Learning Arabic

Recently, the NC sisters have organized an arabic class. It is held once a week (in weekends). We are lucky that among us, there are some who have learned Arabic in their previous school and are quite knowledgeable at teaching it and we are lucky that they are very, very keen to teach too.

It’s hard to commit yourself to a particular duty or responsibility. Well, at least it is hard for me. I find it hard to commit myself to something. And therefore the willingness of these sisters to spend their time preparing their teaching materials and at the same time dealing with the headaches of teaching us (some of us yang lampi lah sangat2) are greatly appreciated by me. (Because I knew, that I can never be as patient and as committed as these sisters).

So far, we have learned all the types of fi’il there are and some words as examples to go with each type. And to match them with the correct noun…it takes some heavy-duty memorization, I tell you. Hmm…I am not sure if I will ever be able to construct a proper sentence. English is sooo much easier.

So I am sharing with you guys the video of why we should learn arabic and how to do it.

Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to learn other things when you are learning medicine.

But, sometimes, when really important things come up out of the blue, suddenly you find yourself able to make time for them even though in your normal every day schedule, you would have insisted that you couldn’t possibly fit anything else in.

So, I guess, we are only as busy or as free as we are willing to be.

Another incentive to learning Arabic is…people would look at you incredulously if you tell them that you read the Quran but you don’t understand Arabic. Here’s an example of a conversation that took place btw a senior of mine and her consultant nephrologist.

Nephrologist: So do you read the Quran?

My Senior: Yes I do.

Nephrologist: Oh wow (looked impressed) So you understand Arabic.

My Senior: Oh no no. I can read the Quran. But I don’t understand the words.

Nephrologist: (muka pening)

My Senior: I read the translation.

Nephrologist: You read the Quran, but you don’t understand it? (Muka pandang slack…as though my senior is ridiculous)

Infuriating it is. I mean, come on, they don’t even have the Bible in its original language, okay! All the Bibles in the world are translations only! At least, even though we have to read the translations for our personal understanding, we still have our Al-Quran in its original language word for word, exactly as it was revealed 1400 years ago.

So, I guess that is a perfect defense enough on our side, if we are arguing with a Christian yg budget bagus.

But…we forgot about the atheist and the agnostic…they would think we are ridiculous for making some random sound, the meanings of which, we are ignorant of. And I certainly could understand why they would think so.

And trust me, when you study overseas, these mat sallehs are really interested to know about you and your culture. Dr. Carlin (an OnG specialist) initiated a conversation on religion when we were in between seeing patients at his MFMU clinic one day. My Norwegian friends too, while waiting for the bus at the hospital bus stop, asked me various things about our culture.

They are interested.

But they would cease to be if they think we are ridiculous morons.

I know, I might never be able to construct a proper sentence, might never be able to speak Arabic fluently (unless I am destined to marry an Arab guy, hahah) but at least if any future consultants ever ask me about whether or not I can speak Arabic, I could say,

“I am learning it.”

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