The Battle of Emotion

If all feelings and sentiments,

In this world could gather,

And disccuss about Passion

And Passion could hear them discuss her,

I can’t help but wonder,

Which of them shall triumph?

Love stands and proudly says,

“Passion is enthusiams,

Without which life is colourless.

But passion, too short a life-span,

Shall never outshine I, the Love”

Affection then smiles and says,

“Passion is determination,

Without which life lost its purpose,

But Passion too fierce a love,

Making I, an enjoyable lightness”

Courage stands to take his turn,

“Passion gives one a sense of strength,

With resilience and fresh emotion,

But Passion so impulsive,too unbent,

So, I, the Courage at the end won.”

Passion fumes with burning indignation,

She stares down at Love, Courage and Affection,

“Love is all very well, but riddled with confusion,

Lead to petty arguments, often blind and easily broken.”

Love gasps in pride and anger,

Passion turns to Affection and ignores her.

“Affection, you are fickle, ever-changing,

Your lightness is your undoing.

You, are only Love’s inferior version,

Your existence, is almost redundant.”

Affection cries in pride and anger,

Passion turns to Courage and ignores her.

“It is I, the core being of Courage,

Without me, oh Courage, you are meaningless,

I give you beliefs causing you to pledge,

I will fight and bring back my winnings.”

Courage fumes in pride and anger,

Passion smiles, oh the sweet avenger.


Wisdom passes by the heated conference,

Feeling left out, she is wounded,

“I may have no feelings, nor sentiments,

And I am proud not to be included,

Among those lacking in guidance,

In excessive emotion their bickerings pounded,

Without faith, devoid of knowledge,

All feelings become heathens,

Unrest, unfulfilled, like souls haunted.”


So Courage, Love and Affection,

And Passion as well as Wisdom,

left the meeting in indignation,

Alas, why don’t they think just for a moment,

How strong they would be, if all of them,

Stay together and agree to the same notion

To only be  guided by religion and revelation.

-Afiza Azmee-

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