What If

What If?

What if it doesn’t work out,
What if all my dreams shattered,
buried under layers of shroud,
What if I come home battered,
or become  lost in the crowd,
Nothing to show for my effort,
But bruised, bleeding pride.

Ah…but someone wise had once
Whispered to me with love,
"I’d rather with danger prance,
Roughshod ridden, punched and shoved, 
Than with cowardice partnered in a dance,
Still with nothing much glorious to prove."

So, with those words of thought,
I bit my lips in a monologue,
“What if I fall... but what if I fly?" 
“I want to live...but what if I die?”
Will I take the chance? 
Or wonder for decades hence?

“My love, would you merely wait to exist,
in the life of no risks and 'what if?'
Or  would you prefer to thrive, to live,
With "oh well, next hurdle please,"

Thus, courage becomes my reprieve
Be gone, oh, the fear of 'what if'
Give me a lifetime of ‘oh well’
Because the chance of heaven after hell
Lies in facing the question of 'why not'
Because at last, all shall die and rot
The life of this world easily beguiled
One day as you say goodbye, do it in style.

-Afiza Azmee-