Be On The Right Side of History

Assalamualaikum and good day to all my dear readers…

I hope it is not too late for me to wish everyone Eid Mubarak and Taqabbalallhuminna Waminkum. I know it is almost the end of Syawal already but I have been sooooo busy and mentally exhausted that at the end of the day I just don’t have the mood to write anything these days. All I want to do when I get home is read (my number one enduring and Insya Allah everlasting hobby LOL) … which I haven’t even been able to do properly because I prioritize sleep and rest above anything else these days. My specialist posting is now in a different district from where my house is situated and the daily travelling back and forth has taken its toll on my end-of-day energy reserve. But no complaints from me… I am actually glad that I can remain in Kedah. I just LOVE Kedah and my own hometown and I want to remain here for as long as I can (if not forever hahah)

So, this is me wishing you a late Eid Mubarak, guys! Hope you guys have had a blessed Ramadhan and a great Eid, lockdown not withstanding. *sigh*

Everyone was wearing pink... I obviously didn't have pink as part of my Raya wardrobe, and to be honest I prefer neutral colors like black, brown, and grey, and the only non-neutral colors that I really like are green and blue 😉

Initially, I wanted to splash some of my numerous Eid pictures in this blog just like I did last year but in the end, I decided not to. It would feel tone-deaf in the midst of the recent sufferings of the Palestinians.

Viva Palestina

We will not submit, we will not kneel! We will defy every siege! - My favourite nasheed on Palestine

For most Muslims, our Eid celebration was marred, tarnished and tainted by the act of mindless terrorism committed by the Israel armed forces towards the Palestinians at the end of Ramadhan. For the first time ever, I spent most of my Raya holiday being a social-media warrior, trolling the IDF Facebook posts in their Facebook page. A lot of Malaysians were doing the same thing. It was the least we could do since we were not physically there to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters against the atrocities committed by the Israeli forces.

I cannot abide it when people say they are “neutral” or “on the fence” when it comes to the issue of the occupation of Palestine. Aren’t you ashamed to be neutral in the face of injustice? Imagine someone killing your mother in broad daylight, and then having the witnesses of the murder saying that they were neutral about whether or not the murderer is guilty of your mother’s murder. It was beyond reprehensible! It was shamefully inhumane! It was, at the very core of it, an act of cowardice.

Most people who were neutral or supportive of Israel were either misinformed about the real issue and the history of Palestine, or they must have had a hidden agenda and a conflict of interest for supporting Israel. Because a decent and morally-upright person would have no trouble recognizing who is David and who is Goliath here.  Most people who started off neutral quickly change their minds and would support Palestine once they have been educated about the issue.

Below is a very short 2-minute summary of the history of Palestine created by a TikToker, Emma. We must educate ourselves regarding the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the Israeli apartheid regime. We can no longer afford to be ignorant.

Even Jews do not necessarily support Zionism! Zionism is actually the extremist among Jews! It is a political movement… a philosophical idea that Jews should have a land for their own kind at the expense of others. And Zionists are willing to commit theft, treachery, murder and war crimes to get the land that they want.

I applauded the NGO, Jewish Voice For Peace, who is such a staunch supporter for the Palestinian’s cause (do check out and like their Facebook Page). In them, I see some hope for humanity. Because you don’t have to be Muslims to support Palestinians! You just have to be a morally-upstanding human being!

The Palestinian cause used to be ignored for decades.

Now, the whole world is aware of what is going on in Palestine. Knowledgeable people of pure conscience are supporting the Palestinian cause now and are condemning Israel en masse in the social media and mainstream media. Even CNN now no longer hides their disdain towards Israel. You think you can just target a building that housed the journalists of Associated Press and Al-Jazeera and not get a backlash from journalists of other organizations? The mainstream media has now turned their backs on you! Journalists have good networking with one another and an aggression to one will spark outrage in others. The truth will spread like bushfire when you target any member of the press. You are only hastening your own destruction and enlarging the tide against you!

The signs are all there… their time is almost up!

Don’t take it from me. Take it from the Jews themselves. Jewish celebrities like Natalie Portman and Seth Rogen have already proclaimed their stands against Zionism! Again… this is about the issue of humanity and you can be of any colour, race, or religion but if you are morally-sound, your conscience would have guided you to side with the truth!

Even everyday workers have started to withdraw cooperation from Israel and actively oppose advancing Israel’s interest. People like the Italian dock-workers had refused to load arm shipments going to Israel and Leicester firefighters had refused to intervene against a Pro-Palestinian crowd protest. People are starting to rebel even at the risk of being perceived as insubordinate! This is huge… something we didn’t see much a few years ago.

The Guardian also had produced an article talking about how the Palestinian cause is now as influential as #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo movements. It is now considered a marker of sound intellect and good conscience to support the Palestinian cause.


We have come a long way since 10 years ago!

When I was just a medical student, the Palestinian cause was not yet a mainstream issue. Social media was not as advanced back then. Educating people about the history and the plight of the Palestinians was done through physical conference, religious gatherings, booth-setting and nailing physical posters on exhibition boards and handing-out flyers. Those were the good old days of student activism… when we had to expend more efforts for the sake of very minimal reach and minuscule impact.

But the time has changed, Alhamdulillah!

Now, every single counter-propaganda against the Israel’s narrative can be done at the tip of our fingers. For every post in the IDF Facebook page, thousands of Malaysians and Muslims worldwide attacked their propaganda post in the comment section with our own digital flyers, posters, factsheets, photographs, artwork… you name it! We were so into this social-media jihad to the point that the word “koyak” (as in #IsraelKoyak hahha) has been successfully launched into the international archive of the urban dictionary.

So here I am, a proud Malaysian, as the word #Koyak goes international, thanks to the success of our virtual war on Israel.

The only country who is still unabashedly supportive of Israel is America. Dozens of United Nations Security Council resolutions against Israel were vetoed by the US. The US is the only real ally of Israel. The tide is turning and Israel’s days are numbered, mark my words!

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have all agreed that Israel had committed war crimes and one day Israel shall reap what they sow! Allahhumma Amiin.


Be On The Right Side of History

There is a subtle rule in which the universe operates on. Most of the time, people will reap what they sow. You may think that cruel, atrocious people mostly get away with their crimes…but they really don’t, most of the time.

Debauched, morally-corrupted people will always lack peace within their minds… there is never real contentment in their lives. But perhaps they never really realize it because they have never tasted true peace and contentment to know any different. They will always be looking over their shoulder, fearing the retaliation of their enemies, scared that their own deeds will come back to haunt them. Sooner or later the mirage of their poor excuse of an existence will be clear in their own mind. Their hunger for this temporary world will never truly be satisfied. Their thirst never truly quenched.

It is such a sad way to live.

And even if they got away with it in this world, there is always the next one where eternal torment awaits them.

Nobody really gets away with committing bad deeds. And people who think they can get away with crimes are only deluding themselves.

Not very long into the future (in fact, SOON, based on the current trend of how the whole world is viewing Israel right now), the Zionists of Israel will be noted in the history of mankind as the epitome of depravity and animalistic barbarism. Just like the Nazis who had once persecuted them!

So, be on the right side of history. Eventually, all apartheid end. Ultimately, all colonization and occupation will finish. It’s just a matter of time. So make sure you will not be among those who regret.

The truth will prevail, with or without us. So, we must choose to be on the right side of history.


Book of The Month

I haven’t been reading that much for the past 1 month. It is because I prioritized my Quranic reading as I always do when it is Ramadhan.

But recently, I did reread  some of my favourite classics by the Bronte sisters. You see, this is what I do when I really want to read something fun and non-academic but at the same time I know that I don’t have the time or the energy to start on a new book; I reread my favourites.

One of my all-time favourite books and my go-to every time I want to de-stress is The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte. You guys should read it. It was revolutionary when Bronte wrote it back in 1848, but the theme and the issues in the novel are evergreen and still apply to this modern world that we are living in.

This story is about a mysterious widow by the name of Helen Graham who just arrived in the neighbourhood with her young son and became the tenant of Wildfell Hall. She was quiet and reserved, preferring to keep to herself and seemingly over-protective of her young son. Indeed one of the best dialogues in the novel was when she was arguing with Mr. Markham (my favourite hero of all times; better than Mr. Rochester and Mr. Darcy, I am telling you!) regarding why her insistence to guide and protect her son against the vices of this world, namely alcohol among other things, should not be viewed as mollycoddling. They were arguing about the concept of morality … is it ‘moral’ that we have never strayed from the right path just because we have always been (over)protected from temptations? Or do we obtain a more sturdy moral compass when we are tempted to stray but then able to resist the urge because we have had the opportunity to learn how to dismiss temptations (secondary to not being so over-protected). This dialogue alone deserves a 5-star evaluation, in my opinion. And there were many such deep, thoughtful dialogues between these two protagonists. (Anne Bronte was BETTER than her sisters when it comes to philosophising stuff in her novel; Charlotte Bronte and Emily Bronte were good too but Anna was the best among them. And I would argue that she was better than Jane Austen!)

If you don’t want me to spoil the story for you, don’t read further. Stop here. But to those who want to know… read on.

*Spoiler Alert!*

Helen was actually a run-away wife. (That is the mystery!) Her husband was an alcoholic and was abominably abusive towards her and her son. At that time, divorce was illegal. Women were considered as properties of men. They had no legal rights that were not tied up to their husbands. Helen had to save herself and her son from the mental and physical torture of being married to a useless man, so she turned to her brother for help. Her brother – he owned the Wildfell Hall – pretended to rent the mansion to Helen to help her hide from her past. Both of them had to keep silent of their real relationship in order to protect Helen’s identity. If Helen was caught, she could be thrown into jail for running away from her husband and she could be charged of kidnapping her son too.

Mr. Markham was interested in Helen. He did not understand why Helen could not reciprocate his affection. At last, Helen had to tell him the truth about her real status as a runaway married woman. She let Mr. Markham read her diary, revealing the story to the readers of how she first met her husband and how her husband’s alcoholism wrecked her marriage and her life. That diary alone was almost half the book! I felt so sorry for Helen as I was reading this part of the novel.

Anyway… there was a bit more philosophising going on after Mr. Markham understood the situation. They discussed about heaven and hell, reward and punishment, the nature of this life and the hereafter… as they lamented that they might never end up together, because committing bigamy for men and women is a sin in Christianity. The dialogues were so good! Their mental agility, and the way they expressed their sentiments were sooo on point! Again, I implore you guys to read this book!

But fear not, dear readers. Helen’s useless husband will die soon hahah. Probably from cirrhosis and liver failure; Anne Bronte did not elaborate the actual cause of death, so this is my assumption here.  So it was a  happy ending for both Mr. Markham and our dear Helen, I am glad to say.

This book is better than Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility! It is better than Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte). And until now I have no idea WHY people love Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte) so much compared to The Tenant of Wildfell Hall? None of the characters in Wuthering Heights are likeable! Heathcliff and Catherine were destructive and annoying and their nonsense antics irritate my good sense! I hate Wuthering Heights! The only reason I made myself finish reading it was so that I could tell myself that I have read all the works of the Bronte sisters. Wuthering Heights is the only book of the Bronte sisters that I never reread and probably will never want to. Once is already too many times, thank you very much.

So yeah.. basically, this is me recommending The Tenant of Wildfell Hall to the moon and back and pulverizing Wuthering Heights to smithereens. Hahah. And I am sorry if any of you who love Wuthering Heights is offended. But the truth is the novel offends me TOO. It offends my sense of logic (Heathcliff’s encounter with Catherine’s ghost/spirit at night! OMG! Puh-lease!). It offends my sense of justice (Heathcliff’s treatment of people around him was appalling!) It offends my need for a good, satisfactory ending. I am OFFENDED that this novel is more famous than The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. It doesn’t make any sense to me that people could like Wuthering Heights more. Indeed, this is one of the mysteries of the reading world, in my probably biased opinion haha. (Okay, enough intense rants for now, LOL)

So until next time, my dear readers. I leave you with this sweet rendition of Atouna El Toufoule, another favourite Palestine song of mine. May Allah help the people of Palestine in their quest for freedom and peace. Amiin.

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