The Problematic You!

The Problematic You!

When I look at you

I see sadness in your eyes

When I seek the truth

You give me your lies

Coz you don’t want to be sympathised

You remain emotionless, fathomless, friendless.


You smile painfully

You laugh humourlessly

You argue unreasonably

You are actually, quite crazy!


But I shall wait

For the day when you admit

That you are problematic

And when you confess your story

I will listen patiently

You can count on me.


p/s: Annisa said that this was one of her favourite. Kelakar sangat. This was very amateurish, back in my Langkawi days. I just posted this up for the heck of it.

3 thoughts on “The Problematic You!

  1. Prof S

    Dear Dr., I met my wife when she was a house officer in O&G HKL(22,000 deliveries /year with 8 house officers), 22 years ago,Being a local graduates from University Malaya, who started holding pagers and oncall from 4th year medical school, she was never scolded by any MO or specialist or consultant, O&G posting was 6 months at that time, still could remember her excitement telling me she did 3 CS with consultant, conducted breech deliveries, do many procedures and was offered to be trainee lecturer right from housemanship, you only have yourself to be blamed for your misery and unhappiness…so sad… good luck and may ALLAH bless you with happiness in future ..


    1. I have no one to blame for my misery and unhappiness. You see, I have no misery and no unhappiness. Only the drive to see a better health care system.

      The sad ones are the one who refuse to see the truth when it is made so clear in front of their eyes. Those are the sad ones.


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