It’s For The Best

It started with a smile. And the sparkle in your eyes.

It started when my glance at you was shy at best.

And your glance at me was not met by this pair of nervous eyes.

We were thrown together by fate and circumstance.

Maybe if we didn’t have to see each other too often, this torment would not have happened.

Maybe then, I could meet you; happy friendship in my own terms.

Maybe then I could look at you and never feel the panic deep within.

The panic that I tried to hide, in disguise of indifference.
That you then mistook as unfriendly antagonism.

But all I was trying to do was to chase the demon in me,

Before it overpowered me when I was not ready.

But it happened the way it happened.

Who knows how it works, this law of attraction?

Playing havoc with my plans and direction.

It happened the way it happened. 

We are different in the one thing that is most important.

And all these feelings had to be thrown away, abandoned.

And though I regret this circumstance that sets us apart,

I know it's for the best deep inside my heart.

It’s for the best.

It’s for the best because God has promised.

I am happy now and I am content to say goodbye.

And if we meet again before we die,

Hopefully, the circumstance would change.

There might be hope for us then.

But who knows, if we ever meet again,

Our circumstance might cease to be significant.

Becoming only one part of our personal evolution.

That all human beings go through with the help of divine revelation.

Then, I can meet you; happy friendship in my own terms.

My shy glance is replaced by confidence.

And my smile at you, instead of designed to impress, would be genuine in its happiness.

P/S: This piece was my feeble attempt at poetic writing when I was a medical student. (I wouldn’t even know what to call this piece…doesn’t seem like a poem to me, though if I were to be strictly honest, that was my intention, originally. Pathetic, I know!). I was in my final year of Medicine at that time and had left poetry writing for many years in favour of studying biological science! So, you can tell how rusty this piece was. But someone had liked it and found it meaningful. So I decided to place it in this blog for the sake of remembrance.

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