Ramadhan Mubarak 2015!

This is my fifth Ramadhan as a doctor.

My fifth Ramadhan since coming back to Malaysia. Still, I miss my fasting days in Australia.

This year, the Australian Muslims only get to fast for about 10 hours a day. Haha. Lucky them. Fasting when it’s autumn to winter time.

When I was there, Ramadhan was during Spring to Summer. Love the local Newcastle Mosque. The pot luck food was crazy good. Everybody contributed with the food, even me. I basically brought french fries and cucur kodok, most of the time. But hey, people still ate and polished them off the plate. The cute arab little kids LOVED my fries, okay!

Goes to show that simplicity is the way to go. Even with food.

And the terawih was very long, we get to burn all the calories we took.

Hahah! What do you know??
Hahah! What do you know??

But I digress, folks.  What I really wanted to say is a reminder for myself and for everyone of my readers.

The point of Ramadhan is not for the crazy good food I mentioned. But it is for the sake of attaining piety and takwa. And for the purpose of attaining that taqwa, Allah helps us by getting rid of the devils for us.


You see? That’s the scary part of Ramadhan. This time, YOU KNOW FOR SURE, it’s you and not the Satan.

So, I have to prove to myself, that’s it’s the Satan, not me. When I could not control my temper, it was the Satan. When I could not control my tongue, it was the Satan. When I was lazy and performed my prayer at the last minute, it was all the Satan’s fault.

Hahha. So in the month of Ramadhan, you will see the tamer, nicer side of Afiza Azmee. (God…you may not even recognize me. ROFL)

Tough to do, too.

So, allow me to take this opportunity to wish Ramadhan Mubarak to all my readers.


And here it is, my favourite English song for Ramadhan.Enjoy.

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