My Art

This section of my blog features all my poetries from the time when I was a mere child until a few years ago when I still had the time to write. *sobs, sobs*

Occasionally I would still write new ones too and I shall place all my future poetries (if they can be called that, hahah) in this section as well.

Don’t expect much! I was a science student. I have never studied arts other than at a very basic level. These poetries were just for fun…the old poetries marked the days when we were just having a merry laugh at our ability to arrange words into a string of meanings.

Me and Nicak were just having a good time at the back of the Plutonium class (our class when we were in form 4 of MRSM LANGKAWI) when we were supposed to be paying attention to our homeworks and prep classes (LOL)

I love my childhood days. So innocent and free. And sometimes not so innocent, and too much  too naughty. But our childish poetry coloured my days in MRSM Langkawi.

2 thoughts on “My Art

  1. i love your website. i totally get you. reading your posts,i’m like this is soooooo true!.am an art lover myself.but not so much of poetry,i wish my English is as good as yours.i compose songs and used to sketch portraits. im about to start my housemanship next month,am not that young anymore perhaps u r younger than me.i was just googling abt housemanship in msia and i stumbled upon your blog.
    i rarely praise ppl’s blog but urs is not like one of those attention seekers out there who cared solely for cup cakes or gossips or fashion(and of course the visitor stat).this is the kinda blog that feeds the mind,not consuming one!
    thank you for being alive.u hv no idea how thankful i am right now!


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