Three Idiots

I was going to be on-call the next day. I should sleep early. I knew. But I did not.

Despite the fact that I was going to go on-call the next day, I could not stop myself from watching the movie Three Idiots on TV3 that Wednesday night.

Oh, I have watched that movie a year ago. I remember how that movie left me INSPIRED at that time. And I RARELY re-watch movies. I re-read books all the time. But I don’t re-watch movies. I was not that big a fan of movies. To me, watching movies is one of the great activities you do when you chill out with friends every now and then. But when I have the time for myself, I don’t re-watch movies I have seen. I much rather re-read, every single time.

But the Three Idiots is one of the exceptions. You see, I have a list of inspirational movies that I vow to have in my collection, insya Allah. These are movies that are uplifting and feed the soul. Another good movie is The Pursuit of Happyness (no, I don’t misspell the title). And if you haven’t watched  The Children of Heaven (a gift from Iran), you need to be doused in cold water and wake up! These are the movies that I would watch to remind me that life is nothing without living it inspiringly. It’s better to burn brightly and briefly rather than to flicker on for a long tedious time, I would say.

You have to live a life that will bestow a sort of legacy to your children and grandchildren. You cannot live a life COWARD. You cannot live a life SILENT. You cannot live a life OPPRESSED. You cannot live a life DEPRESSED. You have to live a life that makes a difference. Life is short. If you got unfairly treated just because you refuse to compromise on what you believe, then know that it would only be for a stint.

That is why I love to watch movies that have the triumph-against-all-odds theme. The small cat triumphs against the big bad wolf who is a lot more powerful; or the small-time detective wins against the evil force in the CIA; or the struggle for justice against a cruel ruler (THE A-ME-RI-KAH) One day, hopefully, there will a theme of Palestine winning back their stolen lands from the hands of the Zionist, God willing.

That is why I love movies that have happy endings (after a long, torturous struggle, of course). Because those are the kind that inspire. Happy ending rewards doing good. If you make the heroes suffer till the end, then the take-home message will be: doing good is a useless deed because you will have nothing to gain from it. So in movies that feature struggles of any kind (or in Islam, we call struggle as jhad) you MUST make the good wins; it’s the ONLY acceptable ending, as far as I am concerned. That’s why whenever people ask me to join in their movie agenda, I will always ask about the ending first. The ending is your ‘matlamat’, your purpose. If you tell me it’s a sad ending, that would tell me I have lost the purpose of watching it. So why should I embark on a journey of a lost cause or a failed quest?

I don’t care if people think those movies are not realistic. If I want reality, I wouldn’t be watching movies. Happy ending to me, is when the good wins and justice prevails. I don’t care how fantastically unrealistic the methods of winning might be, but in movies, the heroes MUST win against the antagonist.

No matter what.