Gay Awareness Week Update Will Be Postponed

Just a quick post, people.

Yours truly is preparing for a very important 4th year exam…and therefore cannot find the time to update on the gay awareness week held by the uni. I know, I know I promised. And I will fulfill my promise, insya Allah.

But at a later date.

I was thinking of making a post on WHY being gay is not natural. And I need to do some literature and journal research and some historical digging up to do.

I don’t even have the time to properly memorize all the causes of paediatric infectious disease and all those tongue-twisting pronunciation of bacterias and viruses that exist in  this planet. I am THAT busy.

Besides I have my own academic-related literature and journal reviews to do. I am stretched for time.

I want to talk about homosexuality properly and look at it medically and academically. I am not planning on making some post of cursing the homosexuals, or hating them or criticizing them without any valid or scientific and medical reasons. It is not going to be a hate-post (the way some people did towards Muslims) but a discussion of why homosexuals are wrong…homosexuals are not wrong simply because they are different from us or the population at large.

Muslims living in the West are also different from  the Western population at large; it doesn’t mean we are wrong to choose to live Islamically.

The same reasoning goes for homosexuality…homosexuality is not wrong just because it is different. But there are reasons!!

There are some fundamental reasons why homosexuals are not natural and it is based on those reasons that I am going to write my post on. Not base on emotional bashings and dissing, because God knows we hate that sort of things ourselves when  they happen to us.

So, in order to be fair for everyone and to create a post that is beneficial for both the heterosexuals and the homosexuals, I need TIME for proper research and writing. And TIME is the one luxury I don’t have at the moment.

Please pray for my success in the very scary paediatric long case. May Allah help me go  through this very painful stage of medical student life.  Until the next post, ciao!

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