The Price of Fame

Salam guys!

Welcome to my blog in 2021. I hope you guys have had a great start to 2021 so far.

I personally do not really celebrate new year that much. To me it was just another day. And I don’t really have yearly resolution, to be honest. My resolution is daily and monthly (and even that is difficult to stick to *sigh*).

I take one day at at time. That strategy is more conducive to my mental well-being than having my prepared plans go awry due to some unforeseeable circumstances and unexpected setbacks.

If 2020 taught me anything, it is the value of moderating your anal-retentiveness (haha!) when it comes to having plans. Be more flexible and you wouldn’t be too stressed when things don’t stick to your schedule.

But as a normal human being, I am personally tired of MCO, CMCO, RMCO, EMCO, TEMCO, AEMCO … I just want things to be back to normal again. As a healthcare worker, I try not to mingle with my family so much because I don’t want to unintentionally bring back the virus to my family. I could not imagine having to deal with the guilt if my elderly parents contracted the virus from me. But well, of course there will be times when I would go to see them too. I mean, with family it is difficult to maintain distance all the time. It’s just not possible, sometimes.

Hopefully by the rolling out of the Covid-19 vaccination en masse this year, we can eradicate Covid-19 as soon as possible and we can resume our old normal.

As an introvert, I don’t really mind not having a lot of social contact. Introverts can stay in their house for days without feeling restless. We will just read, watch movies… reply emails… study (erm, maybe *rofl*).  But I pity the extroverts among us. How caged and trapped they must be feeling! 

Fame Comes With A Heavy Price

With nothing much to do while being stuck at home, the Malaysian netizens are doing their part in keeping the public informed regarding all the latest juicy issues for the past 1 month.

Neelofa and PU Riz are back together again, guys! This must be true love… to be able to wade through the forceful Neelofa’s family’s over-involvement, dramas and scandals.

And there was one hot debate about polygamy being discussed in Analisis Al-Hijrah.

A lot of netizens (mostly women and a few men) were critical at Dr. MAZA for his perceived inability to comprehend the real issues brought by Puan Mona in that discussion. You know I personally always find Dr. MAZA very intellectual, rational and balanced in giving his opinions. However, to my surprise, even I could not agree with some portion of his opinion this time. Below is my own analysis of Dr. MAZA’s performance in Analisis Al-Hijrah which I had posted on Facebook too.

From My Facebook Post: 
I have listened to the whole Analisis Al-Hijrah on this issue sebab ramai my friends dok komen. So I watched this program to form my own opinion about this issue. You guys know that I usually find Dr. MAZA’s statement quite logical and fair. And I don’t know who was Puan Mona before this.
So I was curious about what was the havoc all about and so to be fair, I watched the whole thing before writing this.
Unfortunately this time, there are a few things I find quite lacking in his usually logical approach in giving his opinions:
1) Puan Mona Din bukan puak liberal anti-poligami yg membantah hukum Tuhan. Cara Dr. MAZA berbahas secara tidak langsung menyebabkan netizen berpandangan sedemikian terhadap Puan Mona Din. Ini sangat tidak adil kepada Puan Mona Din.
2) Puan Mona Din mendedahkan golongan di kalangan pegawai kerajaan yg tidak mengikut undang2 dan prosedur dalam menguruskan kes poligami yg menyebabkan wanita teraniaya – bukan sahaja isteri pertama, malah isteri kedua, ketiga dan keempat juga akan teraniaya sekiranya suami itu tidak mampu berpoligami tetapi dipermudahkan urusan poligaminya oleh agamawan yg bekerja di pejabat agama. Ini adalah satu jenis pecah amanah! Mana solusi yg patut Dr. Maza bahaskan untuk perkara ini? None given.
3) Puan Mona Din bagi banyak fakta dan juga bukti tentang kewujudan penipuan poligami ni (which aku yg hanya PSY MO pun jumpa beberapa kali. Inikan pula aktivis)
Tapi entah macam mana… tiada angin tiada ribut, Dr. MAZA menyatakan “Jangan emosi”. And I was thinking… bila masa Puan Mona emosi? 
Dr. MAZA menggunakan teknik labelling terhadap Puan Mona untuk divert the issue. Teknik labelling ini kerap digunakan oleh debaters/politicians untuk discredit their opponent so that the audience terus tak dengar fakta yg dikemukakan dan akan berpihak kepadanya semula (a PSY MO can spot this technique so easily, guys)
Jawablah secara fakta apa yg Puan Mona ketengahkan.
And one more thing…. ada orang yg emosi dengan kebenarannya (contoh Dr. Musa Nordin pun emosi cakap pasal vaksin… tapi aku rasa baguih la sebab ada fakta. Emosi bersama fakta tiada salahnya)
Pada masa yg sama, ada orang yg tenang dalam mempertahankan kesalahannya dan tenang bercakap lemah lembut tanpa fakta… is this good?
4) Dr. MAZA hanya mengulang benda yg semua org tau dan semua org tak pertikai pun.
-Contoh: menyatakan poligami halal – yes, tak ada siapa pertikai pun.
-Mempertikaikan istilah scam poligami – which Puan Mona dah terangkan daripada awal apa maksud istilah tersebut. Hanya Dr. MAZA sorang ja dok risau istilah itu akan disalaherti. Org lain semua faham yang istilah itu merujuk kepada penipuan yg berlaku dalam poligami… dan bukan bermaksud poligami itu adalah scam yg begitu dirisaukan oleh Dr. MAZA. Poligami itu syariat dan halal. Scam itu yg problem. Semua org faham…. kenapa Dr. Maza confused?
Macam perkataan business scam. Semua org faham… business adalah halal. Tapi scam dalam business itu lah jenayah. Simple, kan?
I expect better reasoning, better perbahasan, better ulasan dan a more holistic and balanced view daripada Dr. MAZA because he could deliver such performance before. But in this particular issue I was quite appalled that he hit below the belt by attacking Puan Mona personally, not just with the labelling technique, but also by exposing who was the victim of the polygamy scam in question.
Very badly done, Dr. MAZA. Very badly done! I hope he recognize his mistakes and apologize to Puan Mona. I know he is capable of much better conduct than this, Insya Allah.
May Allah guide us all.

But you guys must watch the whole episode in Analisis first before you can see what and why some netizens are not satisfied with Dr. MAZA’s answer. When the topic was hot in my social media feed, I thought that these women were just being emotional and not really factual because… well, let’s face it, women ARE emotional when the topic involved is polygamy. I expected to be able to agree with Dr. MAZA because I mostly did in the past. But I was so surprised that this time, I could not do so. Not because I am against polygamy. No one is criticizing the syariat here, nor on TV. But we are criticizing the system of jabatan agama about this issue. As I have said before to some ‘budget alim’ guy many years ago “Tiada siapa kat sini yang mengkritik syariat Allah. Allah sempurna dan syariat-Nya sempurna. Yang tak sempurna tu kau! Kau dan system kau tu yang tak perfect! Mengutuk system kau tidaklah sama seperti mengutuk syariat. They are two different things!”

Dr. MAZA was a very sharp thinker before. What happened to him this time, I don’t understand. Is he trying to protect or cover-up some of the wrongdoings of the staff in the Jabatan Agama? Trying to protect the religious institution even if it had done something wrong? It is unlikely because he himself had criticized JAKIM so many times before too. So, I don’t know. But you guys should watch the episode to make up your own mind.

Another hot issue in my newsfeed these days is about the infidelity of a DJ by the name of Shuk Sahar (actually, I didn’t know who he was until his story exploded in my newsfeed). When I was growing up, DJs were not famous people, guys. I mean, I knew my share of singers, actors, leaders… but DJs? I didn’t know any DJ when I was a teenager. Suddenly as I got older in my late teenage-hood, DJs are also famous people… starting with Linda Onn and Halim Othman and Fara Fauzana… and now DJ Shuk is also famous! So famous that his infidelity is worth reporting! Back in the last 2 decades, nobody would care which DJ had an extramarital affair. No one could be bothered because they were an unknown entity.

And people can also become famous by commenting on a hot issue. Case in point is Andika Putera, a motivational speaker (whose existence I never noticed before this issue came out), who had said that “Allah yang izinkan Shuk untuk curang,”. Netizens were understandably furious! One netizen had tagged the Minister of Religious Affairs, Dr. Zulkifli, who then tagged Pejabat Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan to investigate the issue. Who knew Andika Putera before this? I didn’t. Just like I didn’t know PU Abu and Da’ie Syed before the onset of their controversial conduct became hot news.


And you know what else is weird? 10 years ago , I  wouldn’t know who were the mother and the siblings of a famous actress/singer. But look at Neelofa and her family now. Most people knew some of Neelofa’s family members now because her siblings are just as famous! These days, people are famous for just being related to a famous person rather than for any real contribution to any particular industry. It boggles the mind.

And another thing that has changed from 2 decades ago is how people are famous for their lifestyles these days. They are called influencers and insta-famous! And by being  famous for their lifestyles, they can use that platform to set up a business, piggy-backing on having fans who adore their lifestyles.

I remember when I was a child, I did not know who was the owner of Guess. Who was the owner of Body Shop? Who was the owner of Maybelline, L’oreal etc etc. I didn’t know how many children they had, how luxurious their lifestyles were, where did they go for holidays. Back then, brands hired models to represent their brands and it was these models who needed to abide by a certain standard as an ambassador for the brands. The owners of these brands were not in the limelight at all. Perhaps only people in the corporate world would know who they were but even they didn’t know what sort of lifestyles these brand owners led.

But now, I knew who Vivy Yusuf is more than I know about her products! Her marketing is based on her lifestyle, her bubbly personality, the adorableness of her kids. She showed what she cooked on that day, where she went for holidays, how she interacted with her kids, what sorts of birthday parties she organized for the people around her. I even knew how her mother AND her mother-in-law look like because she always featured them in her Instagram account. (This is something I never knew about any other brand owners when I was growing up. This is information-overload! These are unnecessary information for us as consumers, right?) People adore her lifestyle, and people want to BE her… but because they couldn’t BE her, the next best thing is to buy her brands, right? So, the marketing works, no?

But what happened when during the start of MCO, she was perceived as being arrogant towards the people in B40 category? (I personally think it was a misunderstanding. I didn’t think Vivy meant to look down on B40. It was another person who had sneeringly said that B40 would use the money given by the government to buy an Iphone. When Vivy wrote “exactly!”  it was not to agree to that comment but was referring to another comment that said SME also needed help; not just B40 people.) She was asked to step down from being one of the UITM board of directors after that issue exploded. People unsubscribed from her Instagram account en masse. For awhile, it looked like many B40 would no longer buy her products (of course now Vivy has bounced back already). It looked like Vivy would not be able to weather the storm of netizens’ fury on this issue. People started to dig back the history of how her business was not profitable even though she got her capital from Khazanah etc etc. It was one dirt after another guys! I can only imagine how stressful it must be to be her at that time… and people related to her would be affected to, I am sure.

That is the price of fame, guys! That is the price of selling your life(style) in exchange for income or revenues! When you are famous, everyone feels like they can have an opinion about your life, your words and your actions. No privacy! No rights to your own thoughts, your own stand, your own judgment! You may have the same thoughts, the same opinions, the same attitude to a certain issue with others, but when it is YOU who say them or act on them, your livelihood will be at stake when people no longer buy your products. Because you have created a situation in which your lifestyle, your source of income and your livelihood are too greatly enmeshed, they are inseparable!

To a certain extent, politicians suffer from this too!

Actually…any type of fame, when you are not clear of your purpose in life, will be a sort of chain wrapped around you, controlling your actions. We used to feel like by being famous, we can influence the society to do something good. But once we are famous, suddenly we cannot use that fame at all because everything we say will be controversial to someone somewhere.

J.K Rowling is famous… but what happened to her when she criticized the unnecessarily vague term “people who menstruate” used in a pro-LGBTQ article and admonished the author of the article for not using the correct term “women”! She cooked up a storm for simply giving her opinion (which in my opinion, is the correct opinion). Luckily she is already established and famous as an author. It is fortunate that she is already fabulously rich. But some of her fans already turned their backs on her and vowed not to buy any more of her books.

An unprincipled, financially-dependent person might feel threatened by the loss of revenue and subsequently retract his/her statement. But those who know the purpose of their lives, would stick to the truth no matter what. And you can only do that if you have lived a life that are not dependent on fame and public opinion, guys. If your livelihood is dependent on fame and public opinion, you will not be able to have principles.

Because sticking to your principles can be expensive and some people cannot afford it even though they were already outwardly well-off to begin with.

Once upon a time, when no one knows who the brand owners were, what the brand owners did or said would not affect public opinions of her brands. Models and brand ambassadors were the ones who have to be careful of their opinions and the voicing out of their thoughts. But these days, brand owners sell their privacy (make all the beautiful parts of their lives as visible to the public as possible, and hide all the ugly parts obsessively) to gain revenue. And therefore, they lose their freedom in the process. They will keep any opinion about the controversial big issues to themselves.

Most people would say that they want to be famous to make a difference. To use their wealth and their fame to fight for a better world. It is a standard Miss Universe/ Miss World question. If they win the crown, they will use their fame to fight for something good, they say.

But once they are famous, they find that they have to steer clear of controversial issues (to avoid being viralled and destroying their career in the process). But then most of the time, big issues that would make a difference are usually controversial ones (like gun control in the US) and if you REALLY want to make a difference with your fame, big controversial issues are the topics you must have a stand on!

But these days insta-famous influencers only talk about which foundation/make-ups/brands they use in their daily lives and create a social media content out of something so ORDINARY guys! Their contents are their glammed-up daily lives that are not achievable to a large majority of their audience. Sometimes, their contents include a contest consisting of asking people in their lives to compete in proving who knows the influencer more…. Go to You Tube and just type “Who knows me better? Mom Vs Girlfriend” …that is an example of the banality of some of the You Tube content creators. It’s so facile and boring, and mundane… and ridiculous… but astonishingly, people lap it up, if the comment section was to be believed.

You know, when I was a HO, one of my friends told me “Afiza, hang nak cakap apa pun, tunggu hang jadi MO dulu. You need some power and influence before you can say anything,” I laughed inwardly. I disagreed wholeheartedly! Because when you are an MO, you will find that you still have to hold your tongue because people around you would say “Hang nak cakap apa pun, hang tunggu habis jadi specialist.” And then when you become a specialist, you have to hold your tongue too… because you have the HOD to answer to. And when you are the HOD, you have to answer to the hospital director/the ketua perkhidmatan. And even if you become a DG, you have to answer to the minister! A minister will have to answer to the Prime Minister. Even Prime Minister will have to answer to someone… their hands are tied too… by trade agreements, military agreement, the threat of US sanctions etc etc.

So WHEN can we speak up when we see something is wrong?

The truth is, no matter who we are in the rung of leadership or in the ladder of fame, we just have to speak up for the truth. That’s all. Just do your part! People can take it or leave it! But whether or not you do your part, will be questioned by Allah one day. Speaking up can be done by kids! How can we as an independent adult have so much excuse? (unless we are dependent; that’s the problem!) So rather than thinking about all the hierarchies above you who would question you for the things you say or do, just cut the story short by saying “First and foremost, I answer to Allah, the highest authority in my life. You can disagree with me. But I have a responsibility to speak up… if you have another point of view, enlighten me. Let’s talk about it! I would love to learn and adjust my opinion if I was wrong.”  


The astonishing thing is… doctors are not even influencers, you know! But even THEY cannot say what they want to say for fear of public repercussions.

Case in point is what happened a few weeks ago to a Malaysian doctor practicing in Australia. This is a very recent issue that happened to the husband of someone I know personally. The doctor’s wife and I were both medical students in the same university in Australia.

The pro-liberal media spun the issue of his Facebook posting out of proportion, trying to depict him as a judgmental doctor, giving sub-standard care.

And I was like “HOW do you know he was giving sub-standard care?” Were you there in his consultation room?

Actually, this is what allegedly happened between the Sydney-based Malaysian doctor and the transgender patient! Based on what we knew from his Facebook posts, he had seen a transgender man in his consultation room and had mistakenly thought of him as a cis-gender male. He only found out that this patient was born a female when a radiological examination result showed that this patient has a uterus. He marvelled at how he could not tell that she was a transgender because she looked very much like a cis-gender male. And then he reflected on that experience in his Facebook post. His opinion of the impermissibility of the LGBTQ lifestyle as a Muslim was also part of the Facebook post.

As a Muslim, we are ALWAYS firm in standing up for our religious teachings that LGBTQ is not permissible in Islam. And that is just a FACT that will NOT change no matter whose feelings are hurt.

At the same time, we are also taught by our religion and our medical ethics that we cannot treat anyone poorly or give them sub-standard care as a doctor just because we oppose their belief system or their lifestyles. And I believe, most doctors abide by this rule no matter what your religion and belief is. This has been drummed to us in our ethic class since Year 1, guys!

But our opinion and our feelings are OURS! And no one should be able to control that! Unless it was made into the law that it is unlawful to express criticism towards LGBTQ lifestyle, we are free to publish our opinion, provided we do not do actions that are against the law based on our opinions. ACTIONS, guys! You are convicted for your ACTIONS! Not your thoughts! Not your feelings!

In Australia, there might be a law about writing/saying/ criticizing the liberal ideas. (writing, saying, criticizing… are types of action too).

But NOT in Malaysia!

The funny thing is, some ‘budget bagus, budget intelektual-liberal doctors’ in one of the forums I was a member of think that they can control someone else’s freedom of speech even in Malaysia. 

I believe that the Malaysian doctor practicing in Sydney might have made a strategic mistake for publishing his reflection of the issue when he is practicing in Australia and is bound by the Australian law. But that doesn’t mean his opinion was objectively wrong. And there was no proof that his thoughts about the patient had led him to giving sub-standard care. In short, his action as a doctor towards his patient is not wrong because he provided the patient with the usual standard care. But the action of writing his reflections on Facebook, might be wrong according to the law in Australia (and this is something I am not entirely sure of, guys! I don’t know the law in Australia when it comes to criticizing LGBTQ movement.)

To Malaysian doctors who are trying to control Muslim doctors in MALAYSIA (I repeat, in Malaysia) from speaking critically about LGBTQ, you should learn your law. Okay? You cheered at the thought of this Malaysian doctor being punished for violating the law and the culture of Australia even though he was just sharing his opinion… but do you want us in Malaysia to turn the table back on you?

As a person who values freedom of speech, I encourage everyone to voice out their opinions about any issue. But I challenged them to show to me that this doctor had treated the transgender patient wrongly or giving him sub-standard care! If that is proven, I will freely condemn the doctor myself. But if the doctor was simply sharing his thoughts about LGBTQ and that’s what you guys are not happy with, then sorry… please practice what you preach about freedom of expression, okay. 

What doctors think about their patients and what doctors think about ANYTHING, should not be policed or punished (at least, not in Malaysia)! Don’t tell me that as doctors, you don’t have ANY thought about ANY patient who you have treated before, other than to prescribe treatment for them! Thoughts are automatic and we always have impressions about people upon laying our eyes on them.  But people are not convicted for having thoughts and feelings about anything or anyone! People are convicted for their ACTIONS! Not for their thoughts or  their feelings.

So, who died and appointed you as thought police? Ni bukan negara komunis! Please get that straight!

I do think that a thief is wrong for stealing! But I can still treat the thief with the same standard of care I give to everyone. So if I put it on my Facebook status that stealing is sinful and unlawful, does that mean I am being a judgmental doctor towards this thief? Of course not! I am a doctor who is just stating the fact of the law of the country and the jurisprudence of my religion! But if I treat the thief the way all patients should be treated, I should be entitled to my thoughts! Especially when the thoughts are factual!

The moment we as doctors remain silent and ALLOW people to dictate to us what is acceptable thought and what is acceptable speech, we are no better than fluff-brained influencers who will not say what we believe as the truth for fear of public backlash that will affect our revenue.

But we are better than revenue-conscious brand influencers, guys! We are doctors with our own ideas of what is moral, what is ethical, what is kind, what is logical, what is scientific.

No one can control our thoughts and our feelings. Fikiran dan perasaan tak boleh dipaksa walaupun bibir kita mengungkapkan sebaliknya.


The MAJORITY of people in Malaysia are not pro-LGBTQ. That’s just a fact. The majority of people in Malaysia are religious and follow the teachings of their religions. Recently a seminar was held to address the topic of religious perspectives in strengthening family values, organized by Malaysian Alliance of Civil Society Organisations (MACSA) in collaboration with Yayasan Dakwah Malaysia (YADIM) and UID-Sejahtera. Below are some of the relevant conclusions from that seminar :

  1. The religion of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism agree that family is a sacred institution on which religious values are attached to. In Islam, Christianity and Hinduism, it is an institution ordained in the divine and given visible expression through marriage and procreation, family is a central and important unit in society and should be protected.
  2. While all religions have their own beliefs and tenets, which includes love, compassion, kindness and mercy among human beings including the LGBTQ community, Islam calls for return to the right path.
  3. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism all agree that human beings are created equal and with dignity in the eyes of God. They must therefore be treated with respect and dignity. There should be no hate, vilification, harassment, violence and maltreatment on any minority groups including the LGBTQ community.
  4. As Malaysia is a democracy and practices the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism should have the right to profess and share their views on family life issues, their respective values and belief, including those that concerns the LGBTQ community.


And unlike in Australia, Malaysia has its own set of laws. Just like the doctors in Australia must abide by the law of the land there, doctors in Malaysia must abide by the law of the land in Malaysia. If you push us too hard and try to manipulate us or control us or public-shame us for not having the same opinion as yours, don’t think that we are powerless to react back. As I have often repeated many times before, every action has a reaction.

And according to the Newton 3rd’law of motion, the law of action-reaction “explains the nature of the forces between the two interacting objects. According to the law, the force exerted by object 1 upon object 2 is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the force exerted by object 2 upon object 1.

So be careful! Lest we EQUATE in magnitude what you are doing to us in the opposite direction. And the best thing is that it will all be according to the law. Is that what you want?

What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. You cannot be inconsistent. If you believe the Sydney-based Malaysian doctor should abide by the law in Australia, then you must believe that Malaysian doctors must abide by the law in Malaysia. As simple as that.

The only difference is that, people in Malaysia are nice. We don’t preach freedom of speech only when the opinion favours our own culture and our own religious stand… unlike in Australia and some Western countries.

I personally believe that doctors in general – including myself – are very bad at philosophy and theory of knowledge. I mean, it’s not our fault. We learn scientific facts and apply those facts to treat our patients. We do not formally learn the philosophy of science. When it comes to philosophy of science, socio-cultural philosophy and philosophy of religion, we don’t really know our stuff. Most people don’t think about thinking.

Thinking about thinking… it is something that most people don’t even care or even understand what it is about. Conversation with these people is all about going over the same circle… over and over again. They only know that their opinion must be right… because they are liberals and liberals champion freedom. Freedom is always a good thing, right? Well… no, guys. Not necessarily.  We have seen patients who use their own freedom and autonomy to get an AOR discharge to seek Bomoh treatment when they are critically ill.

Sometimes freedom, when applied at a wrong place and at a wrong time and for a wrong purpose by a person devoid of knowledge, is devastating not just to the individual but also to the society. Any tool/concept/idea/medium when inappropriately utilized (due to lack of guidance and deficiency in knowledge) will bring regrets and remorse.

Idea… is the most dangerous thing. People have different ideas – each believing their idea is the truth – and then they go to war for it. When ideas are powerful enough… people create LAWS to uphold that idea even if there is no objective criteria that says it is the objective truth (the way the existence of the gravity, the sun and the moon are the objective truth). No objective criteria to say something you believe is objectively true… yet people go to WAR for it. Imagine!

Idea is a dangerous thing. Especially when it is assumed as true and arguments against it are not allowed.

Book of The Month

This month I have read 2 books: one non-fiction and one fiction.

The first book to review is The Pandemic Century: A History of Global Contagion from the Spanish Flu to Covid-19.

I have posted my book review in Instagram Story and I am posting the same picture of my simple review down below.

I always bookmark paragraphs with interesting ideas as I read through a non-fiction book. By the end of the book, I can tell by the amount of bookmarks I placed on the pages, whether I had gained a lot of information and interesting ideas… or not really. As you can see from the picture, I had placed a lot of bookmarks there. I do recommend doctors as well as the public to read this book for a greater appreciation of what it takes to control an outbreak.

3.5 stars out of 5!


Another book I have read this month is a collection of short stories by Agatha Christie, Poirot Investigates. It is a free online book whose copyrights already expired. 11 short stories altogether in that book and I enjoyed all of them thoroughly. The more I get to know Hercule Poirot, the more endearing he becomes to me, the conceited, brilliant, vain, OCPD detective that he is! But I think in real life, were I to deal with such a caricature day in and day out, I might end up giving him a forceful throttle around his neck especially when he is being arrogant about the quality of the grey cells in his brain hahah. I can only say, Captain Hastings is the epitome of kind patience in his dealings with Poirot. I give this book 3.5 stars out of  5.

Until next time, my dear readers. (I don’t know when the next time would be. These days, I have come to realize that once a month of writing a blog post is too frequent for me to commit to. I might have to reduce my frequency of writing to once every 6-8 weeks instead. Responsibility of ‘adult-ing’ is catching up on me and I can no longer indulge in my hobbies as much as I used to.)

May Allah give us the strength to always stick to the truth no matter who tries to shut us up. Amin.


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