Selamat Pengantin Baru, Yati dan Azlan!

The last time I saw her, it was during my Kak Long’s wedding day.

I met her again today after all these years.

At another wedding.



I was a bridesmaid. Would you believe it? All my younger sisters laughed to the point of aching tummies and asthmatic antics. They scoffed at the idea of me becoming Yati’s bridesmaid.

Or anyone’s bridesmaid, for that matter.

I was bristling with self-righteous indignation when I tried to convince them and myself (mostly) by saying, “Of course, I am going to be awesome. What’s so hard about being a bridesmaid? Kipas jer kan!

My sisters were full of expert advice about how to go about being a bridesmaid. And I was like, this is sounding a bit too serious. They were probably trying to scare me off.

But anyway, their attempt to terrify me resulted in definite crushing failure because I was NOT intimidated at all (ehem ehem). Instead of crying off, I went ahead and became one of my closest friends’ bridesmaid. And I was very, very happy for her. And I was very honoured that I was chosen to be part of all that happy love story.

Yati was simply gorgeous and stunningly elegant in that golden lacy haute couture. The most beautiful bride I have ever seen…but then I may be biased because she is my dear friend, but not biased by MUCH. It doesn’t take a good friendship to notice that she was simply lovely. Anyone could see that she really was stunning and achingly beautiful with that ever so sweet smile on her face. I was in rapture with her make-up and I totally adored her dress, and I was really in love with her dais…I would definitely recommend G Glamour boutique to all future brides of Alor Star and Jitra. Satisfaction guaranteed, insya Allah.

The wedding was held at Dewan Utama, Jitra beginning from 12-5 p.m, but I came early to Yati’s house just to catch up, help out and offer my humble service. You know, I was trying to be the awesome friend-bridesmaid I told my sisters I would be. I was told that the role of a bridesmaid is to tend to the bride in every way possible; like calming the bride’s nerves, adjusting her make up, dabbing the sweats on her face, swinging that fancy little fan over the bride (gently, reminded my oh-so-expert sisters).

So I came early because I thought I could calm her nerves down…but Yati was brilliant; she didn’t look nervous at all. She didn’t even have any sweats for me to dab; she was graceful through and through, and was so easy and effortless to tend to. She did awesomely all by herself. She was a perfect bride, making me feel pretty un-functional. So basically, my only real role on that day was fanning her on that gorgeous dais. That was it. I was pretty useless, actually. Hahhah.

It was fun meeting up her family again…we’ve been friends since KMB and our families know one another since then. Yati’s mom was sooo adorably funny when she was trying to matchmake me with a random guy I have never been introduced or talked to. But when my mom was making approving signals pulak (can you imagine two aunties in conversational conspiracy against my pride and freedom)…I was horrified.

I was like, “Mom, it’s not funny. Angah rasa awkward ni mak. Tak payahlaaa, angah tak kenal dia. Nak cakap buat apa?”

But too late. They have already put the plan into action.

It was awkward for BOTH of us, seriously. I wouldn’t tell it here because I don’t even want to remember it. I told my mom quite firmly, that I would not tolerate any more of this. But knowing my mom, she would conveniently forget what I had said when the next opportunity comes. *tortured sigh*

What’s the rush? Really!

I mean, fine. I kind of expect to be teased about whether or not I have a boyfriend at a wedding of my best friend, now that I have finished my degree and everything. People kind of expect that once you have finished studying, you can get married. So I know that they would tease me about it and they will never stop until I either get married or reach menopause, rofl. And I have my own strategy of how to deal with all that.I always come up with standard safe answer, “Bila dah bersedia yer, makcik. Baru habis study. Tak kerja pun lagi. Tunggu dulu kot.”

But I did not expect them to try to introduce me to someone impromptu just because they think it’s a good idea. I know they meant well and I was not really upset (not yet, unless this happens again). But this is insane!

After that, I just couldn’t wait to go home! I was like, I have had enough, let’s go home. My duty as a bridesmaid was done, anyway. I didn’t want to wait for them to come up with another brilliant idea. But my dad then insisted that he had not eaten the corn porridge yet! So again, I waited for him to finish it.

Once he’s finished, we went to say goodbye to Yati’s sweet adorable mom and her dad. *imagine some more teasing about my future wedding, and you get the idea how long it takes to say goodbye*

It was really good meeting them again after three years. I was really honoured that they asked me to be Yati’s bridesmaid. I mean, look at me. Even my sisters laughed their heads off…”Singa ni nak jadi pengapit?!” But well, Alhamdulillah, I did not ruin her ceremony with my clumsiness, after all. That was a huge relief.

I wish Yati all the best in her marriage with Azlan. They are going to be wonderful, together, insha Allah. May they be granted every happiness and barakah in the world. May they beget soleh and solehah children who would be as wonderful as their parents.

They were SUCH a sweet couple. I had witnessed many tender loving moments while waiting for them to finish their make-up. I snapped some of those moments in my amateurish digital camera. Enjoy some of those pics below.

Until the next post, yeah?

What a sweet couple they are! Baru habis make-up waktu ni!

Serasi Bersama
Gorgeously prepared dais by G Glamour

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