I waited

It’s been years. I waited and waited.

I toiled. I struggled. And I waited,

I tried, I cried. And I waited.

I fell, I bled. And I waited.

I plunged, I jumped; risked things. And I waited.

I smiled, I laughed. And I waited.

Gave up, gave in, get up again. And I waited.

 I waited for today;

The last day of medical school.

 Alhamdulillah. All praise belong to Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Thank You for the things I have learned,

for the stuff I have experienced,

all of them are good, quite perfect,

now that I am looking in retrospect.

What else can I say.

I had waited for 5 long grueling years for the arrival of this day.

And I found out finally, that today is just like any other day.

There will be new challenges and new struggles.

Tougher hurdles, double troubles.

Never stop, steady, constant, continuous.

For the next second, the next minute,

For the next heartbeat.

Until the breeze of my final breath escape my lips.

4 thoughts on “I waited

  1. Masha’Allaah, May Allah ease for you your journey ahead and lead you to the best of destinations, under the Shade of his Mighty Throne and the Shade of his Pleasure.

    May Allah ease for you the trials and difficulties ahead and May Allah guide you to see what you can change and what you cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference. May Allah swt guide you towards all those things that bring you happiness in this world and the hereafter and May Allaah make each experience more bountiful and worthwhile then all those before…

    You waited, dear sister in Islam..

    and INsha’Allaah Allah will grant you something that will grant you contentment and joy.


    1. Thank you, brother. Thanks for your do’a and kind thoughts.

      What is there in the ups and downs of this life, after all. They would be meaningless if they are not gone through under the mercy and guidance of Allah S.W.T.

      Allah is Most Kind.


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