My Most Solemn Vow

My Most Solemn Vow



Each rise and fall of the sun

Each turn and bend of the road

I travel, walk and run

Carrying with me a burden that woke

Me up from my restless sleep, and

I want to cry out

Shout loud

Till my voice echo

Resoundingly clear even

A thousand years hence



O, human kind

Grace me your attention now

To what I have to say

See with your heart

My pitiful painful plight

Listen with your soul

Hear me out now

My most solemn vow

That always will I be faithful

To what is pure and true

And nothing else will ever do

And only that will ever do.


P/S: Again, this was written during one of my ‘moment of truth’ that I experienced in KMB following a certain tragedy involving a dear friend. With me, nothing will ever be adequately expressed when spoken, except that I need it to be recorded and written. It was painful back then, but looking back, that was one of the most treasured phase of my life.

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