Blogger Ubat Muda

Assalamualaikum WBT.

This is gonna be a very short post.  (i know short posts are VERY RARE in my blog, eh?)

I just would like to promote the existence of a particular blog called Blogger Ubat Muda. This is the site where (not very) young doctors can share their experience, exchange words of encouragement and motivation as well as write about their views regarding our health care.

You can read all about the mission and vision of Blogger Ubat Muda in the blog itself. The link is H.E.R.E

The idea was first proposed by my ex-classmate in MRSM Langkawi, Dr. Azzad who is a well known blogger of the blog SAYADOKTOR (uh huh, I am sure I need not say anything further about him), and he went on to find a few more regular writers for the blog.

If anyone is interested to join us, just let us know. Don’t worry if you don’t write regularly because we are also interested in publishing articles from ‘penulis jemputan.’


This is the site where we can discuss issues courteously and reasonably without trying to cause friction and heated arguments among each other.


Let’s all compete with one another with regards to not only who can say the best of things, but who can say them in the best of manners, insya Allah.



One thought on “Blogger Ubat Muda

  1. Good move……I hope to contribute if the Moderators have no objection receiving views from non-medical fraternity……..did you read the letter to editor entitled “Dont confuse housemen’s issue” which appeared in The Star this week? If not, the link is on my FB.




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