Summer Holiday Ramblings

You wouldn’t believe it…but I chose to spend my summer in Australia.

I couldn’t believe it myself, but there you have it….The most un0orthodox decision I have ever made with regards to Australia.

My reasons for staying were:

1)Malas laa nak pack barang letak dlm storage and then later nak transfer barang from storage back to uni. And then nak arrange the room all over again…and all for the sake of another year of school ONLY. Like…all the (sweaty) effort just for another year?

2)Next year, insyaAllah, will be the last year of medicine. So, I just want to travel and see places ENOUGH so that I could put all these behind me properly once I leave Australia permanently. Because once I leave Australia, I don’t plan to come back. If I got too much money than I know what to do with (entah bila ia akan berlaku, hahha) I might as well travel to other places I haven’t been yet, right?

3)I thought I should at least try working in the farm, picking cherries…just to have a taste of what it’s all about.  I mean, it’s ALMOST a culture that Malaysian students studying overseas would take up summer job in some farm or other. So, I want to be able to brag to other people “I’ve been there and done that.” (shallow MUCH?)

4) I can save up the money on plane tickets and souveniers. (though my friends who are very economically-conscious would shake their head and say “Afiza, ko bayar accommodation for summer lagi mahal tau tak?!!”)

All those reasons mattered of course. But the truth is, the only TRUE reason is the NUMBER ONE:

I am just too LAZY to go through all the fuss for only ONE YEAR.  And for that, I am paying a lot. I know it was a very un-wise decision, economically, but I really couldn’t be bothered to think too much about money. I mean, I am not rich and I don’t have lots of money in the bank, but I have enough to live nicely and comfortably and not starved. And for someone who don’t need much in life, it’s enough.

I don’t like to worry about money. I don’t like to worry about not having enough money. And when having enough money, worry about saving up more.  That’s just too much worries than I could handle, lol.

So whatever money I have, I spent them exactly as I need…aku tak pernah nak pulun save beriya-iya but at the same time I don’t spend them frivorously on brands or electronic gadgets that would change every six months. I don’t even spend them on clothes.

I just spend them on food and coffee and books…and they can be expensive (because I need coffee everyday and food every 4 hours, lol)

So, people sometimes wonder where did my money go? Because I don’t have this cool electronic gadgets or this amazingly gorgeous  outfit to show for my dwindling bank account. I don’t have any branded handbags or shoes to show for my lack of savings in the bank. Because all my spendings are in the things that you could not see…or even if you could see them (like my books) you don’t appreciate them or value them the way that I do.

But the thing is, I like how I spend my money. And even though some people think that I am not wise in my economy, I just could not change the habit of a life time.

So, again, this summer I spend my money on the invisible….the expensive accommodation in exchange for a comfortable life of tidak merempat di rumah orang. I hate cramming at other people’s houses. Macam mana mahal pun, I want my own things around me, just within my reach just in case I need it! Cuti sampai sebulan lebih…takkan nak merempat rumah orang sampai sebulan kot! It’s just not me. I am just not comforatble with the kind of life that is too different than my normal life. I am a very rigid, unbending person…I like things the way they have always been. In those times when deviation from the norm do occur, there would be a threshold limit to the deviation, beyond which I would be loathed to bear it.

My rigidity can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.


Wani just called me to say that the summer job has been confirmed…and we’ll leave for Orange, next Monday insya Allah.

But Izati is planning to come…and even though we’ve already agreed that if I got a job faster than she could come, I’ll go for the job. But still…it’s such a shame that I don’t get to see her when she’s touring Australia.

I was also thinking of the civilization I would leave behind when I go to Orange.

I always know that I don’t need to be rich because I don’t need to live luxuriously…but I want a comfortable life with basic necessities that serve their function. Sleeping in a tent, complete with communal shower and working under the heat does not sound too comfortable for me.  And while the extra money is kind of gooood (oh soo good)…but it’s not like I am desperate for the money.

Maybe I can work for like 3 days…thinking like, “This is camping!!” but for the whole month? Ehem ehem…cam tak boleh jer.

Picking cherries may be fun, initially, especially since we are allowed to eat them as we pick…however, when the boredom sets in…will I be able to bear it under the EXTREME summer heat?

Well, I guess this is the usual case of me worrying too much before deciding to do anything different. I really should be more flexible… I know. But I couldn’t help it. I go through all these possibilities that could go wrong before I can truly decide to do something. And the fact that what I am planning to do is not going to be very comfortable, makes it even harder for me to feel good about it.

Maybe all I should do is just go ahead and just DO it and worry about it later.

Amidst all these worries and consideration, there exist a small thrill of excitement as I ponder the adventure that lies ahead of me for the next few weeks. And that little thrill of embarking on a new unexplored life territories makes it ALMOST worth all these worries of saying good bye to all the trappings of civilization as I have known it.

And now, let’s say hello to the future cherries waiting for my dainty little fingers to pick.

Hello Cherries! I can't wait to eat you for free!

8 thoughts on “Summer Holiday Ramblings

  1. afizaazmee


    That goes without saying. To include that in my post would only be redundant. Kalau semua cherry pickers like me…the owner would have trouble to break-even, let alone making a profit.


  2. nia azalea

    kak ngah,

    i truly wish that you will find the experience enjoyable…and that u will stay more than 3 days..

    ayah cakap it would be a miracle if it could last for a week…

    you should prove him wrong…hehehe…


  3. hana

    good idea hana rasa staying in aussie…gain as much experience as possible~
    klu hana, org tny psl russia serious x tau byk…my bad for living in our own kelompok for almost 6 years already.huhu.
    enjoy your summer holiday k ngah…keep warm^^
    sini sejuk and snowing…brrr


  4. afizaazmee

    Kak Long:
    I have already proven dad wrong! Been a week today and I am still here in Molong…away from civilization! Handset aku tak der coverage tau!! Waaa! Anyway…believe it or not I am getting used to a laidback life of living in a cramped little tent…remind me of my girlscout days! Now that my exam result is out, I have no worries in my mind and I actually enjoy the simplicity of this life. Kak Long, your little sis is now a FINAL year med student! Yeee haaa!!

    Try lah fruit picking kt Russia…ada ke? Best tau! You meet lots of foreigners. Kitorang kawan ngan budak2 from France kat sini. Budak Taiwan dan China pun ada. Diorang datang Aussie ada duit cukup untuk flight ticket jer…diorang nyer daily expenses semua bergantung pada kerja. And once they have finished a job here and have enough money, they moved on and travel around. It’s a very laid back life, free of worries.


  5. afizaazmee

    mie @ ikrami:
    Salam there, welcome to my humble blog.

    Yes…I still remember my promise to put up a post on that and I will, insya Allah. Tapi lambat sikit kot sebab tengah busy menjadi petani berjaya di Snowy Mountains. hehhe.


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