Afiza’s Book Rating Scales

Dear readers, 

I am excited to share with you guys that I have come up with Afiza’s Book Rating Scales (haha) in an attempt to be more objective in my evaluation of the fictions and non-fictions that I read

I have always been very particular about being objective in giving my thoughts and evaluation about books (or anything important, really. Because our opinion is worthless if we don’t at least try to understand why we have that opinion, don’t you think? We should be able to justify, at least to ourselves, why we think what we think, no?)

Just because a book is enjoyable, it doesn’t mean that it deserves a 5 star or even a 4 star. Because it wouldn’t be fair to other books that are not only enjoyable but have even more qualities to recommend them. Some plots are ordinary but the language style is excellent, making it enjoyable anyway. Some plots are unique but the language style is a dead bore that finishing the book feels like doing a chore. So how do we justify how many stars should we allocate for one book over the other? 

So, this is why I have come up with my own amateurish rating scales for the purpose of making book evaluation more objective for me. (But really, I do not know whether my rating scales will stand the analysis of face validity, construct validity or content validity. Hahah. These rating scales are just my own personal preference of what is important to me when I am reading a book.)  You guys can check them out if you are interested. And feel free to adopt the usage of these scales whenever you want to evaluate or review your own books. Or better yet, you can come up with your own scales! It will be fun! I might end up preferring your scales than mine. 

Afiza’s Book Rating Scales consist of 2 main rating scales:

  1. Afiza’s Fiction And Biography Rating Scales (AFBRS) to evaluate fiction and biography/ autobiography books. The PDF document of AFBRS can be accessed by clicking the link that I provide here → AFBRS-converted
  2. Afiza’s Non-Fiction Rating Scales (ANFRS) to evaluate non-fiction books. The PDF document of ANFRS can be accessed by clicking this link here →  ANFRS -converted

So happy reading, dear readers! And have fun in evaluating your books using AFBRS and ANFRS. 

Yours In The Excitement of Reading,