Intention and Real Interest

“The reward of deeds depend upon the intentions, and every person will get the reward according to what he has intended.”

There are things you know intellectually and theoretically, and there are things you know as a result of experience.

With regards to the hadeeth above, I have been privileged to know it in every sense of the words, only recently.

This year, I know what a difference it makes to study because you really want to know them, rather than to study for the sake of passing an exam. The result is very eye-opening and refreshingly heart-warming.

I couldn’t help but notice that when I studied because of exams, I was able to retain the info, at most, 3 months…

But when I study because I really, really, really want to know the facts (because insyaAllah I will be a doctor SOON, God!) I am able to retain the info longer and able to really put those facts into my imaginary ‘long term’ folder in my brain.

Take a look at upper and lower limbs anatomy, for example. I have had to learn anatomy in 1st year, a bit in second year, and a whole lot!! in 3rd but within a very limited span of time!! And I retained VERY LITTLE of what I used to read.

But now, after having left Ortho for almost 2 weeks, I could still recall some of the innervation and muscles of the upper and lower limbs. Maybe to most people with the love of anatomy, that is no great feat. But to me, who used to absolutely LOATHE anatomy, that feels like I have conquered the tall and mighty Mt. Everest!

Another example can be seen in my Palliative Care knowledge, a rotation I have left for more than 1 month now. I could still recall the names of the medications and how to calculate its dosage…something I have learned in the past for the purpose of short-term memorization. But now that the knowledge became vital and important (again, because I am freaking out for next year), coupled with my INTENTION and REAL INTEREST, the process of recalling that knowledge became almost (but not quite) effortless.

So, in everything that we do, we MUST have the right intention. I know, as a 1st,2nd,3rd and even 4th year medical student, you are not even going to have the time to even THINK about having the right intention. All you can think about is, I have this whole lot of notes to get through in 2 weeks time, that to even FAKE an interest would take away 2 seconds of precious time. But TRY!! At least, in some areas of medicine where you have a genuine interest in, do not study just for exam! Try to make sense of what you are studying! It will be so very helpful in your later years!!

In my own defense…

-The accumulation of medical knowledge is swift and fast! The process can leave you gasping for breaths! And you have other role(s) in life that needs taking care of too. Whether you like it or not, sometimes you have no choice but to memorize for short-term exam purpose.I mean, if I didn’t pass my previous years before, I would never be able to get to 5th year to really study for the sake of knowledge, would I? So, I felt that at that time, I didn’t have any choice but to pass first, and study for knowledge LATER.

-In the first place, I wasn’t into medicine. I had no REAL INTEREST in it.

-Besides, I was BUSY with my other activities….mostly finishing and keeping-up with the latest books by my favourite authors and finding out new interesting authors.I didn’t have the good sense of prioritizing.

-The theories I learned in the 1st and 2nd years were ‘dry’ theories, I applied very RARELY.  Now, that I am into my 3rd year of clinical years, that knowledge starts making sense.

And I think that I am ALMOST justified in my reasoning to study for exams in the past. Looking back, I didn’t think I could have done any better. However, I realize now that no matter how justified it all was, the justification doesn’t help me retain the facts into my brain, though it does making it easier to learn a second time around.

So, I would like to call for you and me to correct our intention whenever possible (for there are times when it’s just not, I know, trust me). Intention is the ONE vital thing we should try to get right. It will ease your journey in the later years to come.

PS: While writing this post, suddenly I remember a similar post I had written 2 years ago when I was in 3rd year and was still trying to ‘find’ myself. The article is HERE for the pleasure of your perusal. Written by me, a ‘lampi’ for another ‘lampi’. Moga bermanfaat.

2 thoughts on “Intention and Real Interest

  1. niaazalea


    I can see that on the shelves already!

    And then we can have the catchy phrase somehow at the bottom: from LAMPI to LAMPI

    Think about it! 🙂


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