Such Hilarity

Such Hilarity

This hilarity isn’t mine to tell,
But hell, I want to share it anyway,
So, you can wake up from slumber, nice and swell,
And feel sober, then hurt, then numbed, then healed, then gay.

I’ve got a cute little friend,
Boyfriendless, friendly and congenial,
She had friends who had boyfriends,
She longed for one for real,
She seemed desperate but determined,
And a Casanova was quick to spot such girl.
What the heck, I tried to tell her,
She just laughed out loud and sneer,
She thought I was jealous (coz she’s cute!!)
Oh, that was so outrageous (my foot!!)
Did she really actually believe that?
“Yes, coz it’s true,” She spat.
He called my little friend often,
Whispers nonsense called love, affection and adoration,
He jumped from living and breathing beside her,
To wanting to die together with her,
What he really actually wanted was clear,
He wanted to play around with her,
Nothing serious whatsoever,
But she was hooked, line and sinker,
Unaware those nonsense were sinister,
She told me she loved him,
I just had to grin,
She asked me what’s so funny,
I shook my head to say “nothing, really.”
I continued to amuse myself thoroughly,
And watched the theatre’s curtain unfold before me,
The script was professional and oh, romantical,
If naïve, I’d think the love words were, ah, magical,
My little friend continued with her heroine role,
And I played the wicked green-eyed witch, so cold.
She ignored me, thinking she was in the threshold,
Of great happiness untold,
And forever-after shall hold.
I grinned as she asked “What tickles you so thoroughly?”
I shook my head and said “Nothing, really,”
Time spun changes this time,
The guy turned cocky,
The girl in love whispered poems that rhyme,
Her phone bills mounted highly,
She was so in love with him,
She bought him ‘Crave’ from Calvin Klein,
He accepted with devilish grin,
She whispered hoarsely “You are so mine”.
He told her “are you dreaming?”
She asked him “What do you mean?”
He grinned and began by saying,
“While I am perfectly ready,
To accept the gift you bought me,
I’m not yet ready, sweety,
To let you own me…
Commitment is so not in the list,
So, gimme your good-bye kiss,”
As she told me her sad, poignant story,
I just had to laugh out loudly,
She looked at me angrily,
And asked what’s so Goddamned funny,
I shook my head to say “nothing is, really”
Then laughed again to show “something is, actually,”
And I told her quite merrily,
“Love is the hilarity”
I paused to look at her momentarily,
To let the truthfulness sank in, and gracefully,
I repeated my realistic, raw repartee,
“Love is such a hilarity!”

-Afiza Azmee-

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