I will have a tiring day.

Just thinking about my tiring day gets me tired and exhausted in the mind.


Baru jer aku konon nak bersemangat study….baru habis Ramadhan, terus burn out! Maybe I worked too much (yeah right….ate too much was more like it)

I just finished my SDS presentation on Toddler’s nutrition. I am glad my turn is over and done with. So from now on, hopefully, I can just focus on studying and completing my 0h-how-annoying logbook! The presentation went well. The dietition falicitator gave me a good feedback and a nice comment on my logbook; so I am satisfied, Alhamdulillah.

And later during the day…I will have professional skills tutorial with Dr. B. I hope she is as nice as Dr. Park in the last O&G rotation.

And straight from prof skill tutorial, I will have to stay on emergency on-call until 12.00 midnight!

What a schedule!!

Tercungap-cungap aku hari ni!

Right now, I am sitting in the library, too mentally exhausted just thinking about how tired I would be by the time I finish my Emergency on-call. Huaargh!!

I hate Night On-Call!!

I am a morning person. I woke up very early everyday and I dive in straight to work (or to internet, depending on how busy I am). I am at my most active in the morning.

At night, I get sleepy by nine. If I really force myself (for exam purpose), maybe I could stay up until ten. But it would be such a torture.

I couldn’t imagine how am I going to be able to stay up until 12.00. Nasib baik this time I am doing my on-call with Wani..and she is borrowing her housemate’s car. So my lift back home is pretty much, guaranteed, insya Allah.

But I will have two more on-calls scheduled in the next few weeks! How am I going to get home at 12.00? Bas last pun pukul 10…..and besides, Yahoo News baru keluarkan berita ada bus driver raped a drunk girl who was back from a party (well, siapa suruh drunk…but still, it’s scary).  Aku ingat naik bas ni boleh harap sikit….rupa2nya sama bahaya jer dgn teksi! Haihhh!

In Malaysia…I have my own trick to prevent unwanted cases.

Setiap kali aku naik teksi, aku akan call somebody (or pretend to call somebody) and cakap kuat2 bagi pakcik teksi dengar konon2nya somebody is expecting me in ten minutes (eventhough sebenarnya itu hanya lakonan semata2).

I was like, “Ayah..lagi 10 minit angah sampai. Angah dah naik teksi ni.”

Hahaha. Padahal tak ada orang pun di talian. Saja….supaya kalau ada pakcik teksi yg jahat, diorang akan fikir 2,3 kali sebelum nak buat apa2, knowing that somebody knows that I am going to arrive shortly and would be suspicious if I don’t arrive on time.

Satu lagi, kena buat muka garang, okay! Kalau diorang nak sembang pun, aku jawab sepatah dua jer. Keep my distance. Ataupun aku pura2 cakap telefon dengan orang lain for the whole journey….supaya pak cik teksi tu ingat ada orang lain yang boleh dengar through the phone kalau dia nak buat apa2 kat aku.

Am I clever, or am I clever?  hehehehe

Aku tak tahu kenapa kat oversea aku rasa selamat jer naik teksi. Aku rasa macam, why would a taxi driver be attracted to a Muslim lady who covers herself? Kat sini lagi ramai orang yang seksi2 dan cun dan drunk.  Baik dia pergi rape orang yg lagi cun dan seksi , kan?

Tapi sejak aku baca berita pasal kejadian dalam bas baru2 ni, aku mula rasa gerun sikit! I should buy a pepper spray or something! I mean….naik bas sepatutnya lagi selamat because the bus driver should arrive at many different bus stops on time. So, mana dia ada masa nak rape2 orang pulak!

Cis, sangkaan aku meleset! Sama jer bahayanya naik bus or teksi! Kalau dah rapist tu, memang rapist juga!

Hmmph…pening kepala aku caner nak settle masalah transport ni. Terpaksalah aku tumpang mat salleh yg partner dgn aku nanti. Most of them are nice and tak kisah pun nak tumpangkan. It’s just that, I hate having to ask them for help. Segan nak minta.

All righty, I am off to my oh-so-exciting prof. skills. *rolled eyes* Pray for me having a super-nice registrar who will let me off early.


7 thoughts on “Tercungap-cungap!

  1. afizaazmee

    masalahnya mat salleh yg attach dgn aku lepas ni sangat lah slacker….selalu ponteng lecture and tut, so susah nak jumpa dia…nak buat small conversation pun tak reti. And I think he is much more hopeless than me at making small talk with strangers

    Mat salleh yg kedua pula adalah Norwegian (an exchange student). Aku lagi baik dgn dia lah. Tapi dia pun sama2 tak der transport dgn aku.

    Hmm….. time2 mcm ni lah aku nak ada sugar daddy yg boleh beli aku kereta. hahah.


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