My Latest Obsession!

Okay, I have said this before. But I will say it again.

I like him. When I listen to him, I feel that my soul is in harmony with what he is saying because it makes sense! I like things that make sense; that I can reason out. I like structure. I like explanation.

I hate instructions, direction and expectations. But when you give me all those things along with a good explanation, I can accept it. Because it makes me feel like I am not doing it because you ordered me to! Who are you? I am doing it because what you ordered me to do makes sense to me.

At the moment, the hottest topic in our household is that of mazhab. You know, with an arab housemate living with us, it’s just such an interesting topic and has become my latest obsession. Last week, I was obsessed with Palestine because I was asked to present that topic. I thought about it non-stop and talked about it with Yana non-stop. This week, it’s mazhab. I am still thinking about what I should be interested in next week.

Dr. MAZA is brilliant. I mean, really. If all Sekolah Agama teach religion like this, everyone will be drawn to it and will not run from it to go to MRSM instead, lol.

Have you ever wondered how mazhab came about?

Have you ever questioned the saying of those ustaz when they said, “Siapa yang ikut mazhab Syafie’ maka dia tak boleh suka-suka hati nak ikut pendapat mazhab lain dalam sesetengah perkara sahaja. Contohnya, nak sembahyang cara Maliki, kena tau juga cara nak ambil wuduk macam Mazhab Maliki. ”

Have you ever asked back, “Macam mana ambil wuduk cara Mazhab Maliki ni? Cuba cerita sikit!”

I would love to hear the answer!And how do you come up with the statement “If you want to pray Maliki style, you have to perform wudhu Maliki style as well.” Did Imam Maliki say this?

All the 4 grand Imams said “Jangan kamu ikut kepada ku dengan kamu tidak tahu, tapi lihatlah alasan ku.” Which means, we should be allowed to make comparisons between all of them with regards to their reasoning.

Do you know what makes a good presentation or a good debate?

-The audience may not realize it themselves but when they hear a good debate or a good presentation, they know it. They may not be able to point out exactly what makes it so good, but they knew it’s good.

-It’s like writing stories as well. What makes a good story is exactly what makes a good presentation and a good debate.

-The secret is in being thorough in your reasoning! You have got to make the picture complete. Whatever issues you have raised, you have to answer them. You have got to tie ALL the knots! Don’t leave any questions unanswered. Once you have opened one aspect of the presentation, answer everything about it!

For example, if you say “In order for you to change the mazhab, then you have to know everything about the mazhab first.” then you should explain it. Once you have said this, there are sooo many questions that came into the audience mind and you have to anticipate these questions and answer them accordingly.

They will ask you things like:

-Why did you say that? Did the Imam Malik himself said this??? Can you come up with that particular statement where he said, “Those who follow my opinion, you should not learn and follow another mazhab’s opinion, ”

-Tell me, what is so different in the way Imam Malik practice religion as opposed to Imam Syafie (or any other imams) that you make it sound as though we have to learn religion all over again if we want to use his opinion instead of Imam Syafie in certain aspects.

-What is different in the time of the Sahabah as opposed to now? They don’t have mazhab then. So, they would follow opinions…and some sahabah had different opinion than other Sahabah. Don’t they just follow whichever that is easiest for that particular situation? How do they decide among each other?

I wish someone can be thorough in their explanation. We don’t need knowledgeable people merely giving us instructions. That’s not a good teacher and the students would not become good students when they have to swallow every questions that they have in their minds.

In the world of intellectual pursuit, we have to be exposed to multiple point of views. Only by teaching religion this way can we entice more intellectual people who take up position of importance in the society, to pay more attention to religious matters. Otherwise, you are making them run away in the other direction. Some of them may be able to find their way back into the fold of Islam, but deep inside they will blame you: why was I not told about this before? Why was I only exposed to one strict opinion before? They don’t blame the strict opinion itself, but they blame the unfortunate circumstances that had caused them to know only one thing and nothing else. They blame you for all the guilty feelings that they have felt all these years when they thought “Oh, it’s too hard!”

It’s time to revolutionize our education system. We are in such dire need for change, don’t you agree? To quote Julia Gillard, it’s time to move forward!

2 thoughts on “My Latest Obsession!

  1. btol2. tp sbb zaman skang org dah tak berapa rajin nk study kitab2 hadis, sbb tu la sng ade mazhab.

    tp kl ko rajin nk explore hadis2, pkai je la mane2 yg ko ske. kl ade org pertikai, ko kuarkan hadis, kl xleh, ko buat dono je r.

    mcm ade pakcik kat mesjit umah aku sound aku nyer solat xsah. pastuh die tanye

    “mazhab mane yg kate boleh?”

    from his question kite tau dah die nyer pengetahuan agama mmg lemau.


  2. Yes, mazhab definitely makes it easier. I don’t think I will ever be knowledgeable enough to escape from following any mazhab.

    I just like the idea that in DESPERATE CASES when you can’t necessarily stick to your usual mazhab, you can choose another one, provided you know the dalil and reasoning behind it.


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