baru padan muka Herald tu. It’s a fact that in the rest of the world, people recognize Allah as the Islamic God. If anyone is going to be confused, it’s going to be the Christians. Not us!

Abu yang ketakutan: Ko cakap memang pandai! Ko tahu tak berapa ramai dah orang2 Melayu yang murtad? Siapa nak bertanggungjawab kalau murtad berleluasa nanti disebabkan oleh dakyah2 Kristian ni? It’s confusing. Kita takkan tahu mana satu konsep Islam dan mana satu konsep Kristian. Bercampur aduk semuanya dan keliru!

Ahmad yang cool dan over-confident : Tu pasallah kita kena start jadi orang yang pro-active. Sampai bila kita nak takut apa yang bakal terjadi, takut dengan bayang2 sendiri. Takut tentang benda yang belum pasti. Kalau kita dah tahu orang akan confuse, kita kuatkanlah dakwah kita. Educate the muslims. Banyakkan program2 dakwah.

Abu yang ketakutan : Hang ni cakap ja pandai! Do we have the man-resource to do all that? Pernah bercakap dgn pegawai2 agama? dengan ustaz atau counsellor? Pernah ambil tahu betapa kroniknya kes2 murtad? Mampukah kita? Jangan sudah terhantuk baru terngadah!

Agh…tedious conversation! Basically, macam tu lah lebih kurangnya argument orang2 yang argue base on EFFECTS and IMPLICATIONS. They are either emotional, in fear, or too confident without knowing the real reality out there.

But somehow, I feel like this particular basis of argument is inferior to the ones which is based on rights. This to me, is an argument for the coward (if they are afraid of the effects of the court ruling to future generation) or the rash (if they are angry about the audacity of the court to challenge the religion of the Malays) or the over-confident (if they are non-chalant of the effects of the court ruling).


In my humble opinion, the only basis that should matter is the one based on rights! Because rights is concrete evidence, rights is undeniable, rights is factual.

Meanwhile the arguments which were based on EFFECTS and IMPLICATIONS are emotional and would never be able to trump or deny the argument based on rights! Macam mana kita risau apa yang akan terjadi kepada generasi masa depan sekali pun…kita tidak boleh ambil hak orang lain! That’s what justice is all about!

Jadi, saya menyeru kepada semua orang yang nak argue pasal benda ni dengan orang Kristian, jangan sekali2 argue base on the effects that this court ruling would do to US! But argue based on rights!

-If you are of the opinion that they have the rights to the name of ALLAH, then say so with your own evidence and dalil!

-If you are of the opinion that they DON’T have the rights to the name of ALLAH, then say so with your own evidence and justification.

But never ever, argue based on your fear of what’s going to happen, your rashness and your over-confidence.  Because you will lose!! Orang Kristian boleh senang2 cakap, “Oh, just because kau takut dan lemah untuk mengajar generasi sendiri, kau nak sekat hak kami! Adil ke gitu?”

And they would be right to say that! And you will have nothing intellectual to back you up other than quoating some akta2 bawah perlembagaan!  Seperti biasa, perlembagaan kita memang memihak kepada kita. Kita memang sentiasa bergantung kepada perlembagaan untuk dapat perlindungan. Sangat pathetic! Tapi, secara universalnya, akta kita memang berat sebelah menyokong kita. Memang tidak adil pun!

Well, itu kalau nak argue dengan orang Kristian lah…just guna basis of rights no matter which side you are on. Tapi in our own private time, when we are just discussing among Muslims and not arguing with the non-muslims, then we have to recognize that INDEED this court ruling is dangerous to us. And it’s time we start thinking and do SOMETHING about it!

Yes, I am of the opinion that the Christians have the rights to the usage of the name Allah. However, that doesn’t mean I am complacent and do not recognize the danger of it all.

I have analyzed the adavantage and disadvantage of the court ruling to us, Muslims in Malaysia:


-Seperti Ahmad yang over confident itu, I believe that muslims are not the only ones who can be confused! Come one! The WHOLE wide world say Allah is the Islamic God. Don’t you think this can be dangerous to the future generation of Christians as well? It is so very likely that they are going to face with a MUCH more major confusion than us.

-This is a MAJOR opportunity for dakwah! Yes, I know I said Christians have the rights to the name ALLAH, but that doesn’t mean I credit their cunning-ness and dishonesty! We KNOW why they insist to use Allah… it has nothing to do with wanting to claim their rights. I am not that naive! We KNOW their hidden agenda. But their plan may just backfire when more and more Christians become curious about why now God is referred as ALLAH when the whole world recognize Allah is the Islamic God. Curiosity is a powerful thing, and they will start researching, insya Allah. People have come to Islam with less significant prompt than this!

-We would have shown to the world that Islam is indeed just and fair and takes care of everybody’s rights based on the principle of truth.


-The Muslims can also be confused. In fact the rate of murtad is alarming. We may not have the man power to triple our propagation activities.

-Secondly, they can be confused.

-Thirdly, they can be confused

(you get the idea! That is the ONLY major disadvantage)

-Fourthly, they might start using the name of Allah in their crosses and their statues and their shirts! (however I undertsand that the court ruling is only limited to the Herald publication. I am not sure whether they are given the rights to use the name ALLAH in any other way or any other publication or printings. Please inform me if anyone knows).


Education and Islamic Propagation are the keys here! We need to make use of all tools of dakwah from now on! Sebenarnya Muslim dah lama confused. Tak payah tunggu isu nama Allah ni!

Dulu, aku pun confused! Cuma tak murtad saja! Siapa yang tak pergi sekolah agama atau datang daripada family yang kurang beragama (x faham akidah walaupun amalan dalam rukun Islam complete) betul2 YAKIN ke dengan Islam?

Being a Muslim is an intellectual journey….if you haven’t gone through the intellectual process, your Islam is just your birth inheritance which would not get you far! If you haven’t questioned and haven’t researched other religions and haven’t answered all your questions regarding the most fundamental Islamic creed, don’t bother to say you are truly going to be steadfast.

Some questions that all Muslims should know by now:

-Does God really exist? Do you really believe so or are you just behaving like a parrot repeating what your ustazah told you? If you really do believe God exists, then why?

-If God exists, do you believe that He would have sent guidance to mankind? Or do you believe he created us for His amusement and let us do whatever we please?

-If you think God has sent guidance to mankind, then, where can the guidance be found? Which religion? What are the differences between them? If you think Islam is the right religion, then why?

If you have known all these questions, the rest would be easy.

And the education is what we are lacking! As long as we lack that, we will always react defensively and always in fear of what is to come!

I urge everyone to be more creative in finding answers to your questions. The high school text books are not going to cut it! Challenge your intellect. Start reading International Islamic books. Start with Ahmed Deedat’s THE CHOICE….I can get the hardcover version for 5 dollars in Australia. Start with Harun Yahya’s THE DECEIT OF EVOLUTION! Both of these figures give scientific facts as well as convincing arguments to strengthen your faith…until insya Allah your belief is no longer weakened by bouts of doubts which you try to suppress every now and then.

There are so many You Tube resources of great public speakers:

-Dr. Zakir Naik

-Brother Nouman Ali Khan

-The Deen Show

-Sheikh Khalid Yasin

-Yusuf Estes

Start being proactive NOW before it’s too late!

On a last note, this post has nothing to do with politics! I am happy to see that MOST people have been supporting a particular view with no regards to their political aspirations. Before deciding to write on this, I have read the writings of the usual ‘berkecuali and atas pagar’ personalities like Mahaguru58, Zulkifli Noordin, Dr. MAZA, and some other websites which discuss this issue in an academic point of view…they all have different point of views and worth the read. I came to my decision after having read a lot of sources.

I just would like to remind those who are actually sooo pro-UMNO or sooo hangit PAS, or sooo pro-Anwar, to stop arguing just to champion your politics! People can tell whether or not you are actually arguing for the religion or for your own political agenda, regardless of which sides you are on. For example, Zulkifli Noordin and Dr. MAZA seems to have different point of views, but I don’t doubt that they are both sincere. And Mahaguru58 has always been berkecuali…and this time he is against the usage of the name Allah by the Christians, and I don’t doubt that his opinion has no political agenda too.

What I mean is, it does NOT matter to me what you choose to support, but at least decide it HONESTLY!

P/S: I abhorr hypocrisy and dishonesty of any kind! To the Christians who insist to use the word Allah to refer to God in the Christian religion, let me tell you that I, for one, do not deny you the rights you claim is your main reason you want it so.  You can use the rights however you like. All I question is the pretentious manner in which you are trying to disguise your agenda. Frankly speaking, the disgust I felt towards your method of deception is nauseating!

I am back with an update.

Salam people. Hope this post reach everyone in good health, insya Allah.

I am delighted to declare that my little adventure in the remote part of Australia was everything I could ever wish it to be. I was in excellent health through out the whole 24 days of living within very limited means and am proud of everyone of us who’s gone through the journey.

The theme for our adventure this time was “Pengislahan Diri” and indeed I felt like I have become a better person after going through the challenges and the hurdles that came left and right ever since we were musafir. Thank Allah for the strength.

I have decided to record my experience of this adventure. If you are interested to know about the journey that all fruit pickers had to go through, you can read all about them under the page “Berry Picking – first job” under the widget  “Pages and Pages of Life”. I was now up to my first three days of adventure and will keep updating it as time goes by, hopefully before the school open this year.

Final Exam Result

Alhamdulillah, I passed my final exam last semester. And next year would be my 5th year. To be exact, it would be my final year as a medical student. I imagine everyone would put a lot of stress on you seeing that you are about to graduate soon and you should know almost everything by now. Ugh. That is rarely the case.

Humans are forgetful creatures. Even constant repetition would not guarantee you could commit to memory 100% of what you are learning. May Allah help me go through this final year with ease.

But overall, 4th year is the hardest hurdle of all. People said that one you’ve passed 4th year, you need not worry because 5th year is more like pre-internship. You just go through the rotation and graduate at the end of the year. No more paper exams after this!

Well, thank God for that.

House Hunting

Can you believe the rudeness and the audacity of Edwards Hall? I have been such a loyal tenant for 4 years….always keeping the unit clean. We always got rewards for cleanliness every week!

Can you believe the nerve of the administration! They decided that they are only going to allow 30% of students to return to Edwards Hall and 70% would be new students.

What the…. (I refused to let Edwards Hall make me swear!)

It’s such a bother, really! Because when you move out, you will need more money. My stuff already fit the furniture in Edwards Hall. If I move out to an unfurnished house, I need to buy my own furniture. But if I move out to a furnished house, I still might need to buy some other furniture to fit all my stuff accumulated for more than 4 years. Certainly I would need to buy big bookshelves to fit all my books!

And all this trouble for only one year of study!

I was so upset that I sent an email of reproach to Edwards Hall administration. I told them that “Had I known that I would be forced to move out in my final year, I would have abandoned Edwards Hall a long time ago. At least all the effort and the money spent would have been much more worth it!”

Before this, the policy was “returning students get first preference rather than new ones.”

But I guess they’ve changed the policy this year because Luce (the previous head of college) has retired and now Edwards Hall has a new head of college who is as stupid as he is troublesome! Ugh!

How could they have not given any consideration to the FINAL year student? Dahlah rent mahal nak mampos! And this is how they treat their most loyal tenant!

So that was the reason I had to come back early from my adventure…because I need to do some house hunting.

Kak Yani has helped a lot in terms of finding us a house. It was a hell of a headache for her because she needed to find houses for new 1st year students too. And new archiecture student as well as the IMU student.

I don’t have the patience to deal with finding one house, let alone several! Poor Kak Yani. But her selflessness must be one of the reason she’s so adorable. I hope everybody appreciate her effort and not give unnecessary headache…like backing out on a deal after it’s been made!

Tolonglah jgn bagi nampak Malaysian ni susah untuk di-deal dengan. When we have agreed on a house, the landlord would have to draft a contract. If you are too fussy and keep backing out of the deal, benda ni menyusahkan orang! Menyusahkan Kak Yani, menyusahkan landlord dan menyusahkan housemate2 yang you have agreed to bunk with!

Okay, I better not go further with my leteran. Because I could feel the heat coursing through my blood. If I talk more about my dissatisfaction with some of the very asinine attitude of some people, I would never be able to stop!

My only reminder to myself and everyone else is “Please appreciate other people’s effort of looking for a house for you and don’t give them a headache with your many conditions and requirements and then backing out on a deal.  They help you out of the goodness of their heart and ask nothing in return. Their selflessness should be thanked by being less fussy and sticking to the deal.”