On Medical studies and Academic Pursuit:

This is when PMS will be all-month long

Tomorrow, I will begin a new rotation: The Killer General Medicine Rotation.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT rotation in the final year. I don’t think I will have much more time to do much reading, let alone to commence on any in-depth research for an article.

I know, I promised (almost a year ago) to do a balanced scientific literature review on Homosexuality. Alhamdulillah, I have managed to collect all the pseudo-scientific arguments for homosexuality; I am still in the middle of collecting the scientific facts against it…. and then I will put them up for people to make up their mind, insya Allah. For me, my religious stand is clear.

But I can’t promise when I will finally get all the research done. But, it’s in my list, and I have done a draft on it.

Beginning from tomorrow, I might make myself scarce from the on-line universe. There’s so much events happening around the world…so much exciting things I have read and wanted to blog about (Gillard replacing Rudd, the Malaysian government decision to withdraw sports gambling permits, the entrance of many so-called ulama into a secular political party, update on Palestine etc etc.) but unfortunately, I really do not have much time.

The process of writing a blog is a very intimate process to me, which gives  me a lot of mental relaxation, but also a lot of distraction: I have to read from many sources, and then I have to analyze them and then I have to make up my mind, and then I have to decide what to include and not to include in an article. It’s a long process that for the sake of priority, I have to abandon them for now, and focus on my academic. It’s sad, really. I am totally going to miss writing (but I intend to still persevere with my reading; just not writing them up.)

Not me! Someone from Google

In 6 weeks time, there will be one really big and important long case exam. It takes planning and priority, for I also have other non-academic commitments plus other non-academic list of readings that I have to finish. See, I am trying to convince myself why I should give up writing!

Have I mentioned that I am soo going to miss blogging? *sigh*

It’s hard to believe that insha Allah, in 4 months, I will become a doctor. It’s been 5 long years! Make du’a for me, I am soo going to need it.

Update on the house:

The squeaky clean bachelorette house

It’s been 7 months since I  moved into this blessed household, with 5 other beautiful housemates. I have enjoyed myself immensely and can only thank Allah for letting me end up into this house, even though I was reluctant, initially.

Because my room is at the very anterior part of the house, I am the unofficial butler of the house. I opened the door to every guest that comes for a visit most of the time, welcome them in and announce their arrival to the rest of the other housemates. I don’t mind doing that job EXCEPT when I am sleeping and it was really late or when I was really super-duper busy, or when I was wearing something indecent for public viewing in which case I have to rush like mad in putting on something more acceptable. I also especially hate having to answer the door to every Jehovah witness, product promoter, nosy neighbour and anyone who wants to chat excessively. That would be the time when I would go, WHY aren’t other people taking turns opening the door for once!

Looking back, I feel pretty stupid for waiting so long to make a decision to move off campus. I have made up my mind that living off-campus is soo much better than living on-campus. Especially when my landlady came in for a visit just now to announce that she is going to replace our normal boring tv with a flat screen tv for us SOON. *eyes sparkling with anticipation*. Just imagine all the digital channels that are available for the pleasure of my viewing. But knowing that this semester would be the busiest semester of my entire medical studies, I wonder when would I have the time to properly enjoy the flat screen tv. Remembering that is enough to pop my balloon.

My house is also awesome for its inhabitants.

My housemates are my seniors; they have taught me a lot. You see, one of the best ways to learn about life is to hang out with those older than you. You learn a lot from their experience. And you mature so much faster too.You see, generation gap does have its purpose.

One of my housemate is a PhD student who has 3 adorable kids. The kids are currently in Malaysia with her ex-husband and his new wife. She divorced her husband a few year ago, and now maintains a good relationship with her ex-husband as well as her new wife for the sake of the kids.  It’s very interesting talking to her about what she has gone through. Makes me a wiser woman (on what kind of men to avoid at all cost, lol). Not even medicine (the study of the miracle of Allah’s finest creation) is as complex as relationship, I now know. I wonder why our parents make it look so simple, when it’s totally not.

But the bottom line is, I learn a lot moving into this house. All direct and indirect and circumstantial knowledge! Virtues learned and strengthened through experience. Patience, perseverance, compromise…it’s true what people have said about the university of life.

Update on Future Career:

-The thing is, SPA is going to conduct an interview for oversea students starting from the 3oth of June to early July. And I only knew about it 2 days ago.

-I haven’t decided whether to come for the interview at this time or wait until I get back to Malaysia.

-Hopefully, next time they would give us at least two weeks notice to get prepared. There are many documents to be prepared and some of the documents are in Malaysia! Plus, we have to arrange to get leave from our supervisor.

-And I am not comfortable just walking into an interview, not really knowing what is expected of me. I suppose, I have to do some pre-reading about Malaysian Government Policy, or something about rukunneagara and what nots. Again, on top of my medical studies, sudden notice like this is really inconvenient.

Really inconvenient. Most likely, I won’t make it to the interview.

That’s all the update for now, I leave my readers with a good quotation that I had learned from a talk regarding Muqaddimah Fi Zilal Al-Quran. I love the meaning and I also especially love the way it rhymes when spoken in arabic. Here goes:

“Laysa fi al-Imkan Abda‘u Mimma Kan.” – In Arabic

“Tidak ada kemungkinan2 yang lebih cantik daripada apa yang telah berlaku” – In Malay

“There is no possibility of anything more perfect than what exists.” – In English.

I told you, did I not, the saying rhymes best in Arabic.

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