Muslim Bloggers Alliance (MBA)

Salam everyone.

It’s just a quick post here. I am supposed to study actually, but I could not help myself from updating my blog after I have read my emails.

I have just been accepted as a new member of Muslim Bloggers Alliance. If you want to know more about this, I put up a link at the Right side, under ‘THE OUTSIDE WORLD’.

I strongly recommend Muslim bloggers who cares about the issue of our ummah to subscribe to this group and keep abreast of the issues affecting our deen. This group has some great personalities in it…there’s the president himself Mahaguru58, Sis Zabrina who wrote the motivational book Life Is An Open Secret, and Zulkifli Noordin and many more.

The issues they blogged about/talked about are varied, knowledgeable and intellectual. For someone like me who is really busy with my medical studies, it would be good not to have to search the whole cyber world for great blogs to read because they are all compiled in one group.

I came across this group when I was searching for ‘Penyebaran Islam di Nusantara’ (and this search was triggered by a recent daurah organized by the Islamic community here) and then I came across the blog ‘Sejarah Negara Kedah’ (there’s a link here as well) And from that blog, I clicked on the blog of Mahaguru58 who is the president of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance…I became interested and then applied to join.

I love it! I mean, there are so many good and great bloggers out there and searching for them is a hassle in itself…. plus, I can’t keep on putting up links in my own blog because the list would be too long! This Alliance is just what I need.

Here’s are two of the objectives of MBA which hopefully if you feel interested and you would like to contribute (even as passive readers, for all bloggers need readers to spread their ideas), then try to apply and we can all reap the benefit together, insya Allah.

1. The purpose of the MBA is to attempt to unite the Muslim Bloggers and improve the relationships between fellow Muslims whilst building a model community of dedicated Muslims that aspire to uphold the
Principles and Tenets of Islam and those of the Federal Constitution.

2. To organize and establish a network of like minded Muslim Bloggers to help clear the misconceptions
about Islam and the Muslims by enjoining the Dakwah al Islamiyah through positive writings of articles
and disseminating true information about Islam and the Muslim Way of Life to all blog visitors.


There are many more objectives (you can read them in MBA’s own website) but I only include the first two just to give my readers a glimpse of MBA’s vision and mission.


And yes, I am also promoting the blog Sejarah Negara Kedah.


Sometimes, I wonder whether I am really interested in medicine, because I actually love history. It’s one of my best subjects back in school, other than language. It’s just that back in school, the history felt dry and stale…


Now, revisiting the historical facts in a new point of view with all my emotion stirred up…it feels different; more exciting, MUCH more exciting!


I think I would like to join archaeological expedition in my capacity as a doctor, one day, if Allah gives me the oportunity! That would be sooo exciting!


Okay, I need to get back to Medicine. Studying is only fun when not just your brain, but your HEART is in it as well. Right now, my HEART miss learning history…

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