Dark Habibi Series

The Dark Habibi series is a collection of short stories revolving around Zachary, Maria and their growing up years together.

They are all short stories which can be read in no particular order. But it is recommended for you to read the PART 1 first before the rest because that is when you are first introduced to the main, consistent character in this series.

Basically, Zachary is a black boy living among the white-majority community in a foreign country. And this series tell the struggle that Zachary has to go through as a child, just about to discover his own identity in a place where he is looked upon as ‘different’ than the rest of them. Throughout his journey into mature adulthood, he is fortunate enough to have a loyal friend alongside him, as well as a wise aunt who is always there for him. But the feeling of inadequacy and deep loneliness (even though his loyal friend, Maria, made this episodes as far in between as possible)continued to plague him.

I hope it would be a pleasant journey as you follow Zachary through his trials and tribulations to gain a semblance of understanding that life is really such a beautiful bright thing, even for a foreign dark habibi like him.

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