If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or, being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with wornout tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: “Hold on”;

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch;
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run –
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son!

The Road Not Taken

I love open houses. (Who don’t? Duh)

I love the surrounding and the socializing and the talking. Sometimes, when you attended a particular event, you struggle to force yourself to stay there. But there are times when the passing of the clock feels so swift and you are reluctant to leave.

When I attended an event held by the Australians, all I felt is boredom that borders on the extreme. It doesn’t matter what great food they provide, it would fail to entice me to hang around. Maximum would be two hours…and then I would be fidgeting and getting restless and ready to leave.  I have attended two parties so far. The first time was an event called Jazz in the Park (when I was in first year) and the second one was a Welcoming Party for the first years.

I hated both! And stayed only for two hours. I was back home by 9.30 and was so relieved to escape the feeling of loss of direction and the state of mindless nothingness that filled my mind (no, my heart) when I stayed in such surroundings. The conversation was boring and stale…the struggle for small talk and the racking of the brain to come up with mindless topics to talk about got too much to handle after awhile. (yang geramnya…aku dah sembang lama dah..main course of food tak keluar2 lagi! Apa ni!! Sampai bila aku nak bercakap dan menadah telinga menahan boring? And don’t even get me started on menahan nafas menghalang kepeningan tajamnya bau alcohol.)

So, the Australians thought that the Malays (who they deemed conservative) do not like to integrate and like to exclude themselves from the society! Pfft!

Make yourself interesting to talk to, and I will hang around.

Bagi aku, I love socializing…but I won’t do it if it’s boring! So, aku suka pergi event yang ada purpose. For example, if they organize a talk, or a leadership seminar (there was one where I got to meet Mohamed Khadra, the surgeon who wrote the book ‘Making The Cut’) then I would go. Because it doesn’t require me to socialize with the mat salleh…I am actually there for a specific activity (to get the author’s signature on my book). Or if they organize GP club or birthing kit…I would love to go tapi kadang2 tak dak Malay friends nak pergi dgn aku, so aku kurang join aktiviti2 yang aku rasa budak2 Medik should get involved in.

I am like a baby! I need enough food and enough sleep and I get restless when I become bored. Maybe you can feed me enough to waylay my leaving, but when my tummy is full, no food no matter how yummy can entice me to stay. When I was a kid, I must be one of those annoying babies who always nag their mothers with their restlessness and crying of wanting to go home. And the mothers cannot bersembang properly because their kids are restless. Hahaha. I found that funny.

In my case, I would nag whoever had driven me to the party in the first place! Jom lah balik!

Now, I love Malaysian parties. The food are already on the table the moment you arrive. You are expected to eat as you sit at a table or on the floor and chatting….not just standing with a glass of Coke and making small talk while WAITING macam buah tak gugur for food that comes in courses with hours of mindless talking between the separate courses. Gosh!!! Buang masa! Alang2 nak buang masa, baik kita buat benda yang kita rasa best…so after awhile, I would start thinking about those novels on my bookshelf that I could reread. And that would make me long for home…and that makes me restless and then I start nagging the driver. Kesian!

Aku faham…party mat salleh ni lain purpose dia. Parties are organized for mingling, and social networking and fund-raising….so they purposefully make sure that the party would have a lot of chatting time before the main course arrive and then there would be torturous hours in between the courses so that they can continue chatting up, sucking up, flirting up….semua party diorang ada udang di sebalik batu. Bukan betul2 nak bagi orang makan. Hmmph!

Party orang Malaysia lain! Kita memang nak bagi orang makan! Bersosial dan bersembang tu hanyalah perkara sampingan, tak nak buat pun tak per. Kita letak semua courses siap2. Appetizer, main course , dessert and kuih raya, coffee…semua dah letak siap2 and you just choose and eat. Maybe pergi jumpa tuan rumah kejap and sembang2 but you don’t need to WAIT and perah otak ‘apa aku nak cakap lagi ni???’ Sebab kalau dah stuck tak tau nak cakap apa,kau boleh buat2 makan.  And kalau kita dah habis makan kita memang boleh balik jer….sebab ramai lagi orang lain yang nak datang. Nanti tak cukup space dalam rumah tu.

And the best thing is, you know with whom you want to hang around for great conversation. Macam aku…mestilah aku pergi cari orang2 yang aku tahu ada minat yang sama dengan aku. Yana, Kak Yani or Balqis….we talk about books lah. Orang lain yang kaki bergambar dan suka mengambil gambar, diorang pun ada clique masing2. Semua orang have fun. Sesekali aku pergi jugalah mencelah di depan camera. heheh.

 And I know with whom should I go and talk about the current issues in Malaysia because they have the same concerns and thinking that I have. And I will talk to them for hours and don’t feel the pressure. Hours passed by like minutes and I enjoyed every moment.

Last night,I attended Kak Alma’s open house party! Food was great…nasi kerabu,  soto, cheesecake. And I spent the majority of my time eating outside in the cold air with Yana, talking about the direction of our future as interns…the pros and cons of staying in OZ as opposed to going back to Malaysia, the abominable sometimes degrading treatment of the consultants towards those below them in Malaysia, and the lack of communication skills with patients.

Who is going to change all that if not us?

And in terms of our own personal growth as a doctor as well as a person…I think I would get more in Malaysia. Here, I am not at all motivated to go to AMSA (Australian Medical Student Association), or BREATHE or whatever advocacy organization…not because I am not interested or do not care, but there are various factors that hold me back all these while from getting involved:

1)Not enough interest and support within my own social circle

Not many of my Malay friends were interested to go to that sort of thing when we first arrived here. I mean, fine, it’s okay we don’t want to go to parties yang laghaaa jer dan tak ada faedah. Tapi even aktiviti2 yg berguna pun tak pergi juga….kadang2 aku pun tak salahkan mat salleh yang menyatakan orang melayu ni tak contribute sebab kita memang dalam dunia sendiri sahaja.  So aku awal2 dulu tak ada geng nak get involved dengan persatuan2 yang berguna. Keterlibatan aku dalam ko-kurikulum stop kat KMB. That’s it!  But gradually I tried recruiting friends who wanted to go to things like a seminar on leadership as well  as some ethical talk organized by Charles Douglas every month in RNC. Still tak ramai yg interested nak pergi, at least in my own batch. So, aku pun tak bersemangat juga nak pergi sebab aku sendiri tak reti nak mingle dengan mat salleh ni because we don’t have the same common ground that could enable me to talk freely without feeling pressured. I could talk to them for maybe 15 minutes but beyond that aku mula rasa nak lari. But if I am in a group of my Malay friends and tiba2 ada 2,3 orang mat salleh datang nak bersembang aku tak rasa pressure sangat…sebab aku tahu ada ramai boleh layan diorang kalau aku stuck.

Now, many of the first and second years are more pro-active and they got involved in these activities….but now that I am in my fourth year, I had to really pick and choose which one I want to go because by the time you finish your day in the hospital you are too tired!

I really think that it’s important to go to these activities. But you need to have your own gang yang memang ada interest dengan benda2 macam ni….because it motivates you as well. Kalau kau sorang2 jer….boleh, but it’s hard and susah nak istiqamah pergi benda2 macam ni kalau kau asyik2 end up sorang2…the only Malay and tak ada geng.   

Nak cuba geng dengan mat salleh? Well…cubalah. Bagi aku mat salleh ni boleh jadi acquaintance….boleh bersembang gitu2 jer. Tapi susah nak buat geng because we don’t have the same way of living. In order for you to form a close friendship  you have to do things together frequently enough! Macam mana nak buat geng kalau kau pergi mana2….nanti kau nak stop sembahyang…diorang nak kena tunggu kau. And kalau diorang nak pergi party2 pelik tu, kau tak nak pergi….so kau tak ada common ground to talk with them because they party all the time and that’s what they talk about! That’s what they gossip about! But you don’t know a thing about all that! Lama2 friendship will drift apart.

I have one Australian friend who I used to be close with….tu pun sebab kami sama2 minat Jane Austen books and literatures. And that’s all that hold us together. But we drifted apart in 3rd year because we have different rotations.

2)Lack of relevance

AMSA talk about issues that I don’t feel very relevant to me as a Muslim or as a Malaysian. Issues that I am not really passionate about. If I am in Malaysia, I would feel much more passion and interest. To me, if I want to do something, I have to be passionate about it so that it wouldn’t come across as a burden to me. Buat apa aku pergi benda2 yang aku tak rasa kisah langsung.

3)Too much ‘fun’ disguised as charity or work

All these organizations sometimes organize parties or charity ball…yang aku memang tak suka pergi. Benda2 yang kau kena berdiri sambil pegang gelas and make small talk while waiting for hours for the food to arrive. Baik aku study! I mean, I don’t mind having fun if I was actually having fun. But the thing is, I wasn’t! Like I said, conversation diorang tak masuk dengan aku. I need Malaysians around me in order to feel at ease.

Aku lagi suka kalau diorang buat benda2 macam organize birthing kit, muffin day where the proceed goes to a charity or something that I can actually work without having to socialize too much, or orgaznize a talk, a seminar where I attend in order to listen and gain some knowledge. But again, benda2 ni aku kena ajak kawan2 pergi…kadang2 diorang nak, kadang2 diorang tak nak…so aku pun end up tak pergi juga. Which frustrated me very much.

So I told Yana, that this is what I miss. This is what I want to get involved in if I go back to Malaysia, insya Allah. Benda2 ni budak2 medik kat Malaysia dah lama get involved in. Kalau aku tunggu lagi kat OZ ni, aku akan terlepas lagi banyak because I know I will continue being who I am now if I stay in OZ…pergi kerja, balik kerja with no other contribution in the society. Huaaargh bosan! I feel restless.

It’s hard to decide what’s important when you can’t choose both. There are things I want to do in Malaysia that I could never accomplish here. But there are also other things I would miss greatly if I don’t stay here. Priorities have to be weighed accurately, proportionately…

Sekarang hati tengah rindu Malaysia sebab Raya, mungkin sebab tu semangat berkobar2.  Tahu duduk di oversea ni pakai duit rakyat, so kenalah balik berkhidmat untuk rakyat. Tak kiralah macam mana dahsyat pun sistem kat Malaysia, memang lah jadi tanggungjawab kita untuk ubah.

Once we have chosen one path, the other path is forever out of our grasp. Like the road not taken that keeps you awake at night, wondering of things that might-have-been.

To all of us faced with the same decision-making dilemma, enjoy Robert Frost most famed poetries that we’ve all learned for exam purpose once, but now its meaning starts to grip our hearts and our minds.


THE ROAD NOT TAKEN – Robert Frost 

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that, the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


“two roads diverged in a yellow wood…oh I kept the first for another day, yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.”

Reddish Orangeish Morning Sky!

By the time the clock struck ten, I have had enough of Emergency Department! I need my beauty sleep, 😛

Shift patut habis pukul 12, tapi mata aku tak boleh dah nak buka. So, I nagged Wani to just go home. And we went home at eleven-ish. Masuk2 bilik jer (tak basuh muka gosok gigi pun! Salin baju jer) terus aku mata aku lelap di katil yang empuk! Haaah…heaven!


I woke up at 5.00….took a loooong shower (to make up for the un-taken shower last night) and prayed my Subuh prayer. As usual, I looked out the window. I love looking out the window every time it’s dawn or sunset. I love looking out the sky and take pictures of them…I have one album in my facebook specifically dedicated for the colors of the sky at sunset.


Subuh kat sini habis 5.40…the sky looked unusual! Orangeish and getting redder and redder. The clock was showing 6.00 already!  I didn’t think too much of it. I just went to my Facebook and updated my status about the sky. (I used to do this a lot too! In my FB status, I will go, “people, look up the sky this morning! Very pretty!” And this way, I will know who among my friends are early-risers like me)


Because I did not get enough sleep last night, I went back to sleep for a further one hour. When I woke up at seven….the sky was still orangeish and red! I was like, what the…? My first thought was…this is strange! And my next thought was (which is kind of stupid)  maybe the sun was having trouble rising and was stuck in a state of permanent semi-risen-ness (there’s no such word, please don’t include this in your English essay).

And the very strong cold wind…totally creep me out! I mean….I am used to strong winds in Newcastle. In Malaysia I had no idea what the novel I was reading had meant when it described ‘the sound of the wind’. Ever since I got to overseas, I totally get it! 

Today…the strong wind creeps me out because it is coupled with the peculiarity of the sky.

I went to my Facebook again…and I was very surprised to see sooo many people in Newcastle have dedicated their FB status to the colors of the sky.

Below are some of them that caught my attention:

Miss Y: the langit is red now..really..and, the wind sgt kuat…takut…

 Miss H: This weather today is so weird and I’m so afraid to walk alone to uni this morning…anyone willing to walk with me today?

Mr. H: jaundice kah? ke makan rendang banyak sangat?  (hahaha…the sky is jaundiced!!)

Mr F: what’s with the sky..teringat plak langit mase br lpas tsunami kt msia dl..

Miss N: Ya Allah, matikan ak dalam iman~ waa nape weather mcm ni… (This status is so funny it totally cracks me up!)

Miss H: Seriously its scary outside its orange and the wind is making funny noises……..someone explain this to me coz newcastle is starting to creep me out !!!!

After reading/listening to the news, we found out that it is actually dust storm. It is due to very strong winds from Adelaide and South Australia. That winds lifted a whole lot of dust off the ground because it’s quite dry out there.

Dust Storm!

Teringat peristiwa Perang Ahzab. Lepas tu, teringat hari Kiamat pulak. Hmm…I guess the earth is getting older and older.

Below are some pictures I got off the internet (because my own camera rosak after my New Zealand trip. I am buying a new one, insya Allah). Enjoy and reflect!



I will have a tiring day.

Just thinking about my tiring day gets me tired and exhausted in the mind.


Baru jer aku konon nak bersemangat study….baru habis Ramadhan, terus burn out! Maybe I worked too much (yeah right….ate too much was more like it)

I just finished my SDS presentation on Toddler’s nutrition. I am glad my turn is over and done with. So from now on, hopefully, I can just focus on studying and completing my 0h-how-annoying logbook! The presentation went well. The dietition falicitator gave me a good feedback and a nice comment on my logbook; so I am satisfied, Alhamdulillah.

And later during the day…I will have professional skills tutorial with Dr. B. I hope she is as nice as Dr. Park in the last O&G rotation.

And straight from prof skill tutorial, I will have to stay on emergency on-call until 12.00 midnight!

What a schedule!!

Tercungap-cungap aku hari ni!

Right now, I am sitting in the library, too mentally exhausted just thinking about how tired I would be by the time I finish my Emergency on-call. Huaargh!!

I hate Night On-Call!!

I am a morning person. I woke up very early everyday and I dive in straight to work (or to internet, depending on how busy I am). I am at my most active in the morning.

At night, I get sleepy by nine. If I really force myself (for exam purpose), maybe I could stay up until ten. But it would be such a torture.

I couldn’t imagine how am I going to be able to stay up until 12.00. Nasib baik this time I am doing my on-call with Wani..and she is borrowing her housemate’s car. So my lift back home is pretty much, guaranteed, insya Allah.

But I will have two more on-calls scheduled in the next few weeks! How am I going to get home at 12.00? Bas last pun pukul 10…..and besides, Yahoo News baru keluarkan berita ada bus driver raped a drunk girl who was back from a party (well, siapa suruh drunk…but still, it’s scary).  Aku ingat naik bas ni boleh harap sikit….rupa2nya sama bahaya jer dgn teksi! Haihhh!

In Malaysia…I have my own trick to prevent unwanted cases.

Setiap kali aku naik teksi, aku akan call somebody (or pretend to call somebody) and cakap kuat2 bagi pakcik teksi dengar konon2nya somebody is expecting me in ten minutes (eventhough sebenarnya itu hanya lakonan semata2).

I was like, “Ayah..lagi 10 minit angah sampai. Angah dah naik teksi ni.”

Hahaha. Padahal tak ada orang pun di talian. Saja….supaya kalau ada pakcik teksi yg jahat, diorang akan fikir 2,3 kali sebelum nak buat apa2, knowing that somebody knows that I am going to arrive shortly and would be suspicious if I don’t arrive on time.

Satu lagi, kena buat muka garang, okay! Kalau diorang nak sembang pun, aku jawab sepatah dua jer. Keep my distance. Ataupun aku pura2 cakap telefon dengan orang lain for the whole journey….supaya pak cik teksi tu ingat ada orang lain yang boleh dengar through the phone kalau dia nak buat apa2 kat aku.

Am I clever, or am I clever?  hehehehe

Aku tak tahu kenapa kat oversea aku rasa selamat jer naik teksi. Aku rasa macam, why would a taxi driver be attracted to a Muslim lady who covers herself? Kat sini lagi ramai orang yang seksi2 dan cun dan drunk.  Baik dia pergi rape orang yg lagi cun dan seksi , kan?

Tapi sejak aku baca berita pasal kejadian dalam bas baru2 ni, aku mula rasa gerun sikit! I should buy a pepper spray or something! I mean….naik bas sepatutnya lagi selamat because the bus driver should arrive at many different bus stops on time. So, mana dia ada masa nak rape2 orang pulak!

Cis, sangkaan aku meleset! Sama jer bahayanya naik bus or teksi! Kalau dah rapist tu, memang rapist juga!

Hmmph…pening kepala aku caner nak settle masalah transport ni. Terpaksalah aku tumpang mat salleh yg partner dgn aku nanti. Most of them are nice and tak kisah pun nak tumpangkan. It’s just that, I hate having to ask them for help. Segan nak minta.

All righty, I am off to my oh-so-exciting prof. skills. *rolled eyes* Pray for me having a super-nice registrar who will let me off early.

Eid Mubarak!

I just would like to wish Eid Mubarak to my family and friends in Malaysia as well as here, down under.

Minta ampun, minta maaf banyak-banyak. To err is human, after all.

Semoga kita semua beroleh keampunan di akhir bulan Ramadhan ini. Diharap semua orang dapat meraikan hari kemenangan kita dengan penuh rasa kesyukuran dan kegembiraan.

And also to readers of my blog (whom I may know or not know), I extend my heartfelt apology to you too. No one is perfect in this world. I may have written some bad posts that you consider a waste of time to be read, I may have offended anyone with my un-inspiring writing, I may have annoyed you guys with my leteran, bebelan etc, I may also have boasted too much of my small little achievements in life. I am sorry.


Alhamdulillah, raya jatuh hari Ahad. Meaning, it was weekend and no class. However, I still have lots of work to do. On top of my normal studying, I have to prepare for paediatric power point presentation this Tuesday. Hopefully, everything would go well.

Nak raya pun, mcm tak ada mood sangat. Sebab?

1)Tahun ni rindu sangat2 kat rumah. Mungkin sebab teringat kat parents kot. Poor mom and dad…daripada anak perempuan 5 orang, tinggal 2 orang jer kat Malaysia. Tahun depan pulak, mungkin tinggal adik bongsu aku sorang jer di Malaysia. Dengar suara mak mcm sebak, suara sendiri pun nak jadi serak2. (But I am tough!! Mana main nangis2 okay!)

2)Banyak kerja. And sekarang rasa sgt motivated nak blajar because I really want to finish my degree as soon as possible and go back home. Tak nak extend2. I don’t plan to work here. I am going back to work in Malaysia, insya Allah. Because I know that as long as I am here in OZ, I will only care about myself and my small little world. There’s nothing for me to contribute here. Nothing! As long as you are looked upon as an outsider, you will always be less relevant than the Australians. If you want to advocate for any change in the health system, if you want to voice something out…people will not listen to you as much because you are not the country’s citizen. 

 I guess, I am missing home already. And Raya makes it all so much more poignant.

And during the Ramadhan month this year, I did a lot of thinking. Too much thinking. I thought about where am I heading from now on. What do I want to do in my life? I am leading a life of repetitive cycle. While I really love who I am now, I also know that I want to do something MORE! More than just this cycle of studying, sleeping, eating and some more studying. I want to contribute to the society in a meaningful way. And hopefully in a non-political way. Because I have come to hate politics, though I still keep track of what’s been happening.

So, once I am back in Malaysia, I am planning to choose an NGO (non-governmental organization) to get active in. Aman Malaysia, Mercy Malaysia…those two are looking really attractive to me, at the moment. But who knows what else I will be interested in later.

That is also one of the reason I want to go back home. Because I know that as long as I stay in OZ, I will always be this selfish person who only cares about herself. When I go back home, nak ke tak nak, I will be forced to take on more responsibility. I will be responsible for my parents; I’ll be there for them in case of anything,insya Allah. And as an intern in Malaysia, I’ll get a lot more responsibility as a doctor than I will ever get here, because in Malaysia there aren’t that many doctors for whome we could divide the work among us. And if I were ever given the opportunity (or the time) to be active in an NGO that I am passionate about, I will start grow as a person or a leader. I want to be among the positive voices in Malaysia who will advocate for what is good and beneficial for the health system.

All these are the things I won’t be involed in and won’t be motivated to be involved in if I stay in OZ. Because I will always feel like an outsider, and therefore I will always feel nonchalant and uncaring about whatever policy the Australian government is up to; I will always be the one who submits to the system rather than help shaping the system. 

Do I sound like I have a grandiose delusion? Like I have the power to revolutionize the world? LOL!

No, I don’t have any grandiosity about my capability. I know and I humbly admit that I am very, very ordinary.

 I just feel like I am ready to go out of my comfort zone of caring only for myself, and start taking on more responsibility for others around me; my family, my friends, the health system I’ll be working in, and finally my fellow Muslims and Malaysians who I may come across in my role as a doctor or an advocate.

Of course, if I stay here in OZ, I can still care about my family, I can still keep track of what’s been happening in the health system in Malaysia and so on, but I won’t be able to do that in an optimal manner. Going back to Malaysia is the most optimum manner to accomplish who I would like to be in the future. Hence, the decision.

And since the decision was made in the month of Ramadhan, I hope it turns out for the best, insya Allah.

Still, kita hanya merancang, dan Allah yang menentukan. Hopefully, aku akan tetap pendirian.

Hari Ihtifal

Semalam, Newcastle Sisters ada buat hari Ihtifal; salah satu aktiviti yang dirancang di bulan Ramadhan. (Aku pun tak tahu apa lar maksud ihtifal ni. Bahasa Arab ana belum lah mantap.I should have found out from the organizer, stupid me.)

Aktiviti ini hanya melibatkan sisters. No brothers allowed; jadi sangat best dan carefree.

Aku tak organize pun…I was just the participant in the quiz. Suhaila organize makanan; so rumah kitorang buat ayam goreng dengan nasi lemak..rumah lain buat sambalnya. (Kerjasama itu penting)

Dalam hari Ihtifal ni ada Kuiz Bahagian 1, Bahagian 2 dan Bahagian 3 dan diselangi dengan slot Busana Muslimah (ada kotak undian yg dibuka untuk mengundi pemenang busana muslimah Newcastle ).

Slot Busana Muslimah pun ada kategori2nya…ada kategori pengantin, kategori baju kasual, kategori ibu mengandung dan kategori baju2 formal.  Memandangkan aku ni tidak ada baju-baju yg menarik (all my money goes to my darling books) so aku tak participatelah dalam busana muslimah ni. Confirm kalah punya.

Yang aku nak cerita adalah kuiz!!! Kelakar, okay!

Basically kuiz ni bukan sahaja kuiz tentang bab agama. Sebab, kalau mcm tu, kesianlah budak-budak first year yang belum lagi mantap-mantap belajar kat usrah dibandingkan dengan kakak-kakak senior ni.  Kesianlah kat penghuni rumah on campus (rumah aku!) yang tak lah hebat sangat bab-bab agama ni kan. Kami-kami ni bukannya hafal-hafal pun hadis ke, dalil ke or whatever…cuma tahu secara general. Nak bagi quotation ni… memang tak pandailah!

Oleh itu, saya mengucapkan tahniah kepada pihak penganjur yang melihat Islam itu begitu luas. Bukannya setakat kuiz pasal Islam sahaja…basically every knowledge that we have learned daripada sekolah-sekolah dulu dengan pelbagai kategori seperti Sains, Matematik, Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Arab, Pengetahuan Am, Sains, Geografi, Sejarah, Ibadah, Akidah etc etc.

So, walaupun ini kuiz sempena Ramadhan, tak semestinya kita kena limit kepada subjek agama sahaja. Contoh-contoh soalan yg boleh dibuat adalah, “Islam sangat menggalakkan umatnya menuntut pelbagai jenis ilmu; apatah lagi ilmu perubatan yang banyak memberi manfaat kepada masyarakat. Sebutkan berapakah jumlah darah dalam badan manusia yang kita pelajari sewaktu first year medical school.”

See? Ko boleh relate byk benda dengan Islam dan taklah menampakkan Islam ini hanya hukum dan ibadat sahaja. Malah boleh menarik non-religious Muslim to participate in religious program. Tapi kalau kau asyik buat soalan-soalan nak quote hadis dan nak bagi dalil ikut situasi, confirmlah aku yang tak pergi sekolah agama ni akan kalah! Tak payah buat kuiz pun dah tahu!

So tahniah saya ucapkan kepada pihak penganjur kerana menyusun soalan-soalan kuiz dengan baik sekali. We had lots of fun. Dan secara tidak langsung ini menggalakkan semua komuniti di NC untuk participate sama-sama…tak kiralah dia ni golongan ‘alim’ ke, or biasa-biasa sahaja ke, tak pakai tudung ke or whatever. Ada orang yang suka bergaya dan berfesyen, so waktu inilah talent diorang dalam bergaya ini boleh diraikan di dalam slot busana Muslimah. So at the end, semua orang pun rasa diorang boleh contribute kepada hari ihtifal ni.

And this is why I LOVE NEWCASTLE SISTERS!  Mmuahs, mmuah, mmuahs!

Satu cadangan; apa kata next time kita buka satu lagi categori; Books and Literatures! Kalau ada category tu, ada harapan juga aku nak dapat number satu. Hahaha.

At the end of the day, kitorang ada bazar Ramadhan di mana ada sisters yang berniaga menjual pelbagai jenis puding, agar-agar, Roti John, muffin. Siap ada yang jual baju-baju  serta tudung-tudung imported from Malaysia. Meriah sekali! Aku pun borong brooch tudung sampai 5!  Bazar Ramadhan pun…semua gerai aku beli. Memang lah bab belanja makanan ni, my all time favourite hobby.

Books and Food…my two passions!



This quiz is meant to be basic knowledge in all categories. Kebanyakan soalan-soalan dipetik daripada sukatan pelajaran yang kita dah belajar masa sekolah menengah dulu. Dalam kategori agama pun, soalan-soalan yang ditanya dalam kategori ibadah adalah soalan-soalan yang sewajibnya  kita dah tahu; seperti definisi tayammum dan syarat2 sah tayammum.

Untuk bahagian satu: Aku bersama junior Nurin dan Fatin (budak2 second year) mewakili kumpulan Tabuk… melawan kumpulan Badar, kumpulan Uhud dan kumpulan Ahzab.

Highlights of the Quiz

1) Soalan Kategori Sains.

Lembu mempunyai 4 bahagian perut. Berikan nama perut2 lembu itu.

Aku dengar soalan ni jer, I was like, “OH MY GOD!” Tukar soalan jadi perut manusia boleh tak? Bukan setakat bahagian-bahagian perut, enzyme-enzyme dalam perut dan ubat-ubat nak rawat ulser perut pun boleh bagi.

Aku tahu aku dah belajar benda ni waktu form 3 or form 5…tapi sumpah aku tak ingat! Nurin agak hebat lah daya ingatan dia, dan dia memang minat Sains. Tiba-tiba keluar lah perkatan-perkataan daripada mulut si Nurin yang membuatkan aku terkagum sebentar; Disebutnya nama-nama seperti ‘omasum’, ‘abomasum’ dan ‘rumen’….tapi malangnya, satu lagi tak dapat ingat.

So, kitorang tak dapat markah.

Dan kumpulan lain pun semua tak dapat jawab juga.

Aku tak kisah pun dengan markah-markah tu, cuma aku nak highlight betapa kuatnya memori-memori budak first year dan second year dalam menjawab kuiz bahagian sains ni. Rata-rata kumpulan-kumpulan yang ada budak 1st year dan 2nd year, ada jawapan omasum, abomasum and whatnots…cuma diorang tak boleh nak ingat semua sahaja.

Jawapan paling kelakar adalah jawapan kumpulan Badar (budak-budak 4th year macam aku): Nama2 empat perut lembu adalah superior, inferior, ‘distal’ and ‘proximal’.


Buat lawak sungguh batchmate aku ni! Memang senior 4th years HOPELESS kategori general science.

2) Pusingan Maut!

 So, rule pusingan ini ialah: kita boleh pilih kategori untuk dijawab oleh kumpulan lain. So kalau kita rasa kumpulan lain tak reti jawab kategori Sains , kita pilih kategori tu untuk dijawab oleh kumpulan tersebut. Tapi yang bahayanya, sekiranya kumpulan itu tak boleh jawab, kita pulak yang kena jawab. Kalau kita jawab betul, dapat satu markah sahaja. Tapi kalau jawab salah kena potong dua markah.

At this stage, my team and team Ahzab mendahului. So, sebab dengki nyer pasal, kitorang pilih kategori Sains untuk dijawab oleh kumpulan Ahzab. Aku confident jugalah, sebab kumpulan aku ada Nurin dan Fatin yang masih ingat subjek Sains zaman Pak Nadok yang aku dah lama tinggalkan!

Tiba-tiba soalan yang keluar ialah:

Telinga manusia mempunyai 3 tulang osikel di bahagian tengah. Namakan tulang-tulang tersebut.

Astaghfirullah! Aku agak panik jugalah. Masalahnya, kalau kumpulan Ahzab tak boleh jawab, diorang cuma tak dapat markah. Tapi kalau kitorang tak boleh jawab soalan tersebut (siapa suruh gatal pilih kategori tu!) kitorang kena tolak  2 markah.

Aku pandang Nurin dengan Fatin. Muka diorang berkerut-kerut cuba nak ingat fakta pelajaran Sains tingkatan 3.

Dan Alhamdulillah, Nurin has got an excellent memory. Tengah-tengah stress tu, she could rack her brain and came up with the names. One of them she was not sure of, but it turned out to be right anyway. 

Jawapannya: tukul, andas dan rakap.

Fuh,memang aku tabik spring kat budak-budak ni. I am so glad I have budak-budak 2nd year in my group.


3)Kategori Bahasa Inggeris

-Tak banyak pun contribution aku kepada team.

-Aku pilih kategori Bahasa Inggeris (sebab itu antara yang paling aku confident. ) Soalan yang keluar ialah the proverb:

“Don’t count your chickens until they’ve hatched”

So pretty easy, dan semua orang pun boleh jawab dan dapat markah.


4) Pusingan siapa cepat dia dapat

My contribution consisted of pure luck and instinct; yang aku pun amazed aku boleh jawab.

Basically, pusingan siapa cepat dia dapat ni memerlukan ketangkasan orang mengetuk buzzer. So, kita punya reflex adalah main ketuk jer buzzer, tahu jawapan ke tak, tu belakang kira. Hahaha.


Kaum Nabi manakah yang digelar Ashabul Rassi?

Lepas habis jer Kak Iza cakap soalan, aku terus suruh Fatin ketuk buzzer. And then I realized, I was not sure of the answer. Dahlah ni soalan subjektif, tak ada A,B,C,D.

Aku rasa muka aku memang transparent panik. Penonton dah senyum-senyum…dah tahu aku ni terburu-buru ketuk buzzer.

These were my whole reflections in 30 seconds:

– Is Ashabul Kahfi sama dengan Ashabul Rassi? Sama ke? Tapi kalau sama pun, golongan Ashabul Kahfi ni ada nabi ke time tu? Tak pernah pulak surah Al-Kahfi mention nama nabi associated dengan Ashabul Kahfi.

-Ok, Afiza, think! Teka jer. Ada 25 nabi! Takkan satu pun ko tak leh hentam.

-Takkan Nabi Adam, pulak? Hiys! Logik2 lah sikit kalau nak hentam pun!

-No, no, no! Jangan hentam! Make an educated guess, Afiza.

-Kaum Aad =Nabi Hud. Kaum Thamud=Nabi Salleh. Hmm…Nabi Isa untuk Bani Israel. Nabi Musa pun Bani Israel. How about Nabi Sulaiman? Nabi Sulaiman ada nama specific untuk kaum dia ke? Maybe Nabi Sulaiman pun Bani Israel juga sebab kat Israel ada Soloman Temple.

-Nabi Syuaib ke? Macam pernah dengar jer Nabi Syuaib di-associate dengan kaum ni.

-Dan aku tahu Nabi Syuaib yang paling confusing. Ada certain tempat dalam Al-Quran di sebut Kaum Madyan. Tapi ada juga yang disebut penduduk Aikah, which was a region in Negeri Madyan.

-Hmm….Nabi Syuaib lah yang kaum dia banyak nama-nama sinonim. Apa kata ko hentam jer Nabi Syuaib, Afiza?


So, dengan perasan bercampur-baur; 99% mengharap dan 1% sahaja confident, aku pun jawab jer… Nabi Syuaib (a.s).


Betul, okay!! Hahahha.

Audience semua impressed aku boleh jawab. Aku pun impressed aku boleh jawab!  Aku pun tak sangka jawapan random aku tu betul.  I gave myself a pat in the shoulder; nasib baik aku tak main hentam jer mana-mana 25 nabi yang aku tahu. Kalau main hentam – instead of ‘fikir dan teka’ – memang confirm akan salah.

Lesson Learned: When in panic, force your brain to evaluate options. Calm down and think based on what you know…then guess what you don’t know.

I guess, too much questions fired during ward rounds has taught me that lesson.

So at the end of bahagian satu….kumpulan Tabuk (my team) dan kumpulan Ahzab mendahului share the leading place, di-ikuti oleh kumpulan Badar dan Kumpulan Uhud.

I really think that we had great team work; I am more into language and History. Nurin and Fatin terer bab2 Sains ni. So, masing2 menyumbang dengan kapasiti masing2, walaupun semua ada kebolehan yang terhad.

We had great fun and everyone participate. Itu yang penting!

Semua rumah bawa makanan….ada rumah buat jualan di bazaar, ada golongan yang participate aktiviti. Participation tu penting…..kalau ada organizer jer, tapi tak ada sambutan… tak best juga!

But I give credits to the organizer yang banyak bersusah payah walaupun semua orang busy (kecuali budak2 4th year yg bercuti; esok dah buka sekolah, daym!). I really enjoyed myself last night….dahlah berbuka dengan makanan yg byk sekali! Nikmat berjumpa bazaar Ramadhan first time di NC! Walaupun kecik ajer jumlah gerai yang ada, but at least adalah rasa suasana Ramadhan di Malaysia a bit. 

All in all, Hari Ihtifal ended up as a great day!  

Another lesson learned: Don’t eat too much. The capacity of your stomach is not infinity! Duh!

I am promoting Zulkifli Noordin’s Blog

Salam everyone,

just a quick post here.

I am promoting the blog of YB Zulkifli Noordin (Parlimen Kulim Bandar Baharu) to those who want to see a sincere leader who speaks for Islam rather than politicizing Islam.

People think I am pro-gov! They are wrong! I am pro-sincerity!

YB Zul ini org PKR, bukan orang gov dan bukan juga orang PAS. Tapi beliau lah yang lantang memperjuangkan isu azan, isu arak, isu Jeff Ooi yang menyatakan orang Islam yang bercita2 melaksanakan undang2 Islam adalah extremist dan yang terbaru isu Cow Head ini. Basically, I agree with him wholeheartedly. Beliau lebih Islamik drpd sesetengah (not all) pejuang PAS sendiri yang suka menghukum orang lain semua kurang Islamik drpd dia. Sheesh.

I was quite disappointed that he only started commenting on this issue only 2 days ago (after like a week). But at least his comment is thorough and satisfying, lengkap dengan statistik dan empirical evidence.


But you can see that he has the same sentiment like I did…that the cow head thing is stupid. But at the same time, it’s not right to build a big kuil di kawasan majoriti penduduk Islam….memandangkan umat Islam di Selangor sangat ramai tapi masjid paling sedikit berbanding jumlah tokong2 dan kuil2. Below, I provide a quote from his blog:

“Mengikut statistik, dalam negeri Selangor ada 4.3 juta penduduk. Daripada jumlah itu, majoritinya umat Islam sebanyak 2.5 juta dengan masjid hanya sebanyak 259 buah. Sebalik nya masyarakat Budha berjumlah 1.3 juta mempunyai 1,015 tokong. Kaum Hindu pulak, yang berjumlah 647,000 mempunyai 810 kuil berdaftar (ini tidak termasuk kuil yang haram dan tidak berdaftar!). Dan bagi 50,000 penganut Kristian di Selangor, cuba kira berapa jumlah gereja mereka! Malahan tuhan patung hindu yang terbesar didunia juga dok tersergam berdiri dalam negeri Selangor (ehsan daripada Kerajaan UMNo/ Be End dulu)! Itu pun umat Islam dikatakan masih tidak ‘adil, masih tidak bertolak ansur!?”

Sesiapa yang hendak melawat blog beliau, ada link kat tepi ni under “Leaders”.  Saya dah lama letak link beliau dengan harapan my readers would visit his blog and gain the same benefit that I gain whenever I want an unbiased and Islamic view on a certain issue.

Sebenarnya, bukan susah sangat kita nak tengok orang ini ikhlas atau tidak. Kita cuma judge dia punya consistency. Adakah setiap kali dia membuat statement dia consistent dengan dia punya pendirian untuk mempertahankan Islam, dan bukan mengikut party mana yang hendak dihentam.

Zulkifli Noordin banyak kali menghentam partinya sendiri. At the same time, benda2 tidak Islamik yang dibuat oleh BN pun dihentam juga. So, aku nampak dia ni ikhlas. Dan aku suka orang macam ni.

Aku paling tak suka orang yg budget dia alim tapi berfikiran sempit dan bias mengikut party! My goodness, sesak nafas aku duduk dgn org mcm ni. Buat aku rasa irritated jer…

So, sila2lah memanjangkan langkah anda menjenguk blog YB ini terutama orang2 yg masih teraba2 tentang isu cow head ini. Semoga bermanfaat.

Learning Arabic

Recently, the NC sisters have organized an arabic class. It is held once a week (in weekends). We are lucky that among us, there are some who have learned Arabic in their previous school and are quite knowledgeable at teaching it and we are lucky that they are very, very keen to teach too.

It’s hard to commit yourself to a particular duty or responsibility. Well, at least it is hard for me. I find it hard to commit myself to something. And therefore the willingness of these sisters to spend their time preparing their teaching materials and at the same time dealing with the headaches of teaching us (some of us yang lampi lah sangat2) are greatly appreciated by me. (Because I knew, that I can never be as patient and as committed as these sisters).

So far, we have learned all the types of fi’il there are and some words as examples to go with each type. And to match them with the correct noun…it takes some heavy-duty memorization, I tell you. Hmm…I am not sure if I will ever be able to construct a proper sentence. English is sooo much easier.

So I am sharing with you guys the video of why we should learn arabic and how to do it.

Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to learn other things when you are learning medicine.

But, sometimes, when really important things come up out of the blue, suddenly you find yourself able to make time for them even though in your normal every day schedule, you would have insisted that you couldn’t possibly fit anything else in.

So, I guess, we are only as busy or as free as we are willing to be.

Another incentive to learning Arabic is…people would look at you incredulously if you tell them that you read the Quran but you don’t understand Arabic. Here’s an example of a conversation that took place btw a senior of mine and her consultant nephrologist.

Nephrologist: So do you read the Quran?

My Senior: Yes I do.

Nephrologist: Oh wow (looked impressed) So you understand Arabic.

My Senior: Oh no no. I can read the Quran. But I don’t understand the words.

Nephrologist: (muka pening)

My Senior: I read the translation.

Nephrologist: You read the Quran, but you don’t understand it? (Muka pandang slack…as though my senior is ridiculous)

Infuriating it is. I mean, come on, they don’t even have the Bible in its original language, okay! All the Bibles in the world are translations only! At least, even though we have to read the translations for our personal understanding, we still have our Al-Quran in its original language word for word, exactly as it was revealed 1400 years ago.

So, I guess that is a perfect defense enough on our side, if we are arguing with a Christian yg budget bagus.

But…we forgot about the atheist and the agnostic…they would think we are ridiculous for making some random sound, the meanings of which, we are ignorant of. And I certainly could understand why they would think so.

And trust me, when you study overseas, these mat sallehs are really interested to know about you and your culture. Dr. Carlin (an OnG specialist) initiated a conversation on religion when we were in between seeing patients at his MFMU clinic one day. My Norwegian friends too, while waiting for the bus at the hospital bus stop, asked me various things about our culture.

They are interested.

But they would cease to be if they think we are ridiculous morons.

I know, I might never be able to construct a proper sentence, might never be able to speak Arabic fluently (unless I am destined to marry an Arab guy, hahah) but at least if any future consultants ever ask me about whether or not I can speak Arabic, I could say,

“I am learning it.”