Reddish Orangeish Morning Sky!

By the time the clock struck ten, I have had enough of Emergency Department! I need my beauty sleep, 😛

Shift patut habis pukul 12, tapi mata aku tak boleh dah nak buka. So, I nagged Wani to just go home. And we went home at eleven-ish. Masuk2 bilik jer (tak basuh muka gosok gigi pun! Salin baju jer) terus aku mata aku lelap di katil yang empuk! Haaah…heaven!


I woke up at 5.00….took a loooong shower (to make up for the un-taken shower last night) and prayed my Subuh prayer. As usual, I looked out the window. I love looking out the window every time it’s dawn or sunset. I love looking out the sky and take pictures of them…I have one album in my facebook specifically dedicated for the colors of the sky at sunset.


Subuh kat sini habis 5.40…the sky looked unusual! Orangeish and getting redder and redder. The clock was showing 6.00 already!  I didn’t think too much of it. I just went to my Facebook and updated my status about the sky. (I used to do this a lot too! In my FB status, I will go, “people, look up the sky this morning! Very pretty!” And this way, I will know who among my friends are early-risers like me)


Because I did not get enough sleep last night, I went back to sleep for a further one hour. When I woke up at seven….the sky was still orangeish and red! I was like, what the…? My first thought was…this is strange! And my next thought was (which is kind of stupid)  maybe the sun was having trouble rising and was stuck in a state of permanent semi-risen-ness (there’s no such word, please don’t include this in your English essay).

And the very strong cold wind…totally creep me out! I mean….I am used to strong winds in Newcastle. In Malaysia I had no idea what the novel I was reading had meant when it described ‘the sound of the wind’. Ever since I got to overseas, I totally get it! 

Today…the strong wind creeps me out because it is coupled with the peculiarity of the sky.

I went to my Facebook again…and I was very surprised to see sooo many people in Newcastle have dedicated their FB status to the colors of the sky.

Below are some of them that caught my attention:

Miss Y: the langit is red now..really..and, the wind sgt kuat…takut…

 Miss H: This weather today is so weird and I’m so afraid to walk alone to uni this morning…anyone willing to walk with me today?

Mr. H: jaundice kah? ke makan rendang banyak sangat?  (hahaha…the sky is jaundiced!!)

Mr F: what’s with the sky..teringat plak langit mase br lpas tsunami kt msia dl..

Miss N: Ya Allah, matikan ak dalam iman~ waa nape weather mcm ni… (This status is so funny it totally cracks me up!)

Miss H: Seriously its scary outside its orange and the wind is making funny noises……..someone explain this to me coz newcastle is starting to creep me out !!!!

After reading/listening to the news, we found out that it is actually dust storm. It is due to very strong winds from Adelaide and South Australia. That winds lifted a whole lot of dust off the ground because it’s quite dry out there.

Dust Storm!

Teringat peristiwa Perang Ahzab. Lepas tu, teringat hari Kiamat pulak. Hmm…I guess the earth is getting older and older.

Below are some pictures I got off the internet (because my own camera rosak after my New Zealand trip. I am buying a new one, insya Allah). Enjoy and reflect!


4 thoughts on “Reddish Orangeish Morning Sky!

  1. afizaazmee

    I am now waiting for today’s sunrise…nak tengok kaler apa pulak hari ni.

    I hope it gets to normal soon too. Poor my lungs and my whole respiratory system.


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