The Biased World In The Age of Doublethink 

Dear readers,

My blog has not been updated for more than 2 months now. Not because I have nothing to write. But because I have too much that initially I could not possibly decide on which topic to type up. 

The Biased World

Life has been quite difficult for many people in various parts of the world lately. Little did we know that the Covid-19 Pandemic was only a start to further troubles in the world. Now, there is that war between Russia and Ukraine, for example, that has started since 24 February 2022, which means it has been more than a month now since countries other than those of the Muslim World are engaged in a war. 

Things have been quite ugly in many places before. But the West (especially the US) hardly took any notice of the sufferings that they had either caused, perpetuated, sponsored, or supported ever since they became the self-proclaimed World’s Police. *roll eyes*

Yup, things have been quite ugly for many decades indeed. The continuation of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian land and its apartheid practice is the prime example of  how the West does not really care about sufferings or justice or human rights… well, unless the narrative is in line with their own self-interest or self-aggrandisement. 

Things have been utterly hideous for so long that the addition of another conflict – but this time in the Europe, for a change – is not exactly helping the cynics among us to view the world optimistically. 

In fact, if I were to try to be optimistic about the world right now, I would say that the only beautiful thing about the Russia-Ukraine war is that it has FINALLY exposed a long not-so-well-hidden truth about how really ugly the problem of racism is in the West. The ugliness colours everything they do and say, from their domestic policies to their foreign policies and now it even spills over to how they do media reporting. 

Let’s have a look at how these so-called journalists did their reporting, shall we? Some of these ‘journalists’ think that it is more shocking that ‘blonde hair, blue eyed Europeans’ have to flee their country as opposed to people of other physiognomy.  Suddenly it occurred to these European journalists that ANYONE can become a refugee when the correct circumstance meets the correct greedy and power-hungry dictator. *sigh*

Brace yourself for some of the most cringe-worthy statements you have ever heard in your life in the video below. (Consider yourself warned). 


Look at the picture above. A Ukranian girl holding a gun was hailed as a hero but a Palestinian kid with a stone in his hand would be called a terrorist. The truth is, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Just please… at least don’t be an OBVIOUS hypocrite (as opposed to an obscure one, *LOL*) and try to give the same labels when you are reporting the same context, ok?

Because of how ridiculously obviously biased the mainstream media is, you then thought that you can rely on various social media platforms to get an unbiased view of multiple sides of the same story, right?

Well, sorry, guys. You thought wrong. 

Sadly, tech giants like You Tube, Facebook and IG are not always reliable either. Recently You Tube had banned a famous news channel, Wion, from posting on You Tube simply because Wion was reporting BOTH sides of the Russia-Ukraine war truthfully (which probably did not seem anti-Russia enough in their wholly warped estimation). Gloriously, netizens all over the world had then shown their outrage of the ban at a global level and as a result, You Tube had to unban Wion, licking their own spit (Jilat ludah sendiri, guys! Haha. I love writing direct translation of Malay idioms, you guys know that.)

Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 1.28.30 PM

Serve You Tube right for being so high-handed and arrogant in imposing their biased censorship upon others. You may be a Tech Giant, but even you are not 100% invincible. You too are dependent upon the continued support of your consumers and need to cultivate their good opinions, don’t you?

I just love it! I love it whenever there is a story about how the big bad bully ends up having to back down in the end. It gives me hope that the world is not so rotten, after all. That there is always hope for the turning around of things.

Never Jump On The Bandwagon Too Quickly

Despite the initial shock of seeing people of “blonde hair and blue eyes are now becoming refugees” just like any other non-Europeans, our lives do go on as usual and other issues still become the focus of our attention (perhaps because all of us have now become quite desensitised to wars, conflicts and humanitarian crises after seeing so many of them happening in various parts of the world. To us, this is just another war, Europeans involvement or not.)

Locally in Malaysia, we were outraged when a video of a UITM professor berating her 5th semester student for not having a laptop became viralled. The feelings of Malaysian B40s were understandably hurt when the professor seemed to be mocking the B40s and generalized all of them as not knowledge-driven enough. The professor was condemned by scandalised Malaysian netizens as arrogant, high-handed, a bully, so on and so forth. (In my mind, I was like “You guys should have seen the way some hormonal MOs and some arrogant specialists scolded housemen in that histrionic, file-flying display of tantrum some years ago. You would be even more shocked. This is inexcusable but still mild, in comparison.” Haha. Imagine if back then when I was a house officer, we had Tik Tok instead of just blogs. Haha.) 

But there’s a plot twist to the story, guys! The video was actually an old one and the professor actually ended up buying the student a laptop. Wow! What a twist!

I guess, one can argue that “some people have scathing tongues but their hearts are actually pure gold”. I am certain that is very possible. 

But, I believe that your action and your speech must reflect that golden heart of yours. We cannot SEE your heart, after all. We can only judge what our senses can perceive. It doesn’t matter how pure your heart is, my mental state examination of you (haha!) will be conducted on the basis of what I can perceive by my senses. Only God will have the whole picture of every single person in this world and no one should expect me to automatically know that you are actually good when your behaviour screams otherwise. That is EXACTLY why God COMMANDS us to practice good ethical behaviour. Because He knows that human beings will judge one another based on what they can perceive by their senses only; and not adhering to the ethical conduct outlined by the religion (or accepted norms of morality) will actually backfire on us; just like what is happening to the professor.

For all we know, she might be a great, passionate professor who really cared about her students regardless of their socioeconomic background… but we wouldn’t know it when we heard the way she spoke to the student. To tell netizens to NOT look at the way she spoke but to look at the purity of her intention would be preposterous. We cannot SEE people’s intention, guys!

Let me be clear. It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that our intention and our verbal and non-verbal communication of that intention are paralleled, well-aligned and clearly-perceived by outsiders. Because the outside onlookers couldn’t judge the invisible and they shouldn’t have to. If you are kind but your habit involves shouting obscenities, you are an offensive person, as far as the onlookers are concerned. To not adhere to good ethical conduct in your speech and your action is actually an act of self-sabotage, when you really think about it. 

It’s just that before knowing the plot twist of how she ended up helping the student, the scale of anger that we felt towards her was perhaps 100%. But after knowing the eventual ending to the story, our anger lessen to perhaps around 60%. Haha. She did help him buy a laptop, after all. That should count for something, right? 

This is why we should not be too quick to jump on the bandwagon and condemn a person too harshly. Because we might find out later, that not all 100% of our condemnation is warranted, after all. Luckily, I did not condemn her straightaway after watching the video. I waited it out and entertained myself by reading various comments by netizens. I only commented on the issue on my Facebook after the plot twist had unfolded. (Haha. Am I wise or am I wise? *Just kidding* I have learned from previous experience, especially in Psychiatry, that there are SO MANY sides to the same story. We must find what is TRUER… not just what is true. It is true that she had spoken harshly to the student. It is also true that she then ended up helping the student. To only know one part of the truth will not yield a TRUER picture.)

This should come as a lesson to all of us, senior doctors (Cehh… I dah rasa I senior LOL. Ok, I am a senior doctor, but a junior specialist. Fair?) Do not ever think that we can get away with harsh treatment of our juniors just because we supposedly have good intentions of ‘teaching them well’. This goes to all lecturers teaching post-graduate master students as well. Be kind. Be nice. Even displeasure can be politely communicated. After all, “Even in a declaration of war, one observes the rule of politeness,” said Otto von Bismarck. Kan? Don’t ever think that we can excuse our rude, atrocious conduct by saying wishy-washy stuff like “But my intention is pure.” Heck, your intention cannot be perceived and therefore doesn’t affect me regardless of how pure or evil it is… your conduct, on the other hand, does! 

So…be a good communicator and communicate your intention in a palatable manner.  

The Doublethink

Another issue that I was quite invested in was the issue of how a female transgender college swimmer by the name of Lia Thomas (previously 462nd ranked in male college swimming) had ended up winning the first place against Emma Weyant, an OLYMPIC silver medalist and Erica Sullivan, also an OLYMPIC silver medalist. 

Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 1.29.51 PM

Just imagine this, guys! As a male, you did not even make it in the top 100 of your chosen sport (Heck, forget top 100. He was not even in the top 400!). When you became a transgender female, suddenly you emerged FIRST, beating even female Olympians!


Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 1.31.15 PM

No wonder the hashtag #SaveWomensSports is now trending. Little girls will now have to adjust their dreams to just being in the 2nd place when one transgender woman enter the same sport as them. And if there are 3 transgender women entering the same sport as them, they might as well not compete altogether because they know they won’t have the chance of being on the sports podium… so what’s the point, right?

And remember, sports in the West is not just people competing for fun and boasting rights. They were competing for college scholarships and life-changing opportunities. And now the women’s chances are shamelessly hijacked by transgender women. 

Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 1.32.11 PM

I am not suprised at all that people in the audience did not begin to applaud until the arrival of the 2nd and  the 3rd place winner. You may want to champion unjust and unfair  LGBTQ policies by hiding behind the tagline of inclusivity, but even you cannot be consistent in your support of such policies when you see how obviously ridiculously unfair the outcome turned out to be. Cognitive dissonance will continue to plague you until you choose to champion the truth instead of a false agenda that ends up victimizing and discriminating all women. They could be your own sisters and your own daughters whose rightful winnings are denied… will you still remain silent?

My question is, WHERE are the feminists of the Western world hiding? I guess, you guys are not gonna speak up on the issue because apparently, according to Emma Watson, “transgender people are who they say they are”. Apparently, REGARDLESS of whatever biological facts there are, the feelings of some people who are unhappy with their reality are just more important and must be followed no matter what!

I guess, feelings now trump facts and truth! Imagine that.

What a scary world we are living in. It’s like we have finally arrived at the dystopian world described by George Orwell in his book 1984. Have you guys read that book? It is chilling to see how it is slowly but surely unfolding around us now. 

The book described a concept called doublethink. (Google it up, guys! It is such a fascinating concept that I’d thought would only ever exist in a dystopian fiction. What did I know, huh?). In the book, Orwell had described how the world is being controlled by a Party that wielded absolute power and wanted to maintain that power indefinitely. So the party then compelled people to uphold ‘doublethink’ and ‘doublespeak’ (I am laughing as I am typing this, guys! It feels so surreal.)

Doublethink is the ability to hold two completely contradictory beliefs at the same time and to believe they are both true. For example, “Yes I was born as a male, but I am also a female because I feel like a female. It is BOTH true. I am a transgender female but I am a real female because I am who I say I am. It is both true that being a transgender female is also a real female.” Doublethink, get it? We are supposed to suspend our own semantic memory and judgment about the facts of the life of this world when we are doing doublethink… in order to accommodate the feelings of others who are more politically and socially influential than us. Truth be damned! 

That’s how scary doublethink is!

In the dystopian world of 1984, failing to perform this Doublethink may cost you your life as the Party will make you disappear or kill you. This is analogous to how failing to comply to the LGBTQ agenda will cause someone like J.K Rowling to be cancelled, and professors have even lost their jobs because they dare to speak the truth.

Maybe just like in the novel 1984, we must learn to speak Doublspeak or Newspeak, now. May God help us all. 

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Looking at how the world is slowly deteriorating now, I wholly welcome the month of Ramadan which has begun since Maghrib last night.

Ya Ramadan, how  greatly you are missed. 

Ramadan is all about the hereafter… not about the life of this world that is slowly collapsing around our ears with so much craziness.

With the coming of Ramadan, it reminds me again and again that the life of this world is temporary. Everything… every feeling, every suffering is fleeting. So what is the point of weeping and destroying yourself with grief over something transient? 

When you think about it, knowing that the life of this world is temporary is the most protective spiritual factor against anxiety and depression. Instead of producing despair and apathy, the temporariness of this world is very motivating. Your happiness might be temporary. But so does your misery. So does EVERYTHING! The temporariness of everything in this world, instead of producing anxiety, actually gives us hope.

Because you know NOTHING is worth your attention all that much because everything will end anyway! We should only give our attention IN PROPORTION to what any particular matter REASONABLY requires… nothing more than that. Certainly not so much that we want to be anxious and melancholic about it ad nauseam, ad infinitum. If we suffer losses, we grief and we move on. No matter what disappointment lies in our way, we simply continue to live to please our Maker. That’s it.

If a professor who had said the truth against the apartheid regime of Israel lost his job, that’s okay. Life will be hard for awhile. But the life of this world is temporary, anyway. We simply continue to live to please our Lord. That’s it.  

If a footballer who had spoken up against China’s treatment of Uyghurs lost his job with Arsenal, that’s okay. Life will be hard for awhile. But the life of this world is temporary anyway.  We simply continue to live to please our God. That’s it. 

Who knows if one day in Malaysia, all of us will no longer have the luxury to speak the truth. We might even have to risk our job as our statement of fact is being manipulated by westernised Malaysians who absorb every single liberal ideas from the West (no matter how nonsensical) and will cancel on anyone who disagrees with them. Life will be hard for us for awhile. We simply must continue to live to please Allah and continue to speak the truth. That’s it. 

Oh Ramadan, how profound the clarity of mind that you bring to millions of Muslims in this world who are struggling to make sense of everything that is going on. To know that what is more important in life… is not in THIS life. But in the hereafter. We can suffer losses in anything, but nothing can break us when our hope lies in the hereafter. 

After all, what is the life of this world but play and amusement?

Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 4.23.26 PM

I hope all of my Muslim readers will have a blessed Ramadan ahead.Have a great time reciting the Holy Quran and praying the Terawih prayers and the night prayers. May Allah grant us forgiveness by the end of Ramadan, Amiin.

And for halal entertainment in this blessed month, I would like to recommend for you guys to follow the Judgment Day series by Yaqeen Institute. Below is the first episode of the series. I love it already and cannot wait for the rest of the series!


Last month I had read 4 fictions. And I love them all, guys!

The first one is the final instalment to the Jack West Jr Series, The One Impossible Labyrinth. I finished the book in half a day because I was THAT hooked and it was THAT unputdownable. Ah… I am still having a hang-over effect of having completed the series, knowing that there will never be ANOTHER Jack West Jr. book again. This is indeed a kind of grieving I am experiencing, guys… the mild kind -but not any less real-that happens in the fantasy world of most book lovers. I started reading the first book in the series when I was a house officer, guys. And the series finally came to an end when I am already a  specialist. A pretty long-term love affair, don’t you think? 

But as I have mentioned before, the life of this world is temporary. All great series will have to come to an end, after all. Based on AFBRS, I give this book 5 solid stars. Below is a snapshot of my simple review of the book in instagram.


And of course I made a Tik Tok video of the book when it first arrived all the way from the UK (I had to order the book from the UK because this book was not sold in Malaysia at that time, and as far as I know, it is STILL not available in Malaysia, guys *sigh*)

And below is another Tik Tok video I made about the book (I was obsessed, guys) but this time it also features the rest of the books in the series. 

Forgive me for running amok making all these Tik Tok videos over a book that you guys probably couldn’t care less if you are not familiar with this series. I am just celebrating the end of more than a decade love affair with the series. I am hopeless, I know. (The first book of the series was published in 2005, when I was not even a medical student yet. But I only started reading it in 2011, when I was a house officer. And the series finally ended in 2022! Imagine what a torturous wait I had to endure in between the instalment, guys! I deserve to celebrate my patience, my endurance and my loyalty to a series that spans more than a decade to finish, don’t you think? It was one of the longest long-term-commitment I have ever had  *LOL*)

The next 3 books I am going to review also belongs to a series written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. You guys know that I enjoyed all his books and short stories featuring the greatest detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes… I finished reading them all  many years ago. But Doyle also wrote a less well-known series revolving around an intelligent, supercilious larger-than-life  professor by the name of Professor Challenger. The series consists of The Lost World (revolving around the adventure of Professor Challenger with his companions namely Edward Malone, John Roxton and Professor Summerlee in an Amazonian jungle where prehistoric animals still survives), The Poison Belt (which revolves around the end-of-the-world scene and what they had to do to survive the poisonous air that permeated the atmosphere) and The Land of Mist (about the initial skepticism and subsequent conviction that Professor Challenger had in spiritualism. A lot of readers think that this book is highly coloured by Doyle’s new belief in  spiritualism after he had experienced losing his son, brother and two nephews in World War I. That was an interesting background story that I think readers should know before reading this book.)

I enjoyed all three of the books even though the plots were not exactly all that convolutedly complex. But I love them anyway because I love Doyle’s writing style. He was witty and he gave his characters really great dialogues. The characters he created were always interesting. Professor Challenger can certainly give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money, I tell you. (They are BOTH intriguing characters in their own unique way. I cannot possibly choose a favourite, guys! I love them both just like I love Hercule Poirot.) There were a few times when I actually laughed out loud by the antics and the words of Professor Challenger. He is adorable in an exasperating kind of way. If you love Sherlock Holmes, you will love this series too!

If you are in a mood for a light-hearted fun time, go for this series. All three of them earned 3 solid stars based on AFBRS. They can be downloaded for free LEGALLY because all of these books have entered the public domain. So you can actually enjoy them without having to spend a single cent of your hard-earned money. (Freebies are always awesome, isn’t it?)

Until next time, my dear readers.

May Allah bless us abundantly in this month of Ramadan and bestow upon us His forgiveness. May He always guide us to see the truth and speak the truth even if the biased world hate it. 

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