Life’s Pain

Life’s Pain


‘It’ will always, always happen

‘It’ won’t stop ever, if you even

Cry and howl like enraged heathens

Slap your chest in anguished silence

‘It’ will come and haunt all men

‘It’ won’t stop, not even

When tears of brine falls like rain

Or when the core of your being rattled in pain

Then you find yourself in need for a cane

To help you trudge along the life’s lane


The cane shall come in the form of fortitude

‘It’ has no power in the face of attitude

‘It’ will balk if you laugh and smirk

‘It’ will fade away to a mere dull ache

‘It’ will reduce to insignificance before you knew it

Completely gone, you no longer bleed

You are healed and up and ready to beat

To hiss and kick and pick the latest ‘It’.


P/S: The ‘It’  of course refers to the life’s pain that ALL OF US must have felt at some point in our lives. When I created this poem, I was grieving over my friend’s sudden death  in a car accident. May Allah have mercy on her soul, for her death had triggered me to contemplate that there are other things that are more important in life. That we should stop merely existing and start LIVING in the right way, in the way we are meant to live.  I would like to believe that I’ve become a better person following her death. Amin.

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