Ramadhan Mubarak 2021

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

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I would like to wish Ramadhan Mubarak to all Muslim readers who have been following my blog all these years. I pray that all of us will have an amazingly productive Ramadhan and be granted the much-coveted blessings of Lailatul Qadar. Allahhumma Amiin.

Ramadhan is the best of months for all Muslims around the world. The whole ummah is united by the same cohesive ritual of fasting throughout the day and praying the Terawihs at night and waking up early in the morning for even more extra prayers and for sahoor meal. We are more spiritual in this month and our sense of connection to the Almighty is even greater in the days and nights of this month than in any other days and nights. And therefore, we are more at peace.

Because it is in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest and peace.

It doesn’t mean that we will not be visited by any sort of difficulties or troubles. But it means that we can deal with the difficulties and troubles much more easily when we remember Allah. Allah has promised us that we will surely be tested. Hopefully, all of us shall ace His tests the way we have aced the many different tests we’ve had to face in our lives as doctors and professional exam takers.

The Month Of Victory

Ramadhan is the month of victory for Muslims. Not just figuratively but literally. We won the Battle of Badr, Battle of Khandak and successfully completed the cleansing of Makkah from idols (Fathul Makkah) in the month of Ramadhan.

Salahuddin Al-Ayubi and the Muslim army had freed Palestine from the Crusaders in the month of Ramadhan too!

We work the hardest in the month of Ramadhan and we are at our most productive in the month of Ramadhan, hunger not withstanding. If you find lazy Muslims in the month of Ramadhan, chances are these Muslims are lazy in other months too, in which case fasting is not to blame, here. But attitude!

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 3.32.08 PM

So, it astounds me if any employer feels like they have the rights to FORCE people to not fast during the time of Ramadhan. How can you force people to eat if they don’t want to? Do you force people to eat too outside Ramadhan? Do you even care if your employees have the time to eat or not outside the month of Ramadhan?  So why SPECIFICALLY in the month of Ramadhan, some people suddenly develop such concerns that their employees would not be productive when they don’t eat lunch. Most of the time when we are busy with work, we don’t even eat lunch and most employers don’t even care as long as the job gets done!

So why now? Why do you go out of your way to force people to eat lunch to the point that you beat them black and blue for it! And then you arrogantly mock them by saying “Siapa bayar gaji you? Saya ke you punya Allah?”

He even said that the IGP is in his pocket! The nerve!

Ask HOs all over Malaysia regarding how many times have they missed lunch and still able to work as usual?  (You see, fasting is not that hard. We only miss lunch! We have our sahur meal before the Subuh prayer which already serves as our breakfast. We break our fast around 7.30 pm after the Maghrib azan, which serves as our dinner. So lunch is the only meal that we miss. And even without Ramadhan, some of us miss lunch regularly! Some do intermittent fasting for 16 hours for health reasons also! Apa yang hangpa dok buat jakun sangat nak halang orang miss lunch? Macam bodoh piang! And at the same time, ada juga Muslims dok buat jakun suruh non-Muslim jangan makan depan depa. This is another level of stupidity! I don’t really mind who wants to eat in front of me in the month of Ramadhan… just go ahead and do it! I am not even affected!)

You see as Muslims, I don’t really need for non-Muslims to show me respect by not eating in front of me during Ramadhan. It is a non-issue, in my opinion. But I wish for them not to mock my religious practice or my religion when they know NOTHING about it. I NEVER mock people’s religion. But I do believe my religion is the truth, just like other people believe that their religion is the truth. Disagreeing about concepts in religion is intellectual and academic! People learn about comparative religion in university with no problems whatsoever.

I would not mind if people question the monotheism of Islam if they are from other religions. Just like it is fair game for me to question the concept of trinity in Christianity or the concept of  “the Chosen people” in Judaism or the concept of  polytheisms of other religions. If we agree with each other’s concept of God, then we would embrace that religion instead of our own. But we don’t, do we? We stick to our own religion because we believe our own religion is right and other people’s religion is wrong… that is just the way it is in this world. So disagreeing on the concept of God and the theological concepts of any religion is academic! We question, and we learn! But we respect each other’s practice and we don’t force people to abandon their practice even though we don’t believe their religion is true and we don’t recognize that their practice is right! This is called maturity, okay?

Christians can disbelieve in Islam and come up with points on why Muhammad is not a prophet. Muslims can disbelieve in Christianity and come up with points regarding why Jesus is NOT God and just a prophet. And other religions can disbelieve in Islam and Christianity and justify why having a lot of Gods makes sense to them. But none of us should force people of other faiths to abandon their own faiths and religious practice.

Disagreeing with other people’s religious concept is okay …but do not mock their religious symbols or provoke them with disrespect! Because then, you will be playing with fire!

I might say that I don’t believe in idols. But I won’t mock or criticize the shape of the Hindu idols to my Hindu friends. How would doing that benefit me? How does mocking other people’s religion and hurting their feelings benefit me in any way, shape or form? Mocking is NOT similar to academic analysis of the religion, okay?! It would not even sharpen my intellect in any way. Nor would it add anything to my storage of trivia and common knowledge.

So it baffles me! WHY! Why oh why would anyone engage in this kind of worthless, mindless act of mocking other people’s religion? In fact, engaging in this kind of banality would actually cost you your livelihood. Netizens will do their job and investigate on you! Suddenly PDRM will take notice of you and your life will be troubled… and for what? For the mere satisfaction of mocking other people’s religion? How stupidly inefficient you are in leading your life!

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 3.39.34 PM

You could have gotten away with enjoying your dirty money for awhile longer if ONLY you had been sensible. So… how does mocking God and forcing other people to NOT practice their religion benefit you, again?

You think that you can get away with doing this to Muslims in the month of Ramadhan in MALAYSIA? Think again! This is NOT China, okay! And we are NOT the Uyghurs in a concentration camp in China for you to hit and beat in the name of re-education.

The IGP might be in your hands! (Really? Can netizens do their job even further and investigate on this too? Hahah) But even the IGP needs some support to retain his power. And the power of Jabatan Netizen Negara in viralling issues would render even the IGP powerless.

Even BAD Muslims love Ramadhan! Even criminal Muslims would feel the need to respect the month of Ramadhan. Even drug addicts repent in the month of Ramadhan and cease or reduce their drug use in this month… for awhile, at least. (Trust me, I would know as I used  to be an addiction MO for almost 1 year when I was still in training as an MO).

Muslims LOVE Ramadhan. You mess with our holy month… you will witness the uprising of Malay Muslims. When it comes to our religion, ALL OF US will unite regardless of which political party we belong to. Even if the IGP is in your pocket, the politicians will have to bow down to the displeasure of the Muslims if no action is taken against this gangster Chinese! The IGP will then have to be sacked!

I am SO AMAZED that after decades of Independence some chauvinist Chinese still have no idea of the Malay psyche. Do NOT touch our religion! We will NOT stand for it! NEVER!

You can control the economy, you can control the politics by bribing Malay politicians… Malays won’t fight and hardly wake up even when they see their sad, poor, cheated condition. Most Malays have so much patience in their veins, and so much diplomacy, it REALLY annoys me sometimes even though I am a Malay too (well, 75% of me is).

But the moment you mess with our religion, all bets are off! You will see an uprising you can never imagine! The British KNEW this so well. They KNEW they could never rule Tanah Melayu peacefully when there were always uprisings here and there… it would have been difficult to exploit the riches of our land when they were always occupied with fighting many uprisings constantly. But the moment they exploited the Sultan and included the clause “Agama adalah di bawah bidang kuasa Sultan dan Residen British tidak akan masuk campur” in their treaties with the Sultan, the uprisings became much less in frequency and intensity and thus, more manageable. The average non-bangsawan, non-kayangan Malays were so easily tricked because at the very core of their belief system, the riches of this world are meaningless to them.

Because Muslims truly believe and value the hereafter more.

The only way you can control the Malays is by ‘acting’ (yes, even an act is enough) benevolent towards their religion. If they feel their religion is not threatened, they can bear almost ANYTHING!

And this is the strength of the Malays… but this is also their main weakness.

I repeat, this is ALSO their weakness!

Because history has shown that an amount of power and wealth is NECESSARY in order to protect our religious practice and our way of life. Look at what is happening in France! It boggles the mind that a government can FORCE people to show parts of their bodies that they wish to cover. Awat yang hangpa nak sangat tengok badan orang ni? This is so sick! Women should have a choice whether to cover or not to cover their body.

In the West, you made a huge issue when some female high school students were asked to go home and wear a decent outfit to school. To you, forcing people to abide by a professional, decent dress code in school is an outrage because apparently “this is what freedom is about and in this age of feminism, women should be able to wear whatever they feel like wearing even if it is inappropriate for school”.

But! Forcing people to expose themselves is even worse than forcing people to cover up, isn’t it?! How could you deprive people of their modesty and think that you are doing a good thing? It is only a few levels better than rape. Forcing people to remove their clothes is also typically an act of a rapist! How sickening!

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 3.48.45 PM

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 3.47.48 PM

So you see…

Without any power, it is SO EASY for bigoted people like this stupid Chinese gangster and the French Government to oppress the Muslims.

How he SO dare to do this in Malaysia! How dare he!

Some people said that this is not an issue of racism but more to individual bigotry and gangsterism.

Sure, I agree that this is not an issue of racism. In fact, this issue is even worse than an issue of racism. This is an issue of you challenging the constitution and the law of the country! Your nationality can be revoked! Didn’t you know that it is illegal for Muslims to eat during the days of Ramadhan…. are you trying to challenge the law here?!

I hope the government will enforce the law that anyone who does not follow the constitution (Islam adalah Agama Persekutuan!) or mock the constitution should be given heavy punishment even to the point of citizenship denaturalization. If the France government can ban the hijab and force people to remove their clothing, we certainly can outlaw the mocking of Agama Persekutuan and give them severe punishments and strip them off their citizenship when they engage in that act.

Moga sedarlah di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung.

Politicians And Their Cringe-Worthy Statement

There are times when I feel like politicians are soooo clueless! They come up with stupid statements that are then misunderstood and then people take advantage of that misunderstanding to cast even more blames to the KKM staff or, in this case, to the Muslims in  the month of Ramadhan.

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 4.02.58 PM

The Deputy of the Health Minister said that “Vaksin tidak lanjut sehingga waktu malam ketika Ramadhan” – apparently because people might not attend the vaccination program because they will be praying the terawih prayers or because KKM staff don’t want to work in the nights of Ramadhan.

This is SOOOO STUPID! I feel so angry whenever I think about how weak Muslims can give Ramadhan a bad name just because you tend to blame Ramadhan for anything you fail to do in the month of Ramadhan.

The fact is, in most healthcare facilities we did NOT do vaccinations at night even BEFORE Ramadhan, okay! I repeat, we did NOT vaccinate at nights even BEFORE Ramadhan! Faham tak? Read again and digest the fact.

Ramadhan has nothing to do with there being no vaccinations at night! All these while, Muslims work as USUAL during Ramadhan! Work AS USUAL! (Except maybe in certain places, we get to go back half an hour early because we do not have lunch hour in Ramadhan!)

Any Muslim who says they are tired or feeling lethargic because they are fasting are LAZY Muslims who would behave that way even outside Ramadhan. A little hunger and a little tiredness do NOT compromise your daily efficiency in any significant way. Doctors do oncall as usual, staff nurses do the night shifts as usual, we attend cases as usual, we do our routine work as usual.

Suddenly, keluar pula statement politicians konon kita tak vaksin waktu malam sebab Ramadhan. *Sigh. Tepuk Dahi. Facepalm*

They obviously don’t know that it has been the practice since time immemorial that people don’t do non-urgent elective procedures at night! We only do EMERGENCY procedures after office-hours because only oncall doctors are around outside office hours. Okay? Get it? Nothing to do with Ramadhan, comprends-tu?

If you want us to do vaccination programs at night, you must increase manpower as well as money to pay KKM staff their over time. But come on la… a lot of doctors in Klinik Kesihatan have had their leaves frozen for many months now and on top of that, you want to take away their nights also? Some of them still work during the weekend too!

Do you want KKM staff to work continuously with no rest while at the same time ignoring their welfare and turning a blind eye to the issue of #InjusticeOfContractMOs, continuing to bleed them dry before you chuck them out? And these KKM staffs who are affected by the lack of rest are not just Muslims, okay! They are non-Muslims too! You think only Muslims opposed vaccination program at night? Because of Ramadhan?

Here’s a piece of newsflash: KKM staff are comprised of many races as well. So don’t make this into a “Muslim pemalas, tak mau kerja malam time Ramadhan.” Okay?

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 6.49.42 AM

(My youngest sister who was a KKM dentist has quitted her job in KKM because she despaired of ever being given a permanent post. Alhamdulillah, she is now working in a private sector and earning so much more than what KKM has given her. There has now been a movement of #ExitKKM by young doctors. One day, it is possible that specialists must do housemen’s job too because there are just no more juniors #DoneBackingUpContractMOs )

To make matters even more hilariously ridiculous, because our Deputy of Health Minister had mistakenly implied that there was no vaccination at nights due to Ramadhan, YB Syed Saddiq then rode on the issue by posting on his Facebook that KKM should vaccinate even at nights because our vaccination rate is so low. He even said that vaccination only took 5 minutes to do! Hahahha.


5 minutes, YB? Hahahah.

Okay. I don’t know what to say about that show of ignorance.

Many KKM staff and myself had commented on his post and tried to set matters straight so that he would be educated of the real situation at the ground. But I noticed that most of the time, he only replied to those who supported his idea rather than taking in the views of KKM staff who opposed his views. #TypicalPoliticians. #SelectiveBlindness

May I suggest that politicians stick to their field of expertise and stop commenting on things they have NO IDEA of for their own sake? I mean, no one likes it if their ignorance is displayed so obviously at a national level, right? So why not take a safe route by refraining from commenting on things you have no idea of, lest you put your foot in your mouth?

If we want to increase the rate of vaccination, please allow the private sector to vaccinate our citizens as well. Many Malaysians who could afford it wouldn’t mind going to private facilities to get their vaccination. Hopefully we can increase the rate of vaccination and reach the much needed herd immunity as soon as possible.

You Tube Channel Of The Month

Because I am prioritizing my Quranic recitation in the month of Ramadhan, I have no books to review this month.

But I do urge my readers to check out a few Islamic You Tube channels that I think will be beneficial to Muslims as infotainment during the month of Ramadhan, or in between prayers and in between Quranic recitations.

  • There Is No Clash

This is a You Tube channel that features videos about how there is no clash between modern science and the Quranic scripture. I was very amazed by the quality of the content, the research and the facts presented in the videos when I first watched their first few videos. Some of the verses of the Quran were presented in a way that even I did not think of before watching the videos. I highly recommend this channel to all Muslims who love science! I do not agree with all their views and their contents (for example, I think they went a bit off course when they discuss about evolution and was trying a bit too hard to harmonize the concept with the Quran) but their contents are certainly thought provoking and cognitively stimulating. Below are a few of the videos from this channel that I truly find amazing. Enjoy, guys!

  • Yaqeen Institute – The Prophet Series

Last Ramadhan, they produced The Angel series consisting of a 5-10 mins video about the topic of angels on each day of the Ramadhan (so 30 short videos altogether by the end of Ramadhan). For this year, they come up with The Prophet series for a change. You can watch this video while eating your sahoor meal or even while waiting for your iftaar. It is so engaging and you learn a lot about the life and the characteristics of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

  • Blogging Theology

This is a personal channel of an amazingly intellectual individual by the name of Paul Williams. He usually did Book Reviews on comparative religion. He would pick and discuss quotes from The Quran, The Bible or the latest Book on religion and philosophy. So he presents and defends religion (against atheism), academically and intellectually. I really like his channel. I also followed him on Instagram as well. I think he is worth following, so do check him out, guys! Below is one of the snapshot of his Instagram content.

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 4.18.09 PM

And below is one of his amazing videos: Monotheism is not only a theology; it is also a psychology

Until next time, my dear readers. May Allah grant us the best of Ramadhan and give us many blessings and forgive all our sins. May we attain the rewards of Lailatul Qadar. Amin Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin.

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