A Small Library; My Never Ending Passion!

“Dr. A.M is simply amazing. He was the best registrar. The smartest, the kindest towards intern. I have always known that he would pass his exam easily.”

“Really? Is he really that good?” I was a skeptic through and through.

“Yes. He never refuses to help new interns. Even when it is outside his working hours, he would volunteer to see patients with you. He would take time to teach the interns. He is always willing to meet patients, admit patients, do the paper work…even do the works of an intern, even though he is already and advanced trainee now! Regardless of the hours.”

I was impressed.

I was impressed that an advanced trainee would do the work of an intern, never speak down towards an intern…all for the sake of helping an intern to be as good and as passionate as he it. It spoke volume of his genuine caring attitude towards patients.

It spoke volume of a never-ending passion.


If there was a job as a book-reader,I would be like that Dr. A.M.

As a book-reader intern who works at a place called BookLaboratory, I would try to meet as much books as possible, every single chance I get when I am not praying, sleeping, eating or showering. I would do the paper works for the books…write the synopses, catalog them, wrap them up,  and arrange them in the shelves.

As a book-reader registrar, I would be the one who says to my intern “Oh there’s a new book coming and you are having trouble reading it? Don’t worry about it. I will read them for you. I will summarize the book for you, so that you would be able to do a good paper work and  synopsis for the book. And at any time if you are having more trouble, come to me. I will help you.”

As a book-reader consultant with the power to make executive decisions, I would be giving instructions to my registrars and my interns, “These rare books of first editions deserve a leather cover.” or “I have come up with a new cataloging system and this is how I want these books cataloged” or “This book needs to be arranged in a systematic order.” or “We need to spend the government-allocated money on new state-of-the-art book shelves; we will spend AUD5000 for built-in shelves, preferable the floor-to-ceiling oak ones. We should also invest on a more modern three drawer bookcase for weekly or monthly magazines. For really precious and expensive books, we should store them in a locked but transparent glass casings. Cheaper books can be lent to guest and customers for a small fee or sold as second hands….the profits will go to Aman Palestine.”

It would be a never ending passion for me too.


“Ayah, banyak sangat buku2 angah nak bawa balik ni. Angah kena tinggal separuh ke?” Dalam hati, memang berat sangat rasanya! I was really hoping that my dad would take the hint.

My dad said, “It’s okay. Nanti kita beli la book shelf baru.”

That’s what I wanted to hear! Syoknya!

Nasib baik, ayah tak suruh aku tinggalkan jer kat Australia. I still remember how my dad forced me to take out all four of  my Dan Brown novels from my luggage when I first went to Australia 5 years ago. Fair enough, there was not enough space, as it was….and even without the books, my luggage was the heaviest among us all.I knew the rationale behind my dad’s insistence that I should leave my books behind at home….especially since he knew that I would be buying a few more books at Kedai Buku Syidah at the KLIA, which I did.

So, I was dreading what my dad would say when I told him I have soooo many books, I could not possibly imagine where in the house would I be putting them all. Alhamdulillah, ayah dah bagi green light beli shelf baru….I have to think where am I going to place this shelf.

Currently, we have one book shelf bawah tangga…tapi tu dah penuh. And bercampur dengan buku ayah, buku mak, buku-buku cerita kitorang dari zaman kanak-kanak dulu sampai sekarang. Tak best la aku nak menyelit-nyelit my brand new books celah-celah buku-buku usang tu! No way!

We have another shelf downstairs…tapi tu penuh dengan barang2 hiasan and pinggan mangkuk my mom. Takkan aku nak cakap “Mak, since mak tak pakai pun pinggan mangkuk ni, apa kata mak letak ja dalam kotak. Bagi space kat buku2 angah.” Penyesaran gila!

At our study area upstairs, there is another massive book shelf that all 5 of us have shared ever since our schooling and college days..but my own space pun dah penuh.

So, I definitely need one more book shelf….and this one is to be mine alone…I am not sharing that space with anyone else….not because I am stingy….but because there will never be enough! My medic books alone dah banyak….my novels berkali-kali ganda banyak. And I will always be buying more and more in the future. I do need my own big book shelf…no sharing of the space with my siblings! It would not fit!

My sisters would probably say, “Tak aci! Apsal hang sorang ja dapat book shelf…tak nak share plak tu.”

Well, I suppose I will have to use my own money. So that I can justify my exclusive claim on that new book shelf.


I have always wanted my own library…ever since I was a kid.

It would be my sanctuary…the cave in which I recuperate. I have been browsing through some home library designs on the internet…and I found myself falling in love again and again.

I know that I am not likely to be rich enough to own a big mansion with a massive spare room to set up my own library. However, I don’t need to have a room to have a library…I would be satisfied if I could have just a particular space in my house dedicated for books and study. And I think it is absolutely important for my kids to have their own study area where they study together.

That was how I was raised.

When there were only me and my Kak Long at school while our younger sisters were still little kids who slept with our parents, we had enough rooms in the house to have a study room…that was where the only desktop in the house was placed, where my dad would sometimes do his work…and Kak Long and I also did our homework there (although there are times when we cheated and wrote stories instead). We studied together…we didn’t study separately,or locked ourselves up in our respective rooms.

And years later, when our little sisters had started school, we all studied together at the study area upstairs, since there was no longer enough rooms to set up a study room. The study area was basically just like a  space upstairs, where all of us would pass to get to our separate rooms. Until now, the study area is still there…we share the big table there , we still share the desktop there, we share the massive bookshelves there, we used to share the telephone there during the years when mobile phones were unheard of. Over the years, my mom has added some two-seater couch or sofa to the study area after she had bought a new set for the living room downstairs. It’s a very cozy area where we could study and relax. (yes, study and relax can exist in one sentence when you have the right environment). Until now, that study area remains one of my favourite space in the house…I miss it more than I miss my room. Because that’s where I hang out with my siblings the most. My bedroom which I shared with my little sister, was just somewhere to sleep and to get dressed; nothing more and nothing less.

My mother and father did not allow us to study in front of the TV. The living room is strictly for relaxing; my mother did not like seeing books and messy school-children stuff in her living room. Rimas dan lemas perut tengok semak-semak ni, katanya. LOL! Living room is supposed to be neat and presentable because that’s the very first area you would see when you walk into the house.

And I also think that my parents were too suspicious of what we would be doing if they allowed us to study in our own room. Knowing me, I would be reading non-academic books all the time and they would have no idea whether or not I actually did study if I lock myself up in my room. So, we were all expected to study at the study area. Which was good because we can help our younger sisters with homework. We became close as siblings because we didn’t each lock ourselves up away from our family members after dinner.

So for all these reasons, I prefer having a study area in my future home. This study area would also be where my bookshelves would be stored with my favourite selected books from outstanding and famous authors.  I don’t want my kids to lock themselves up inside their rooms… sampaikan aku pulak nak kena minta kebenaran kalau nak masuk! I don’t want them to think they can have their own private zone away from their parents and siblings! I don’t want to be clueless of what they are doing inside their rooms…what kind of websites are they visiting with their own personal laptops! They have to learn to share the desktop in the study area until they are old enough (probably at uni) to require their own laptops! They have to learn to live with the landline telephone as the main means of communication with their friends and they have to abide by the rules of not speaking over the phone for more than absolutely necessary. After all, they have to share the landline telephone with their siblings too. I want to know that they are not locking themselves inside the room talking on their mobile phone with a person of the opposite gender, chatting something of absolute nonsense.

That’s how it’s going to be. My house, my rules…no spoiling the kids!

So I really do think that a study area, or if I could afford it, a real library in a massive room is a very good idea. I think that every house should have one. It’s a very positive step towards encouraging the kids’ reading habits and minimize their bad behaviour during their teenage years. But of course, the main reason I want a library is because I simply love the idea that I will have a space to store all the books I am planning to buy and accumulate.

I will leave you my dear readers with some of the breathtaking pictures of home library designs that I have come across. They are heavenly, don’t you think?

Ini memang angan2 jerlah...unless aku kahwin dgn anak raja!
I can't stop dreaming of having this kind of library...floor-to-ceiling shelves. Leather bound books all over the place. What more could a bibliophile ask for?

This is nice too. The empty space in the middle can have an oriental carpet; a big study table can be placed there. Or it can also be an area where the family members can pray together. It has a great potential into becoming a family room of some sort. Ah...what a delightful dream this is!

Okay...I will stop dreaming of a big library in a massive room. I will be more than happy with something like this; just one section of the living room could be made into a study area; the study area is separated from the living room by the floor-to-ceiling book shelves, giving the readers a bit of privacy from the public area of the living room.
If I can't have one area of the living room being turned into a library; then just give me a library wall...I will still be happy. It doesn't take that much space at all...you can make the whole wall along the hallway as your library. However, there's the disadvantage of not having a particular study area. *sigh*
This is too small...but what I am getting at is, you can make the empty space beneath the stairs as a library area. You have to put some lights around the area though. I am still quite happy with this. But the bookshelves have got to expand over the years!

Pernah dengar istilah sekolah dalam taman?

If my future home is too small for any sort of library like the above pictures, I will just have to design the concept of rumah di dalam library. Basically, the whole wall of my house will have some sort of shelves with books in them. Maybe the shelves in the living area can be for books on interior design. The shelves around the dining table can be for books on food and drinks or some health related books. The shelves beneath the stairs can be for my novels. The shelves upstairs can take up the whole four walls…and they can have all my serious medical books.

Oh, what a dream this is. Don’t wake me up. I am having too much fun, dreaming and conjuring up the pictures of my future home library.

Yes, I am hopeless…

Only God can help any man and woman who suffers from the attack of a never-ending passion.


3 thoughts on “A Small Library; My Never Ending Passion!

  1. wah. kat umah aku dr dlu mesti ade satu bilik utk buku. tp mostly buku bapak aku r sbb die mmg gile buku+mags etc. kr ebilik mcm dlm pics above la, but lg messy

    ktorg? masuk utk main game je ;p


  2. some of the simple and less glamorous in home libraries have to have been the most stunning.

    From my point of view, unless you are about to open a library to the public, it should not exceed two or three shelves, and it maybe up to you how big you decide to make those shelves. I know the idea of raising your children to swim in books of imagination and wisdom and knowledge, to be quite tempting, and truly that is one of the things that always allures me, and something i wished as a child to have had. but in all honesty, simple is always profound.

    Jazakallahukhair for the post sister. It truly reawakened a passion of mine. LOL


  3. I used to have this dream too until I read Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. I took all my books to the local used book shop, received a $430 store voucher that I used for buying gifts for the next 3 years. I gotta agree with the above poster- simplicity is profound. Now I read a book and give it to someone I think will enjoy it so my energy is in constant motion of giving and receiving- rather than hoarding. I love the freedom of it. Oh, and we check out about 20 books a week from our local library, but then we trade them in for new ones each week. And children rarely have the same interests as their parents- so having books for the sake of our kids is kind of unrealistic. I would never read what my parents read to this day!


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