Sobrun Jameel

This is gonna be a very short post. And a very useless one for everyone else but myself. So go ahead, and leave! Stop reading.

…while I plunge on.

Just NEED to say “Fa Sobrun Jameel.” Kata2 famous Nabi Yaakub.

Life is hard. But you make it harder by worrying about it. So, I will stop…

Soon, I will stop worrying.


….but not yet.

I just need to say once more: “Fa Sobrun Jameel. This, too, shall pass,”

Now, I will stop.

5 thoughts on “Sobrun Jameel

  1. alida azmee

    kakngah, sila lawan balikkk!
    hieee aku yg bce nie pn geramm taaauu!!!!
    xtau nk ckp cmna! kalo aku msti laju je mulut cursinnggg dua2 org tue!


  2. afizaazmee

    Alida dear, you are commenting on a wrong post but I got what you mean.

    Yes, aku dah lawan dah pun. In a GENTLE way (which is not so gentle, knowing me).

    Aku ada jugak rasa cam nak curse. Hampir2 juga nak terkeluar dari celah bibir ku yang menggetap geram ini! But believe it or not, I swallowed the word.


  3. hana

    kak ngah…salam…
    i love this post…i keep reading it over and over…haha…pelik…cause hana pun tgh dok worry benda yg x sepatut worry…



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